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  1. The 3D effect on the apple stalks is brilliantly done. Great job!
  2. I've missed a lot! The kitty portrait is amazing. I love the detail you put into these, especially the ears and eyes. And the perfume bottle is so sparkly I might add it into one of my spacescapes. It's awesome
  3. @Eli Thank you! Even thinking of space has the effect on me. I feel very, very small. @Pixey Thank you 'Poppy' is actually the nickname I have for my current girlfriend of a few years now Same one I made 'Joy' after. @Woodsy Thanks, took me long enough to get there! @Maximilian Would you say...Out of this world? @lynxster4 That's exactly what nebula are! Thank you! @Seerose Thank you very much! @LionsDragon Thank you! Although the good thing with art is that you can think up any shape or size you want
  4. That sucks. Hope you're coping well. No rush for art, upload whenever you're ready!
  5. Really like the stars with the sparkle effect. Might be worth making the background smaller stars slightly sharper though. Oh and I love the colours!
  6. You've nailed the shape. Great job.
  7. Love the effect of the first one. Almost puzzle-like. Great job!
  8. Some of those realistic creations are fantastic, and I'm trying to figure out how you created some of them. Great job!
  9. First piece of the year, 'Poppy', on the first page. Let me know what you think!
  10. @lynxster4: Thank you very much @Woodsy: Thank you. It's pretty much just a ton of transparent gradients. @barbieq25: I do like portraying the 'loneliness' feeling actually, because that's what comes to mind personally when I picture the vastness of space. But a few vivid colours doesn't hurt anyone @Pixey: Thank you! It's in a 16:9 format so should fit most standard resolutions easily I also have a mobile version a friend convinced me to do for them if anyone is interested. @Maximilian: Thank you very much! @LionsDragon: I did ask but they said no. Maybe I'll hijack the JWST... I've fixed a few broken links to some older pieces, but thank you very much @Rickhum: Tutorials were never my thing. I've got a few older speed arts and speed edits, but mostly I just do progression images these days. A playlist of most of them can be seen here. I also have a couple of tutorials in my signature too Thank you very much. @Seerose: Thank you very much!
  11. I like what you're doing there, bought me back to the old days where I made videos talking with notepad. It's clear Paint.NET is more powerful though due to it's pure functionality. Maybe a fairer test would be PDN against GIMP? Also I'm pretty sure that introduction gave me a mild heart attack.
  12. @Rickhum: A belated thank you very much! And don't be intimidated @Seerose: A belated thank you to you also! New image on the first page titled 'Arcane'. Let me know what you think! Also bump.
  13. The broken glass effect is really nicely done
  14. I love that tiger, and you pulled off the 3D effect on the trees really well. Nice job!
  15. I love it. Something you don't see round here very often, nice work!