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  1. Lens Flare (optical) ymd 2018-01-10

    @MadJik One of the limitations of shapemaker - Canvas size 500X500 only. Not a lot of room for details. Something I color again and again so I took the time to make a shape out of it. Who draws anymore? We have plugins to make our canvas. (tracing) . Your colors and textures was what I was referring to. I'm constantly trying different methods to get the best rendition possible. I won't ask what you used. The learning is trying many different things.
  2. Lens Flare (optical) ymd 2018-01-10

    Most excellent @MadJik Now you're showing me how much I still have to learn. You did my shape justice. Something I am constantly practicing.Thank you for the modifications. I see things I still don't know how to do - but maybe after 5 years of exploring................
  3. Lens Flare (optical) ymd 2018-01-10

    Great Job @MadJik I kept it simple
  4. 4.0.20 is now available!

    When applied while the plugin is running no change to the canvas can be seen Once the clouds are rendered - changing the blend mode of the layer provides the correct blend mode effect Click on thumbnail for larger pic. Color of layer does not change when negation is selected while in Clouds. It does change color by changing layer blend mode after hitting OK in Clouds. This is what I am seeing.
  5. 4.0.20 is now available!

    Blend mode for the built in version of clouds seems to me not working. Any simple test will do.
  6. Same here @AllMyRenderings on a WIN10 up to date computer. Works like its supposed to. The obvious question is if you are up to date with all the updates.
  7. 4.0.20 is now available!

    Interesting sequence of events after installing the new update @Rick Brewster Keeping Paint.Net up to date helps to keep WIn10 up to date. Installation triggered the completion of an update Microsoft Security Center was reporting being done on the 5th of Jan. Upon reboot after the installation of Paint.Net 4.20, it triggered the actual installation of Microsoft's latest update. Probably nothing - Just worthy of note. I found it interesting. When I selected reboot it said nothing about doing an update. The most up to date PC on the planet
  8. DOWNLOAD buttons for attached files

    @Ego Eram Reputo I got used to hitting the save button after editing a post. Now I am seeing Edit Topic instead. No save button. It does save the changes but the button graphic disappears from the preview. Don't know if this helps or not.
  9. Random mazes (ymd:100725)

    @Eli Have you tried 1 Create your maze 2 copy to clipboard 3 select your shape 4 Use Paste from clipboard to resize accordingly? Saves you from repeated patterns
  10. NON Responding

    Hi @sureshnrao77 Worthy of note is the fact that this only occurs on initial startup after cold start or reboot Closing the app and reopening without rebooting significantly reduces startup time. I too have WIN10 and over 500 plugins. I'm a hoarder and never know what I'll use next.
  11. Hi @madog31 Other members have had the same issue. Save the file as suggested - then through explorer rename it to .zip and you will see the DLL inside. Hope you can take it from there
  12. Hi @Chip Welcome to the forum. Posting a pic always helps see what you are trying to accomplish . Here's an example of what I think you want to do. If I am correct look for a tutorial that will give you that kind of effect or something close. The first one that comes to mind is This will lead you in the right direction. Your question about the drop down fill menu is used for creating patterns that can be textured in so many ways. I don't think it would help you in this matter. The tut should show you what I mean. Noise (another plugin) is I think best suited to the effect you are looking for.
  13. Happy Birthday Pixey!

    Happy Birthday @Pixey . May you be showered with jewels, perfume, champagne and cake.
  14. EER's Plugin Pack

    Hey @Ego Eram Reputo Progress was made. Newest virus update as of today 1.259.1085.0 (Old one was 1.259.1051.0) Before I had to turn off virus protection to get it to install Now it just gives the warning and after clicking More Info it lets me install per normal. Also before it was hiding the file after unzipping. Not any more! You are still rated as an unknown publisher
  15. Hello again @mixmedia Hopefully a picture is worth a thousand words. Flattened and saved as a JPG
  16. Hi @Marilynx Welcome to the forum It would take quite a long time to explain the benefits of Win10 through a forum. We are here to discuss Paint.Net. Having said that the best platform to run Paint.Net is on Win10 . Having been around since the days of 8088's, I have seen the industry grow leaps and bounds. After years of staying with XP - when I finally upgraded my computer 18 months ago, it too came with WIN10. New hardware requires new software - especially at the operating system level. WiFi I believe is the driving force behind the hardware improvements (of which I never use). Many features of WIN10 can be turned off which results in the absence of these pop up messages I heard about earlier in the forum. Think of it as "keeping up with the Jones". New hardware breeds new software that breeds new hardware. The vicious cycle of the IT industry. Thankfully Paint.Net provides an excellent platform for graphics manipulations as well as an excellent support resource here in the forum that even Microsoft can't come close to for supporting Win10. Memory - graphics - disk space are the benefits of the new computer to mention a few. For me there is no other operating system than Windows due to my collection of windows based software. Your computer should always be based on the software you use most. If it is Windows based - Win10 is the way to go. Think of Paint.Net in the beginning and look how far it has progressed. Now Paint.Net is even in the Windows store. The future is all Windows. Well that's my $.02 cents worth.
  17. EER's Plugin Pack

    Lets see if 2 voices help @Ego Eram Reputo Submission ID: 40af8381-1dbf-42e5-b545-30f6d72245b3 Status: Submitted
  18. Stamped Metal text

    After a week of practice I was able to redo my favorite shape with your stamped metal tut. Well done on showing me some new tricks
  19. The first image I created proud enough to show off Interpret as you wish
  20. Planetoid - make your own planets

    @Ego Eram Reputo Everything works as it should now. Welcome to planet Death
  21. Hi @mixmedia Looks like all you need to do is; Let us know if this answers your question.
  22. For @Rick Brewster 6568 inspired photo manipulation to test the fixes. Even @welshblue's Stamped Metal text was used to render the buildings.
  23. Woven Photo

    That's what you named the Nov Update