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  1. Shape3D (2007-08-24)

    About a download link. Thanks, everyone. I tried it some time ago, too. However, it did not work. I uploaded files of MediaFire again.
  2. Shape3D (2007-08-24)

    What kind of image did you make Cylinder with? harf cylinder map setting only bottom face setting
  3. Shape3D (2007-08-24)

    @Au1: Thank you. @barkbark00: Maybe it is possible.
  4. Shape3D (2007-08-24)

    1st post. viewtopic.php?f=16&t=5271&st=0&sk=t&sd=a
  5. Shape3D (2007-08-24)

    I acquired an account in the site that you showed. And, I made a new download link. I changed download link of 1st page 1st post and my website. Thank you.
  6. Shape3D (2007-08-24)

    with the antivirus software that you are using. ... 161625&c=1 If it is a cause, please examine about the software. If you cannot use a ZIP file, please try the link which Ash showed. A DLL file is downloaded. Ash. Thank you so much. The download link that you showed is very nice. I did not understand the necessity of the download links of DLL files.
  7. Shape3D (2007-08-24)

    mistakes translation? . tired translation. I have made a slightly timid remark at the former post. (I already edited it.) I will continue it at one's own pace in future.
  8. Shape3D (2007-08-24)

    yes. sorry, and thank you.
  9. Shape3D (2007-08-24)

    yes. sorry. I was tired a little.  :wink: If future. Thank you.
  10. Shape3D (2007-08-24)

    @MiguelPereira: @The_Lionhearted: Thank you.
  11. Shape3D (2007-08-24)

    The title was changed. Thank you.
  12. Shape3D (2007-08-24)

    TheFreak002. Thank you for reply. david.atwell. Thank you.
  13. Shape3D (2007-08-24)

    TheFreak002. Please try version
  14. Shape3D (2007-08-24)

    @BrunoReX: Thank you. @Fisherman's Friend: Yes. Thank you. @Memphis: Thank you.