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  1. 2 all: sorry for my bad english, I'm russian. 2 developers: thanx for your, I like it and use it for about 2 years. IMHO: excellent replacement to photoshop and gimp, because they very complicated for most user's tasks. See the attached screenshot, please. Add something like this, if possible. It's possible?? Best regards from Russia with love :)) hohoho I have a lot of ideas for improvement...
  2. Layer props window enhancements

    Thank you, but I know all about this. Layer props dialog can (and should!) be improved, firstly - making it non-modal. And / or store its position on the screen in order to it does not appear everytime at the center of drawing - secondary. Better - replace (optional) layer properties dialog by layer properties toolbar.(with the same controls). P.S. I hope that someone from the developers read this post. Redirect to them, please. After Oscars