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How to make realistic Medicine Pills!

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How to make Medicine? Like this!

Plugins needed


Step 1: Create a new canvas. (I prefer 800x600)


Step 2: Fill your canvas with white.

Step 3: Make a new layer, and fill it with red (to the middle, as shown)


Step 4 (OPTIONAL): Run drop shadow on the settings that are shown above.

Step 5: Open Shape 3D (Effects >> Render >> Shape 3D)


Step 6: Use those settings: Go to the tab of Cylinder. Put the scaling to 0,500. In the little window, change the style to Ball. Search op Anti Alias and change the level to 3-5. Click ok.

Step 7: Your done! You got the outcome!



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Nice idea ... but don't forget to check the AA Level and increase it to about 3 - 5

One suggestion, to make it seem more 3D there'd be a bit of shadow where the 2 parts of the capsule meet ... you could do this by adding some Drop Shadow to your red layer

th_pill1ststep.jpg th_pill2ndstep.jpg


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