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  1. Thanks for the replies, I know where the files go. but sadly without examples of what effect they create, it is basically a case of loading on a trial and error basis ?
  2. Hi ReMake. I put the additional gradient map files in a folder, sadly it doesn't work. The gradient Mapping plugin won't load folders.
  3. Thanks for the update on this
  4. Cool, a new plugin from the master. Will most certainly experiment this weekend and post my result. Thanks Red
  5. Deepest condolences DrewDale.
  6. How do you add numbers ? I don't see this option in the GUI.
  7. Well done to all winners and those nominated. Thanks to Rick for the amazing software and the plugin developers who keep expanding the possibilities. Thanks also to BoltBait for hosting the awards each year
  8. Template copy / pasted to notepad. Will vote and submit on new years day Voted and submitted form
  9. Another brilliant plugin Red. Thank you Duplicated image > Black and white on upper image with Poster settings on H - 4 / S - 21 / Tone - 4. Blending mode on upper layer set to Colour Burn @255. merged both layers for this result.
  10. Love this plugin Remake, thanks for making it Duplicated image > Scratch Art Tip Size - 10 Detail 7, Colour gradient. Top image set blend mode to Colour Burn @126. Merged layers for this result.
  11. Congrats to Siborg on a great entry and worthy win. Well done Pixey & Dipstick too. Varied and interesting entries from all involved. Thanks Drew for the hosting
  12. @Si Borg What a first class entry in the puzzle topic. Brilliant.
  13. I know from first install with no plugin's installed pdn started up very fast when I first got my laptop, I will try your suggestion too and see what difference it makes. Thanks Rick
  14. Reinstalling has made some difference, now down to less than a minute before I can use pdn, a lot better than 3 - 5 minutes for sure. I will also have to follow the advice of EER and remove some of my lesser used plugin's. Perhaps storing the less used in another folder elsewhere and if needed copy / paste. Thanks all for the help and advice