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    I have lots of hobbies. I like skateboarding, languages, computers, stamps, gaming, art, photography, walks, and probably more. :)
  1. Thanks for the info! I thought I would probably be able to use them, but I thought I'd ask anyway. I really appreciate that you replied because I figured that MadJik wouldn't reply for a while as he doesn't come online much. Thanks again for the info!
  2. Hi, MadJik. Is it okay if I use your plugins for some art that I will post on DeviantArt? I have already posted one piece of art using your Rainbow Twist plugin and I wondered if I could keep that art up and post more art using your plugins. I won't earn any money off this art and never will in the future. If you don't know what DeviantArt is, it's a site where people post art. Sorry if me asking this seems silly, I just want to make sure I won't get in trouble. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the welcome. Thanks for letting me use your amazing plugins for my art! Here is what I have made with your cuboid plugin so far: I know it isn't great. Thanks again for letting me use your plugins for my art!
  4. Hi, Red ochre. Is it okay for me to use some of your plugins for some art to submit to DeviantArt? I'm not earning any money from this art and won't in the future. I've already submitted 1 image using one of your plugins, so I wondered if I could keep that image up and use more of your plugins for more of my art. If you don't know what DeviantArt is, it's a website where people from all over the world can submit art that they have made. I don't know if it's silly for me to ask this but I just thought that I should ask because I don't want to get in trouble. Thanks.