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  1. [roll eyes] So a plug-in like this would require I cntl F on each layer? Like with Bevel object, outline object and 3d trail. Three plug ins I already used as examples. You don't say. @Ego I guess I can try that method. Thanks.
  2. Because it seemed reasonable to me that perhaps someone who does know how to code, had already made a plug in to do this. Doubly so since shade variation is a fundamental of art (if my second grade art teacher is to be believed). Its not like I'm demanding anyone make this plug in for me. I simply asked if there was a plug in that did this then other people started asking for more details and I responded. (And I spent a a few days trying to learn Javascript once, and learned that coding is completely impossible for me. It requires learning in a way I can't learn in.)
  3. I was just about to post examples if you don't mind. Its not like I can create them out of thin air and I just woke up an hour ago. None of them are actually touching, there are like three layers here. This is what I want the plugin to do. Turn that single color green to this bunch of shades of green. This is probably superfluous but I went ahead and finished up so you can see in the end it looks like a bunch of trees.
  4. I mean liquify is just a modified paint brush from its appearance.
  5. I feel like where Im talking stuff in laymen's terms. Everyone else is trying to interpret my words through some technical jargon filled filter. In my mind paintbucket is a tool that fills an area with color. A brush is a tool that fills a point with color. Any tools that do the same things are a version of that tool. Even if they are technically a completely different tool built from scratch. And a shade is any color thats not a primary or secondary color. Like lemon is a shade of yellow. And eggshell is a shade of white. I feel like where Im talking stuff in laymen's terms. Everyone else is trying to interpret my words through some technical jargon filled filter. havent the foggiest what you mean by shades. Since the current brush and bucket can use my definition of shades just fine just not randomly.
  6. Double post
  7. Okay, what about a plug in that modifies the paint bucket tool? Like when that plug in is switched on, whenever the paint bucket or brush is used instead of the selected color, what appears is a randomly selected shade of the selected color. I think for some reason you guys needs a seperate popup window for use of modified tools. But even with that it would work.
  8. Then how do things like Bevel Object and outline object and 3d trail work? Because those seem able to tell when something is or isnt there. Like it could just take a sample from each object, randomly shift the shade within a range, then auto paintbucket each object with the new shade. I thought the hard part would be figuring out how to set a range not how to define the objects. I can create a mockup of what Im talking about I guess.
  9. the computer knows what an object is. Okay lets say I have 20 objects, all green, can a plug in just automatically change the color within a certain range based on the base color?
  10. Is there a plug in that like randomly adjusts the shade of a selection of objects? Like if I have 20 leaves and I quickly make it green. Is there a plug in that will make those 20 leaves 20 different shades of green?
  11. Well this is certainly useful advice if I can figure out how to apply it. Thank you. Maybe I should have drawn the entire image first then done textures and stuff instead of creating each object seperately then copy pasting it into the larger image.
  12. I think I'm going to have to just give up and call this image a failure. I tried angling the wing, drawing the shadow on the wing itself and even redrawing the feathers so their overlap pattern was going the opposite direction.(Feathers don't overlap like that and it became very clear very quickly) It now looks like the wing is being bent in the middle and that its tiny. And now I'm sick of this picture and am just washing my hands of it and calling it a total abject failure. Also I think beveling the blood was a mistake. My Final attempt.
  13. Thanks, I had tilted it straight backwards but I guess I should have angled it as well. Not sure how to do the shadow though as the wall is the light source.
  14. I can't get the upper right wing to look like its leaning against the wall. Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong there? Also I just don't like how the angel turned out.
  15. I don't know why but I seemed to have a real regression in quality with this image. But its my first modern image and my first attempt at a detailed face.