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  1. Only a suggestion - The screen shots of installing plugins is a little outdated since the release of WIN10. Made a GIF for alternate viewing.
  2. Agreed @Pixey. The same for me. Since we are talking in this thread - I would like some advice on how to get the "dither" plugins working. EdHarvey has 3 plugin packs. I have them all. I got the egrarious when it was first posted by @ReMake in this thread. I have tried to get the dither plugins to run by switching out the New/Old EdHarveyEffects.dll file - but they do not come up at all within Paint. I do see the Half Tone from EDHarveyEffects 4.0 The Floyd Dithering I see is from BoltBait and the Fast Blur I see is I have yet to ever see the dither plugins. I'm sure I tried just the on its own but still no success. I think they are not Paint 4.0 compatible. Am I missing something?
  3. The first image I created proud enough to show off Interpret as you wish
  4. This tut seems to be a little short on images. My first try with the HighPass Plugin. Brings life to a google pic.
  5. Talk about detail! Excellent work @Woodsy Truly a great piece of artwork you should be proud of.
  6. Thank you @Beta0 Your video showed me something new. I see all I have to do is hold the Ctrl key once an object is selected to create a new copy. One that is not repeatable as shown in your video. I think that clarify's the situation. And it should answer the original post. Maybe he does not have version 4.0.
  7. Thanks @Woodsy Great eye to spot those plugins. I like their potential. Thanks for the point as well.
  8. I never did see the statue of liberty. But yes @hippiechos It was meant to use as many colors as I could. Thank you for visiting @lynxster4 You all have better eyes than I do. Here's something new I just threw together with the new filters from PS. Many more to come I'm sure. Working on spaceships and aircraft.
  9. I truly missed your first page to see all your work. Every time i clicked on your notifications it took me to your last page. good thing you made the last post or I would never have seen all your wonderful artwork. Quite the collection. No wonder you do you so well getting your wins in the competitions and earning galleria promotions. Have you been using those filters designed for Photoshop with the 8bf filter plugin?
  10. Hello @null54 Interesting series of events since the beginning of this thread. I see your plugin has come a long way. Well done. It has not caused me any grief since adding it to my computer. Just what I needed - another door to a whole library of new plugins. Some have disappeared - but I have found enough to test your interface and I see the potential of learning some of the filters designed for Photoshop. Once again - great work and thank you for the plugin.
  11. Hello @GRAntmoles You are basically asking Paint to render a 3D image of the Lotus. Other than basic shapes like a box or a sphere - this is way beyond paint's abilities. You need a different 3D app like Blender to put the image together properly. You can only use paint to color this 3D template - not to create the car itself. Sorry to disappoint you.
  12. Whats wrong with "See my activity" from your profile page?
  13. Hi @Anybloodyid Try this - create an area with a rectangle and fill it with your gradient from primary to secondary. select the inside of the area and copy into clipboard. now select the area you would like to fill with your bucket - but run the paste warp+ plugin. Adjust as necessary to get the look you're after. See if that's what you want.
  14. Well I just saw a detrimental effect to the operation of paint. Performing a basic operation has now prevented the effects tab from opening at all. Lets see if I can get it to crash. Select an area - try to open the effect menu to perform a function. Repeated application of that function seems to bother Paint to the point the app does not respond or the effect menu fails to open. Still no crash though. Deselecting restores normal operations.
  15. Yes - you can undo it - but I don't like taking steps backward. Give Rick a chance to see if he can see why this is happening.
  16. Just installed the creators update for WIN10. Yes there is quite a difference in response time for the effects menu. It takes a good 10 seconds to open now and you have to be patient. (500 Plugins) Question is - Did I give up speed for stability? Prior to the Update the effects menu opened within 2 seconds.
  17. Ill take the plunge into this new app Creators Update. I see you keep asking that question Rick. Anything specific you would like me to test before I install it? Do you have it?
  18. @Pixey - @Beta - @Seerose - Thank you for visiting and your comments. Very much appreciated. And happy Easter to you all including the members of the forum.
  19. Now that was a nice learning experience. So easy when you have the source code. Now if I could just understand what all the code meant - I might become a publisher. Thanks Boltbait for suggesting I try it. My first plug- in written by me (well sort of).
  20. Links to plugins unavailable. Next step?
  21. @toe_head2001 @Woodsy @IRON67 Congratulations to you all. Keep up the good work to challenge us all.
  22. Hard one to find but one is being developed. Try Perspective Transformation and let the author know what you think in that thread.
  23. Here is a little something for all you fractal lovers. I like the way it provides an ability to test the blending of different colors. Thank you Ahmed. Hope you come back soon.