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  1. That's very good to hear, you're welcome!
  2. @xod: the issue with Unicode characters is fixed. Please note that European languages are fully supported (Cyrillic, Maltese, Romanian, etc.) but Asian and Hebrew characters do not support letter spacing. Without letter spacing: With letter spacing:
  3. It should support Unicode. I'll look into this and get back to you over the weekend.
  4. It's been a busy week but I managed to spend some time on the plugin. Several minor crashing bugs were fixed, and support for IsCancelRequested was added. This means the overall user experience should be better and there should be little to no crashes anymore. Antialiased text quality is slightly improved. @lynxster4 I hope this fixes the issues you had.
  5. Thanks to @Eli's input I was able to fix a few alignment bugs. Also many thanks to @BoltBait for the config UI suggestions, these have been worked into the plugin. The zip file in the first post has been updated. Bugs fixed: - The last line always had a superfluous space at the end (if there's only one line, that's the last) - Alignment to center or right produced inconsistently positioned lines because of a rounding difference between the functions to measure and render text Thanks for bearing with me! Could you explain what issue you have with the Underline and Strikeout options? It's not immediately clear from the screenshot.
  6. Could you post a screenshot of the settings you use when this happens?
  7. @lynxster4 I'll look into it and get back to you. Edit: so far I've found a bug when there's more than one consecutive spaces in the Text field. Is that the case for you? Otherwise could you please post which plugin settings you used? (Text, Fontsize, LetterSpacing, Text aligment, etc.) Edit 2: OK, the bug seems to occur if the area of a line of text is to small (for example because the selection area is too small). This is now fixed. See the update in the opening post. If anyone still experiences issues with the plugin, please don't hesitate to let me know.
  8. Alright, I've put version 2.0 up in the first post. Fixes As per request of @lynxster4, the steps of Letter spacing and Line spacing are now .01, allowing finer control. New features Automatic line wrapping Line spacing Text alignment to left, center or right Work in progress Justified text: this currently doesn't produce acceptable results. Hopefully I will be able to release this soon.
  9. Thanks very much! The code checked in to Github wasn't overriding OnCreateConfigUI because I couldn't figure out what to do there. The base PropertyBasedEffect class calls CreateDefaultConfigUI by itself. I'm working this into the plugin and will release a new version hopefully today. It will also have some new features. Thanks for the positive feedback! Unfortunately such shadow and glow effects are outside my goal with the plugin.
  10. Thanks for the positive feedback! That's actually what I wanted to do, but I couldn't figure out how. There's no step setting for a DoubleProperty. I've been looking at overriding OnCreateConfigUI but that is a lot more complicated it seems. Is there a tutorial or guide for making advanced config screens?
  11. Thanks for noticing, I adjusted it and updated the DLL in the opening post. Strange that the AntiAliasLevel didn't show up for you at first. It's a build from the exact same code. Oh well.
  12. Hi everyone, Thanks for the positive feedback! I've replaced the attachment with a ZIP-file. As for the submenu: text formations seemed to refer to plugins that put text in a certain shape, which is not the goal of my plugin. I tried to find out what submenu the Text+ plugin resides in, but the download link in the topic was dead. At any rate I agree with not wanting to needlessly introduce a new submenu so the new version resides in Text Formations. This is called AntiAliasingLevel. The slider below LetterSpacing.
  13. Paint.NET is a very useful tool and does everything I needed from Photoshop. Except for one thing: in Photoshop it's possible to adjust the text kerning/spacing. This was not possible in Paint.NET and I couldn't find a plugin for it. So I decided to write one myself! Please let me know of any issues and/or feature requests! Download here: It's under Effects -> Text Formations -> Spaced Text Tested on Paint.NET 4.0.12 Note: this plugin clears the layer on which it is used. Make sure to create a new layer when using this effect! Features Text spacing adjustment Automatic line wrapping Alignment to left, right or centered Configurable anti-aliasing quality Supports bold, italic and underline styles Renders inside selection Known issues No support for OTF fonts Letter spacing doesn't work for Asian and Hebrew characters Source code is available from