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  1. Irfanview supports opening .pdn files if you install the plugins pack. Then you can use the very powerful bulk converter to process the images.
  2. 1m*1m at 300dpi or 118dpcm is 118110*118110 pixels and new file dialog estimates 52 gigabytes for the size... That is an extremely massive image. It would require about 170 gigabytes of ram if my quick calculation about layer memory usage is still correct.
  3. Okay, John Wick: Chapter 2 is a beautiful sequel to John Wick: Chapter 1. The fight scenes have been greatly polished and will leave you shocked. Logan on the other hand is exactly like reviews said it was, unlike any other superhero movie before. Hard to describe.
  4. I was able to do this with 2 custom shapes, frame and house. Just my way of doing it because I like playing with Inkscape
  5. I meant it in a way that you can create your own shape as a custom shape and then use the Shape Tool to draw it in any color you want straight away. That shape I did was just a minute in Inkscape doing a rough shape.
  6. Could a custom shape work somewhat?
  7. Okay, Rogue One was pretty good. Title worthy of being called a Star Wars story. It wasn't as epic as TFA but then again this was a full story instead of being a part of a trilogy. I wish I had a VHS player to watch New Hope right now
  8. This is just a guess... but it could be overlay messing up somehow. Try without Precision X running just to make sure it's not that?
  9. Are you talking about the toolbar drop down? Or the Tools box?
  10. When you opened it, was it like this with the check mark set and only "1" option available? Or was it like the lower picture and you then had to click Number of cpu to find out that it had only "1"? If it was already like that when you opened it, it means it had wrong settings and would only see 1 cpu core everywhere. If it was like the first picture, go back, make sure all the Number of cpu box is unchecked like that, hit OK -> Apply -> OK -> Reboot. This is my only idea at the moment because BIOS was OK but this is most likely culprit from various Google search results.
  11. I've exhausted all ideas for now... time for me to sleep. Bizarre... BIOS is fine... msconfig isn't the problem... task manager shows 1 logical... I have no more ideas. I'll try googling some more tomorrow.
  12. One more try... Run msconfig.exe Select Boot tab, find your Windows 10 entry and click Advanced options... See if the top left option is selected number of cpus? Unclick it if it is selected... reboot... Uncheck maximum memory as well...
  13. I have no idea what is going on with your setup... Somehow Windows is only using a single core of your CPU... I have no idea why.
  14. Can you go into the UEFI SETUP UTILITY by pressing F2 or Del right after powering your Computer up. Then go into Advanced And from there to CPU Configuration and check Is the Active Processor Cores set to All? If not, change it to All and press F10 to save changes. That Task Manager screenshot shows that you're running your computer at only 25% of its capability. Also could it be that the integrated GPU is somehow taking up 2GiB of memory even though you have a discrete GPU already...