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  1. Drydareelin's gallery [30/07/17 update] - 'Chimera'

    @Woodsy Thank you, the depth was a challenge to pull off so I'm glad you mentioned it! @Maximilian Thank you @barbieq25 Thank you very much. Took me a good few days, but I promised a friend I'd put them in one of my pieces @Seerose Thank you very much! @lynxster4 Thank you
  2. Drydareelin's gallery [30/07/17 update] - 'Chimera'

    @Pixey That is in fact another friend Maybe I'll add Ellie into another one some day though. Thank you very much! @LionsDragon Thank you!
  3. LionsDragon's Gallery--"Hrafna--Almost Home"

    I do lost the 'frosted' effect you produced here. Nailed the colours
  4. Pixey's Gallery - Owl - Woot.

    I haven't been to this gallery in a while, the tree..hamster..thing is amazingly cute and I think the owl is hypnotising me. Awesome work
  5. Drydareelin's gallery [30/07/17 update] - 'Chimera'

    @Beta0 Thank you very much! Sorry it took me so long (like 2 months) to reply, I've been busy...and lazy. New piece on the first page titled 'Chimera'. Let me know what you all think!
  6. Is only that smith chart had numbers
  7. BlastWave's Gallery - Rough Landing

    Fantastic artwork. I like the silhouette helicopter picture specially due to the shape, lighting and movement effects you've used. Keep it up!
  8. Pixey's Gallery - Owl - Woot.

    The 3D effect on the apple stalks is brilliantly done. Great job!
  9. Pixey's Gallery - Owl - Woot.

    I've missed a lot! The kitty portrait is amazing. I love the detail you put into these, especially the ears and eyes. And the perfume bottle is so sparkly I might add it into one of my spacescapes. It's awesome
  10. Drydareelin's gallery [30/07/17 update] - 'Chimera'

    @Eli Thank you! Even thinking of space has the effect on me. I feel very, very small. @Pixey Thank you 'Poppy' is actually the nickname I have for my current girlfriend of a few years now Same one I made 'Joy' after. @Woodsy Thanks, took me long enough to get there! @Maximilian Would you say...Out of this world? @lynxster4 That's exactly what nebula are! Thank you! @Seerose Thank you very much! @LionsDragon Thank you! Although the good thing with art is that you can think up any shape or size you want
  11. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**Tone Gradient Angle Text**

    That sucks. Hope you're coping well. No rush for art, upload whenever you're ready!
  12. Shochi's Studio - Evening Clouds + Sphere 7/2/2017

    Really like the stars with the sparkle effect. Might be worth making the background smaller stars slightly sharper though. Oh and I love the colours!
  13. You've nailed the shape. Great job.
  14. Seerose's Gallery - News -2017

    Love the effect of the first one. Almost puzzle-like. Great job!
  15. Images by Woodsy

    Some of those realistic creations are fantastic, and I'm trying to figure out how you created some of them. Great job!