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  1. I love this program ive been with it for like 5 years now 3 years since i got serious about it but im so glad it works by far my favourite program!
  2. FIXED FIXED FIXED OMG! It was zonealarm or Alienware FX but finally i can get to making my game thank you so much to EVERYONE who helped rule out what it was!
  3. Windows safe mode WORKED!!!! what app could be interfearing with it though! ill try closing ZoneAlarm and alienware FX and stuff maybe try rule out what it is if it doesnt work could you give me a list of what apps it could be or app types?
  4. Disabling all plugins DID NOT work!
  5. will do now im really stressed bro ive used this god of a program for 3 years
  6. Removed all traces with revouninstall reinstalled it still have the issue
  7. Heres a gif of it now! A SLIGHT improvement
  8. I deleted like 20 heres what i have now
  9. ill try remove all of them except smudge and outline one second guys! EDIT: How do i know which ones are plugins EDIT EDIT: k i deleted them will test out now
  10. i have a bit of plugins yes about 10. most being outline and stuff i really need help quick! i need to build prototype of my sprites by 1 month
  11. i go on task manager yes everything seems fine
  12. Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6100 CPU @ 3.70GHz Video Card Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 Video Card #2 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 RAM 8.0 GB Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 (build 14393), 64-bit
  13. any tips would help (sorry for spam)
  14. MS paint works fine and i closed EVERYTHING only Paint was open.
  15. basically for 4 seconds it will be fine then it will freeze for 2 seconds CONSTANTLY looping like this i have a gif also here it is: i really need help fast im trying to develop a game and this is the only way i can make sprites atm! EDIT: Ruled out so far: Reducing Plugins (Didnt Work) Closing Programs (Didnt Work) Uninstalling McAffee (Didnt Work) Running Pdnfix (Didnt Work) THE FIX WAS: Closing ZoneAlarm Closing Alienware FX Maybe Closing Logitech Webcam Software thank you so much to EVERYONE who helped rule out what it was!