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  1. Rick, that will be very useful. Chris, You have almost nailed it. Here's a slightly different procedure that will give you much smoother edges: 1. Like you do now, fill the selection with black on a new layer and copy the layer to the clipboard. 2. Use the Alpha Mask plugin on a new image. Make sure the "Paste from clipboard" option is selected.
  2. [SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...

    So far I've avoided taking part in competitions mainly for two reasons. One is I'm not good with deadlines. The other is that I don't like to "chat" through forums (in general, not this one in particular). I mean I usually can't be bothered to say "thank you" and "you're welcome" and I realise that can be seen as rude, especially when people compliment your work or (even worse) when they vote for you. (I even imposed a "no chit-chat" rule on a forum I used to moderate). When the "Favourite Place" SOTW competition was announced, this image was fixed in my head: When I finally got around to draw it, the competition was over. TBH, I don't think I'd have entered even if I had finished it in time. Now, when the current competition was announced, I thought of the image I entered. I was given a second chance to enter the (more or less) same image. I consider this as a one-off entry, but I couldn't pass.
  3. Saving resized .svg file

    Bob, I understand how links to other posts work. My reply was not based on what can be read in the quote, rather on the the whole post and description for the plugin. What I meant to write is that the plugin author did not intend the published plugin to save in SVG and never claimed that it did. Hence the need for Paint.NET to fallback to "Save As" when one clicks on "Save" so that a different format can be chosen.
  4. Print to JPG?

    Yes it does. A refinement indeed!
  5. Saving resized .svg file

    No, it does not. What it "suggests", is what it does, i.e. "Imports SVG files (and the compressed variant SVGZ) and renders them to Paint.NET bitmap layers".
  6. Print to JPG?

    MadJik and Andrew offer good advice Marilynx and that's how I also save multiple PNGs from one PDN. However, if you're worried you may overwrite an existing PDN or JPG, here's another way which does not require you to close the PDN file every time: 1. Select All (Ctrl+A) your original PDN file. 2. Turn on and off the appropriate layers to get the image you want 3. Copy Merged (Ctrl+Shift+C) 4. Paste into New Image (Ctrl+Alt+V) 5. Save (Ctrl+S) the new image as a JPG with an appropriate name 6. Close (Ctrl+W) the JPG file 7. Start again at 2 for the next JPG image
  7. Fractal attractor (ymd:170628)

    Even if you say so yourself Welcome back MadJik and thank you.
  8. Optical Illusion Thread

    The idea has been around for many years, twenty at least. I first saw the same idea at a novelty shop in Prague. It was a battery operated pint glass that one could fill with beer and achieve the same effect. Only instead of a water faucet it had an Urquell Pilsner draught beer faucet. I bought one but now I don't know where it is.
  9. The Comedy Thread

    Yeah, but He can still sun run Paint.NET on an Apple machine if He feels like it.
  10. Can also confirm full support for Greek:
  11. I should have clarified that I meant efficient updating of their database with regards to false positives, for those files that were submitted to them for testing
  12. In the past, when I moderated a forum where we modified PES (a football game), I used this a lot to get our no-DVD, modified game *.exe files off their blacklist. At first, I was surprised at how quick and efficient they were at testing and updating their database.
  13. What music are you listening to?

    Last Saturday evening I had the pleasure to attend, for perhaps the 10th or 12th time over the last 30 years or so, a live concert by Giorgos Dalaras. This one was in Nicosia. He's perhaps the greatest Greek singer alive today and there's plenty of him on YouTube for anyone interested. I chose to post here a short clip from a concert at the ancient odeon at the foot of the Acropolis, with all-star vocal support, because it highlights the rapport Dalaras establishes with the audience. There's longer versions of the same song on YouTube (with an excellent bouzouki intro), a few even with English subtitles that put non-Greek speakers better in the mood. - EDIT: I found the same clip with subtitles Enjoy "Do not be angry with me, my dearest" (Mi mou thimonis matia mou)
  14. Quite right. And that's the way.. aha, aha.. I like it and I hope it doesn't change. I remember in v.3 the Rotate/Zoom dialogue box had a "Reset All" button. That was also useful.