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Distorting mirror (ymd: 100718)

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Distorting Mirror Effect Plugin

What's this?

As I'm still playing with sinus & co. formulas, I've created some effect similar to the distorting mirror you could have in some fair.

Original model from


This example doesn't show all the possibilities of this effect, you'll have to test it by yourself...

How does it works?

That uses some function sine to apply a horizontal or vertical distortion like a simple or combined distorting mirror.

While moving, if the image leaves the area on a side then it reappears on the opposite side.

TIP: Enlarge the canvas with a transparent border to keep the image 'inside'...

Download the DLL

Plugin DistortingMirror.dll

ar.pngHere is the DLLal.png

The source is available with the plugins package!

How to install?


Unzip and place the DLL in your Effect folder usually: C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects

The User interface

This plugin is added to the menu Effects, submenu Distort.


Wave X/Y Amount (-500,+500, dft 10)

__Horizontal/Vertical distortion amount.

You could use negative values to invert the waves.

X/Y Amount (+1,+500, dft 1)

__Horizontal/Vertical smooth adjustment amount.

X/Y variation (-500,+500, dft 0)

__You could add a increment to the X/Y Wave amount.

You could use negative values to invert the waves.

Angle (-180,+180, dft 45)

__Choosing the angle allows you to start somewhere in the curse of sine...


__Quickly choose to distort by X, Y or both X & Y without changing the sliders.


__Quickly choose to use or not the variation steps.

Effect Mix

__This is a slider to mix the final image with the orignal image to make the effect more or less subtile.


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