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  1. Same here in Dutch language
  2. I'd like to make a case for an enhanced way of storing and managing plugins. Currently plugins (v4.0.x) must be downloaded and unpacked in the subfolders Effects, FileTypes ans Shapes within the installation folder. The fact that this is a manual job is not convenient for those who are less computer savvy The fact that copying files into subfolders of the installation folder requires Administrative rights is a blockade for users living in a restricted computer environment, such as Education or larger companies Of course it would be best if would have a Plugin manager where the user can select desired plugins and downloading, installing and updating would be taken care of automatically. I figure such will be quite a project to take up. An intermediate solution could be that allows for alternative plugin locations, e.g. C:\Users\username\\Effects\etc. This ready accessible folder would allow restricted users to download and store plugins without the help of an Administrator. As a second alternative location I´d like to propose C:\Users\Public\\Effects\etc. With both alternative plugin locations in action, it is possible to have a basic set of plugins installed for all users plus additional ´personal´ plugins available per user. Maybe such an enhancement would be possible within a less lengthy development scheme.
  3. Windows 10?

    Hello all, In relation to "Image type not recognized" issue, I have come to the conclusion that Rick is rightfully making objections to the debugger image hijack method I mentioned above. I have removed the technical details from my posting above. The best way to have become the default program for editing images is described in the posting by rpsgc
  4. The problem has been fixed bij the Crowdin support team
  5. I've issued a support call with the Crowdin team.
  6. Okay, my prime concern was with the Dutch translations that are no longer present. Good that you checked yours and also others. They are there still. So Rick, did something occur with the Dutch and French resx files in Crowdin?
  7. Rick, I noticed that all pdn-translations have disappeared from Crowdin. Do you have an explanation for this? Stephan
  8. Windows 10?

    Alternative solution (save the following lines as a *.reg file): Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 REMOVED Whenever mspaint.exe is called, PaintDotNet.exe is actually executed. This trick is used by NotePad2 to replace notepad.exe and also by SysInternals ProcessExplorer to replace the standard Windows Task Manager.
  9. 4.0.6 is now available!

    Rick, Could it be that you forgot to approve (updated) translations? Stephan
  10. Windows Update

    Check the system requirements at Your W7HP/SP1 sounds alright. Depending the version of .NET on your system, you may need an update to 4.5, but that will be taken care of automatically during the install.
  11. The sad thing is that rmh2468 has a valid point. The advertisements on the homepage attract far more attention than true download link.
  12. Or just do "Image - Canvas size..." (Alt-I, S) and adjust the pixel size width and height to your liking. Make sure that the Anchor is set to Middle. No plugin required.
  13. Aahh, I missed it. I just made a few changes. No worries: Cosmetics only.
  14. 4.0 beta build 5226

    I've tried a number of Screen Capture programs that I use from time to time: Standard Windows [WIN-PrtScn] Window Clippings PicPick GreenShot XnViewMP Screengrab Firefox extension For each, copy-paste worked just fine. As #softlion is mentioning "drag-and-drop", I did some further testing: Firefox - drag-and-drop image works fine Chromium - drag-and-drop does not work Internet Explorer - drag-and-drop does not work Hmmm, what other applications would I want to drag images from.... But should we expect this to work? Isn't it up to the 'drag-from' program to make something available or not to the 'drop-into' program?
  15. 4.0 beta build 5226

    To me, it looks like the copy-paste issue has been properly fixed. I've just tried it on my W8.1 64-bit PC using the latest versions of Chromium, Firefox and Internet Explorer. With each browser I visited a different web site and (obviously) copied a different picture. All copied images pasted [Ctrl-Alt-V] perfectly in today's