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  1. Geeze - Thank you all, I thought I was losing my mind. . . (I do miss my mind some days, but have not totally lost it yet.) I am 73 years young and still learning everyday. I did have an Icon, that I have used for several years, change itself to a different Icon. but that is another story. No other changes were noted at the time.
  2. No, it is just not present. I did not find Plugin Errors in Settings - -
  3. I have been using PDN for a LONG time, probably 10+ years. I have used the Fisheye many times. However, in using Windows 10, 64-byte, - Edition - Windows 10 Home - Version - 1703 - OS Build - 15063.296 I cannot find it in the program. Fisheye is in my dlls, I have re-downloaded it and reinstalled (as of 5/12/17) it to no avail. Anyone have a clue what I am doing wrong? I have searched my 'Effects' including all the subsets. Thank you for any help, Pat
  4. Icons are not showing content

    Thank you so much. I had a significant medical event recently and my memory is not what it once was. I am not comfortable asking easy questions, but it is necessary. I appreciate your complete response. Not everyone is so understanding. Pat
  5. My jpg icons are showing as attached rather than contents. My file associations are correct. I cannot remember how to fix this. Thank you, Pat
  6. WOW! That all makes sense to me. I cannot wait to try it, but it has been a very long day and I have about used every brain node available. That is a good idea to duplicate what is there to get the idea complete before trying what I have in mind. First, copy then put my own spin in on it for my actual project. Thank you!
  7. I want to create a design similar to the attached. I have tried to create the original square and duplicate to create a line. By the time I get a couple of the squares done, everything is moving out of alignment. Even if I get something aligned, at the cost of several hours, when I save it and reopen it, the lines are fuzzy or askew. I have been using the jpg format and possibly that is not a good choice. I have also been using a resolution of 3000, is that an appropriate size. Mostly the finished product is about 68cm (15") square. Is there a trick to doing this? Is there a dll to assist me? Where do I begin? I think I am not doing an efficient/effective job with my Paint program. Is there a place to learn basic edits from the beginning? I am probably doing more effort than necessary for simple issues. Thank you, you have always come through for me. I do appreciate this group. May you be blessed in ways you have not yet imagined. Pat
  8. ShapeMaker Tutorials

    Thank you so much. I appreciate this information and guidance, it is just what I need. May you be blessed in ways you have not yet imagined. Pat
  9. ShapeMaker Tutorials

  10. ShapeMaker Tutorials

  11. ShapeMaker Tutorials

  12. dll's are not working

    I am seriously seeing that the 'cloud' drives are not exactly what they are touted to be. I also am having issues with the EdgeFader. I don't have 'transparent' yet, maybe that is the problem?? Thank you so much for your input. Thank you and best wishes to you and yours, Pat And for all Dad's out there - stateside, we celebrate today as Dad's Day. One day per year is truly not enough. Pat
  13. dll's are not working

    I downloaded Paint again and downloaded each of my dlls again. They are working now. My problem is - I have is issues with my pc. Almost every day I have to do something to my pc to keep it working. (That in itself is a long story.) I placed my dlls on OneDrive and attempted to use them. these were working dlls. But stopped working when I loaded them into the Effects folder. I am totally frustrated. I have had my machine at HP 3 times and Tech2U once but no one can find the problem with my pc. Reloading the dlls - which are the reason I use PDN and are wonderful - takes me hours. I know you are not techs for pcs, but this issue, IMHO, is likely to occur again. I wonder if there is a place/way to have a backup to my dlls. Thank you for responding and listening. May you be blessed in ways you have not yet imagined. Pat
  14. I have had (and donated multiple times) Paint.Net for years. I love the cooperation and work done by those so much smarter than I. I am having strange computer issues. My Windows 7 HP 64 bit laptop was repaired at a Tech2U shop 3 weeks ago. Paint has worked for all that time but the dll's have stopped showing in the working area the last few days. They are present in the Effects file, but do not show up on the Effects Menu. I have downloaded the program twice and the dlls once. Nothing changes. The only other download that occurred around that time was Glary Utilities. I have also used that program for many years too. Any ideas? A Million thanks to any kind soul with concern and/or answers. Pat
  15. When I try to download that Mosaic Maniac, it shows that the URL is gone. And, I really need a photo collage, is this one for photos too? or just for isolated positions on a page? Am I looking in the wrong place?? Pat