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  1. 4.0.17 is now available!

    I have to give credit for this new addition. I don't believe it was in the beta build. The bouncing jitters I experienced was annoying but I failed to realize it was paint causing it. After 1 hour of painting this bouncing is totally gone. Another job well done Rick.
  2. 4.0.17 is now available!

    And as an added bonus - the Forum software was updated as well
  3. Hi @StizGfX Welcome to the Forum This subject has come up before. Have a read through this thread Another thought is Tile World - but the sectors will not be very close together unless you work with small tiles. Your examples clearly demonstrate vector graphics which paint doesn't do (yet) Hope this helps
  4. AndrewDavid˝s Creations .... Blue Squadron

    After replacing all my Photobucket pictures I noticed I never posted an example of my shape. Thanks again to @toe_head2001, @TechnoRobbo, @Red ochre, @Ego Eram Reputo AKA The Dwarf Horde for making this amazing plugin Great tool for practicing everything
  5. AndrewDavid˝s Creations .... Blue Squadron

    @BlastWave The battle continues........... Fell for the trap. Red squadron of F-20 Tigersharks did their job drawing your front line to the battlefield. And then - out of nowhere - My Blue team of Horten 229s appear - (have not been seen in aerial combat since their design back in 44. Any chance against the upgraded 21st century version is impossible. While your naval fighter wing attempts to evade my 229s - the red squadron moves on to continue their attack knowing there is a carrier out there somewhere. Better hope they don't spot it and call out my green squadron. LOL
  6. AndrewDavid˝s Creations .... Blue Squadron

    @LionsDragon They are meant to be spotted easily by the enemy Thank you @lynxster4 @barbieq25 Red is very popular but here comes my favorite Thank you for those kind words @Seerose
  7. LEGO Photo

    Easy to create your own lego blocks with shadow and bevel. Used @Red ochre's Ardvark to reduce the size of tiles to 7 for a small pic. (Maybe too small) Good tut - thank you for keeping alive @Ego Eram Reputo
  8. CustomBrushesMini v2.2

    @JaneBlue ! Thanks for the heads up about 2.0
  9. CustomBrushesMini v2.2

    Hello again @JaneBlue 1.0.2 is the app I was referring to. It did put a shortcut on my desktop when installed. It will export thumbnails of the brushes all at once into the folder you specify. I keep all my abr files in one folder then double click on the specific file to see a preview. Import the thumbnail into custombrushesmini and size as required. Brush sizes are usually over 2000 px and you would do bettter to import them into paint using the ARBfiletype plugin. Thats where you get them in layers and have to save them individually as .pngs BrushFactory is another plugin that does the same thing as custombrushmini but with a few more options. You should have a look at that one too. As for coloring - I'm not sure they are meant for that. They are brushes. In the BrushMini app you select the color you want to use. Or use the brush as grey-scale then color the canvas in paint. Creating duplicate layers and coloring the bottom layer works well for me. You can use the shape of the top layer to remove any overages. Might be on Ricks long todo list. Hope this all helps you get the most out of your grunge brushes
  10. CustomBrushesMini v2.2

    Hi @JaneBlue Welcome to the forum Yes your assumptions are correct. First of all when dealing with .arb files there are two ways to handle them. Paint has a plugin that will read them, import them and show you all the layers. There is also a small app out there (ARBViewer) that will read and convert them as well. Brush mini only needs 1 layer of the file to work with. Selecting that layer and saving it as a .png will allow you to import the brush into the plugin properly. Hope this helps
  11. 4.0.17 beta build 6404

    Happy Sunday @Rick Brewster Sounds like it makes sense to you. Worthy of note though is the issue that it crashes on the vertical seam carving and not the horizontal. Just an observation. Maybe @BoltBait can look into rewriting it. I'm sure he's still around. While I have your attention - went through all my 500 plugins and found no more errors. I guess 4 is your lucky number.
  12. Stereogram / Autostereogram Tutorial

    @Ego Eram Reputo If you plan on editing the tut can you remove the ref to "weave" I find it difficult to find that plugin in Ed's legacy pack of plugins. It looks like its only contained in a version that is long gone. It never made into his newer releases. Let alone whether it would work in the current version of Paint.
  13. AndrewDavid˝s Creations .... Blue Squadron

    Welcome back @BlastWave Paint defenses up and scouting for your tanks.
  14. SOTW#170 - Entries - BIRDS.

    100% Paint
  15. Brush Factory v1.4 (May 6th, 2017)

    Here's a link to get the updated version @Pixey This will give you the updated version from my google drive