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curved text

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herbert    0


could you please help me regarding curved texts? I am trying to produce my own logo like sports team have it. Please find the attached picture to see the effect. How can i produce it with

I do not want to have a 3D effect as described in the other postings!

Regards, Herbert


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first off, you should try reading the name of the forum. "Tutorials+ - Publishing ONLY!" focus on the last two words

but ill help anyway, cuz im just that kind of guy :)

this isnt really that hard


type your text on a new layer with a space between each letter (if the font has a nice-sized gap between the letters, you dont need the space)



select one letter at a time with the rectangle select tool :RectangleSelectTool:. the, using the move selected pixels tool :MoveTool:, rotate each letter with right click, and move them to where you need them. flatten the image :Flatten:


thats all :D told you it was easy

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Curmudgeon    1

Like Chronos said, this forum is for the posting of tutorials only...all questions like this should be asked in the "General Discussion & Questions" forum instead.

Also, this question has been asked many, many times before, so if you searched for "curved text" (exactly the same as your thread title) you would've found your answer long ago.

would yield something like this:


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