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  1. Are you just zooming, not resizing? Zooming, such as moving the slider in the lower right corner, won't resize the image. It just shows a magnified view. To resize,, use Image>Resize or the shortcut key, Ctrl+R. EDIT: What toe_head2001 said.
  2. white star

    The star will be surrounded by a square of eight nodes, which are small circles. To change the size and proportions of the star, left click on one of the nodes, then move the mouse with the button held down. If you hold down the shift key on the keyboard when you create and resize the star, it will maintain its original proportions, and just change size. I suggest you read the tutorial, though it does seem to be missing information on resizing. EDIT: The tutorial does say: "The draggable control nubs transform the shape. Click and drag these to relocate them. Dragging one nub over the one diametrically opposite has the effect of flipping the shape." So the information is there, although it may be slightly hard to find.
  3. The preview feature is one of the best CodeLab improvements ever! I've long longed for the ability to alter the control values within CodeLab without editing them by hand (and remembering to change them back before saving the source code). CodeLab has improved by leaps and bounds in the last week.
  4. That makes sense. I'll try to add dispose code to my plugins that allocate surfaces.
  5. This may be a foolish question, but does disposing of surfaces free up memory just because that's just how it happens to work, rather than being how it's guaranteed to work? I've always been under the impression that disposing is designed to free system resources held by a class, and doesn't necessarily initiate any garbage collection. (By "system resources," I mean things like files, not memory.)
  6. I've never disposed of them either. I've always assumed (probably incorrectly) that when the effect is completed and the effect class instance is disposed of, any surfaces created by the effect will be garbage collected.
  7. That's probably true. I always have to look up how to do it.
  8. You could even make it an extension method so you could use: CurrenPixel = PrimaryColor.Add(25);
  9. If you want to erase a specific color (or range of colors) you could try the HSV Eraser plugin.
  10. Two other plugins worth trying are my HSV Eraser and BoltBait's Hue/Saturation+. Alone, or perhaps along with Color Clearer, they may help you get the desired result. For instance, you might try: Make a duplicate layer. On the top layer, delete all but the flowers by removing all color without zero saturation, using HSV Eraser and BoltBait's Hue/Saturation+. On the lower layer, remove the black, using Color Clearer Merge the layers.
  11. What is the criteria you want for which black it removes and which black it doesn't remove?
  12. Two plugins to try: Paste From Clipboard -- similar to Fill From Clipboard, but with more options, including antialiasing. (Some of the tiling modes don't currently work as intended. I'm working on it.) Paste Warp+ -- Distorts the pasted image to fit the selection.
  13. I'm not quite sure what you're trying to do, but you could try my Color Clearer plugin. It does take transparency into account.
  14. Object of the Fortnight – Discussion thread

    It may be too late to propose a rule modification for this topic, and perhaps it's not a good idea, but I think it would be better if for this subject the rules be changed to allow a simple background, such as a solid color or a gradient. I don't think snowflakes are displayed to their best advantage against a white background. Most images I've seen of actual snowflakes are against a gradient, and I think there's a good reason for that: it highlights the details. I realize there have already been some fine entries shown against white backgrounds, but I believe many would be improved by having more contrast with the background. (Also, one of the entries already has a gradient background. It would be made street-legal.)
  15. Normally I might be more sympathetic, but Ctrl+Shift+C, Ctrl+Shift+V is so easy. Hold down Ctrl+Shift, then hit C followed by V. C and V are even next to each other. (If such a feature were added, perhaps it could use Ctrl+Alt+D. I don't think that combination is used, and it parallels Ctrl+Shift+D for Duplicate Layer.)
  16. Paint.net runs too slow

    Definitely don't auto-close tutorial and plugin threads. As far as the rest, it might be a good thing, but, really, how often does necroposting happen? Seems like once in a blue moon to me. And when it does happen, no real harm is done. The poster is usually reminded of the rule, and that's that. Posting new threads with generic titles seems like a lot bigger annoyance to me. (Forgive me for also posting to this ancient thread, but this is actually metanecroposting.)
  17. SOTW#178 ~ WINNERS - Xmas Garland.

    Congratulations welshblue, Pixey, and lynxster4! Though there were only three entries, they were all very deserving winners. They were both imaginative and well-executed. I think the lack of entries is because this is a busy time of year for many people, and because "Christmas Garland" is a complex theme, requiring a lot of separate elements. Also, I suspect the high quality of the first three entries was a bit intimidating.
  18. Congratulations to welshblue, Pixey, and lynxster4 for their excellent entries! Welshblue's was especially amazing. I was particularly impressed by the satiny golden bow, and the subtle wrinkle-texturing of the wrapping. Thanks to our host, toe_head2001!
  19. If you can provide a few examples of what you're trying to achieve, you'll have a considerably better chance of getting a useful reply. Obviously I mean examples done by other people, not you. You might be able to find some using a Google (or other search engine) image search. As it is, I'm probably not alone in having no clue about what you hope to do.
  20. Image Wont Open

    Poltusi, I think that people are trying to tell you that you need to change the file's extension by renaming the file (in Windows, not Paint.NET). If you save a file in PDN, but give it an extension that doesn't match the format, you won' be able to open it. Right-click on the file. Select Rename from the dropdown list. Rename it to have the correct extension (ignore the Windows warning message). You should now be able to open it.
  21. Layers Tab

    In the upper-right corner of the main window, in the menu bar, there are a series of small icons: a hammer, a clock, a stack of rectangles, a color wheel, a gear, and a question mark. Each will being up a menu. Click on the stack of rectangles to bring up the Layers menu
  22. I think you overcorrected the perspective. The center building gets slightly wider as it goes up. It helps to draw a grid on an upper layer as a guide. Use some contrasting color on a transparent background for the grid. Once you readjust the distortion by moving the lower-right nub a bit left, try moving the lower-left nub a little upward. You should be able to decrease the distortion of the other buildings while keeping the center building square.
  23. Quadrilateral Correction always crops to the quadrilateral. I think that's often undesirable When doing perspective correction, the typical approach would be to select some perspective-transformed rectangle in the scene, and put the nubs at its four corners. The purpose is not to isolate that particular region, but to provide the inverse-perspective information. I think Quadrilateral Correction would be more useful if the entire scene, outside the quadrilateral, could be displayed. That would probably require the ability to offset, scale, and modify the XY proportions of the transformed image. Also, as with any plugin of this sort, it should have the option of antialiasing.