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  1. Realistic Roughcast Metal

    Thanks @dipstick ... link added on the first page
  2. Wood Texture with Realistic Grain - Amendment 1

    Images Re-hosted
  3. Textured Wood

    @Seerose ... changing that image is on my to do list. As a work around for now it's basically using Rotate/ Zoom to enlarge the image when you've played with the rotate settings. The only settings you want to change is the very top one and the zoom one. Hope that all makes sense
  4. Textured Wood

    Sorry BarbieQ ... I hadn't noticed you'd attached the dll. The links ... I used to use [url=] but that doesn't seem to work to I use link button above now Nice result @AndrewDavid . Dents Classic is a ummm classic. I used to use it a lot. PDF now added
  5. Make a Smartphone Basics ...

    Images updated and PDF link added (To the people charged with sorting the whole forum out ... my hat off to you. Soul Destroying springs to mind ... )
  6. Ed Harvey Effects Archive

    These are all working fine for me ... I haven't got PI Plus though, so can't comment on that. Is Blurs >>> Fragment a built in effect ? 'Cos that's working for me too Have attached the dll for Dents Classic in the Textured Wood tut
  7. Textured Wood

    I had the same problem updating links in tutorials. There's an option lower down to keep it as that ^ or to change it to a link. Ed Harveys Classic Dents Attached @Ego Eram Reputo EdHarvey.Effects.Archives.DentsClassic.dll
  8. Image Umbrella: Signatures, Avatars, Logos & Text

    Thanks @LionsDragon ... the 'tooling marks' are a happy by product of first TG Angle, then Diffuse and then using Texture Shader with the Diffuse layer on the clipboard. 3 different layers and blend modes. Then a bit of Trail to 'bulk' the edges out a bit. I wasn't sure about making it B & W ... but I like your analogy
  9. Textured Wood

    @AndrewDavid ... good catch. I'm not really bothered about the rotate zoom ( translation - I'm already re-writing some tuts to hopefully be better and only so much time in the day) hopefully the newer Rotate/ Zoom will suffice ? Dents Classic is different. Vital even. And so much better than the built in version (sorry) Is it against forum rules to put a link for a copy of it ? Would Ed Harvey mind ??
  10. Textured Wood

    Nahhh it was me being thick. I closed the page down 3 times before realising duh you're trying to edit when you haven't opened it up to Edit Loving the sig
  11. Image Umbrella: Signatures, Avatars, Logos & Text

    Made with Red's TG Angle, MJW's Texture Shader, Pyro's Trail and Diffuse by someone I can't remember
  12. Ahhh thanks @Pixey So many things to learn ...
  13. Changing colours in paint.net (Help!)

    Another option to Pixey's is to Duplicate the original layer >>> go to Adjustments >>> Invert Colours. This will turn the stripe and neckerchief white ( turning the symbols black) You'll then have to get rid of the rest of the image though. Use the eraser and this tutorial will help https://www.isimonbrown.co.uk/cutting-out-images/ Don't forget to add the brush/ line tool onto a New Layer and not to leave gaps in any joins
  14. Textured Wood

    Images Updated. ( Once I worked out why I couldn't delete the ransomware PhotoBucket message. Only took 5 minutes to work out I hadn't pressed Edit ) PDF to follow
  15. Images re-instated. PDF to come *** I'll put the links to the the plug-ins once I work out why it's not adding just the link of the page but a small picture of the page when copying and pasting***