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  1. We got this working tonight. You can run the script with a fully functional UI, directly from within CodeLab, without building a dll file and installing it.
  2. Light Rays (update YMD:170928)

    For what it's worth, I liked the old UI a lot better, as it was much easier to use.
  3. Ok, so run the effect more than once.
  4. With a little configuration, the Light Rays plugin can do the "Zoom Lines".
  5. Grid Maker Plugin

    Your path is wrong; it should be: C:\Users\Gebruiker\Documents\ App Files\Effects
  6. Blur Fill Effects -> Fill -> Blur Fill Before (image surrounded by transparency): After: Features Fill the transparent area of the canvas with a scaled (fixed ratio) copy of the trimmed image. Notes Regarding the 'Position Adjust' sliders: The background is scaled at a fixed ratio to fill the canvas, thus only one dimension will be clipped and that dimension's slider is the only one that will have an affect. If the ratio of the canvas and the ratio of the trimmed image are exactly the same, no clipping will happen and thus neither slider will have an affect. Changelog v1.5 (Jan 13, 2018) Added: Russian translation by @ReMake is now included. Changed: Uses less memory now. v1.4.1 (Jan 17, 2017) Fixed: In some cases, the effect would crash with a Read AccessViolationException. v1.4 (Dec 31, 2016) Fixed: The bottom pixels and the right pixel were getting clipped. Changed: The panning control now uses 3 decimal places, instead of 2. v1.3 (Jan 12, 2016) New: You can now run the effect on a selection. New: Added an icon to the plugin v1.2 (Nov 7, 2015) Fixed: Effect would crash if run on an absolutely transparent canvas. v1.1 (Oct 3, 2015) New: Added a checkbox to make keeping the original image optional Changed: Moved some code into OnSetRenderInfo. Makes the effect faster and use less memory, as it no longer runs the same code over and over again v1.0 (Aug 25, 2015) Initial release Download Example - 16:9 Movie Banner Source Code Source files and Git history Icon based on icons from Fugue Icons.
  7. You have to place the extension methods in a static, non-nested class. That's not possible with CodeLab. Technically it could be, but it would "break" older versions of CodeLab.
  8. You could create a function for that. void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { ColorBgra PrimaryColorColor = EnvironmentParameters.PrimaryColor; ColorBgra CurrentPixel; for (int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y++) { if (IsCancelRequested) return; for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; x++) { CurrentPixel = IncrementAllChannels(PrimaryColorColor, 25); dst[x,y] = CurrentPixel; } } } ColorBgra IncrementAllChannels(ColorBgra color, int amount) { return ColorBgra.FromBgraClamped(color.B + amount, color.G + amount, color.B + amount, color.A + amount); }
  9. Memory leak with Rulers

    I don't know full technical details of it, but PrecisionX is one of those programs that hooks into Direct2D at a low level. When goes to use the Direct2D APIs, PrecisionX interferes somehow, and crashes.
  10. Memory leak with Rulers

    Disable 'PrecisionX', and see if that solves your issue.
  11. Blur Fill v1.5 (Jan 13, 2018)

    Version 1.5 posted. This release includes the Russian translation by @ReMake. I also simplified the method for trimming the transparent edges, so it uses less memory now.
  12. You may vote for up to 5 entries. Poll will close on at 2200 UTC (10:00 PM UK Time) on Saturday, January 20. See the Countdown for exact time remaining.
  13. Yeah, that could be a bit confusing. Read it like this: Is Checked OR Is 0 Is Not Checked OR Is not 0
  14. 3.5.10 manual

    This also available on
  15. Thanks for the report. I'll get these fixed. I suspect there more small issues with it, yet to be discovered. Once we make "bug free", I'd like to automatically execute the 'Format Document' feature. For example, when you paste in code, 'Format Document' would just automatically run on that pasted code. No there is not. Previewing the dialog from CodeLab would technically be possible, but that's very low on my list of priorities. When you derive from PropertyBasedEffect, you can't customize the dialog extensively. You literally declare a short list of properties, and generates a dialog at runtime based on those properties (this is colloquially know as "IndirectUI"). If you need a fully custom dialog, you have to tediously build it from scratch with WinForms controls.
  16. Advanced Titler plugin for Paint.NET

    Maybe you saw this one:
  17. 3.5.10 manual

    Mega says I need a Decryption Key to access it.
  18. Collaborés Crash

    Looks like you're using the PDF plugin, and it can't load a file from %temp%: C:\Users\perso\AppData\Local\Temp\PDN_ImPDF_56360.bmp Maybe Avast is causing issues. Try temporarily disabling it. Technically, this is a bug in the PDF plugin.
  19. Yeah, we rock... your socks off. My ToDo list for CodeLab still isn't empty either.
  20. Brush/Eraser sizing with Alt+Scroll Wheel

    You can already do this. Use the [ and ] keys.
  21. Resizing bug

    Must be an unintended consequence of trying to fix this issue:
  22. Resizing bug

    That's not a bug. If it's not on the canvas, it's not part of the image. 1. Open your large image. 2. Edit -> Resize Image 3. Set the Width and Height to 500
  23. Rubber Stamp Effects -> Object -> Rubber Stamp Before: After: Changelog v1.0 (April 15, 2017) Initial release Download Source Code Icon from Fugue Icons.
  24. Space Art. (and my other work's of art)

    Seeing as you don't believe in anti-aliasing, I thought all your art was pixel art.