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  1. Hello and Welcome I've been playing around with Paint.Net for about three years. The bulk of my work is made from fantastic tutorials written by great artists. I may have a few photo manipulations but I credit the majority of my work to the friendly people who make up this forum. A special thanks to Rick for writing this awesome program. Please enjoy and you are welcome to give me your opinion (good or bad). I have been urged to post this video! I was looking for something to do and found Paint.Net. This video was my very first project, before I knew about plugins and before I knew there was a forum that could guide me. I took hundreds of pictures and included the model cars that I built years ago. First I made a gif and got bored with it so I made it into a movie and put in sound effects using Windows Movie Maker.
  2. Thank you Maximilian! I just enjoy working with wood. This picture took about a month to complete. Thanks EER! That means a whole lot coming from you! AndrewDavid Thank you! I enjoy doing the little details in a picture. It makes such a difference.
  3. Finally finished it!
  4. AndrewDavid, I see you found the Flaming Pear plugins. They do a lot of the work and they look good but I prefer to do the work myself. Your rendition is nice though, great colors.
  5. Larry didn't mind! She didn't realize that she was one third of the Three Stooges. We treated them all the same.
  6. I used to have a female cat named Larry. My other two cats were named Moe and Curly.
  7. That's a pretty flourish! Love the gold! Happy Easter Pixey! And hubby too!
  8. Indeed, I agree with Boltbait, your images have improved! I also agree with Eli, don't overuse the bevel plugin.
  9. Congrats Toe_head on the win and Iron67 for the place! Some really good stamps! I don't know how some people voted but I just had to be different! Thanks Pixey for hosting! And thank you all for the reps.
  10. Thank you Ingwer for the comment about my signature! The credit should go to the people who frequent this forum. When I joined a little over a year ago I wouldn't even attempt some of the images that I've done since then. By taking part in the competitions and listening to hints that others post I have learned so much. But the main thing is to have fun and treat others with respect and you'll learn a lot too. And I can't recommend enough that you read the book written by EER about Mastering Paint.net. You may get a lot out of it!
  11. Hello Ingwer and welcome! You've obviously been using PDN for awhile with great success. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work! PDN is a great program and there are many things you can do with it. Here's to seeing what you can do.
  12. Thank you MJW! I'll digest this info and play around with it some. I was not disabling the shading and exiting Texture Merger before. That's probably the reason for the color being distorted. Congrats on your Galleria Nomination! If you had a gallery I would have mentioned it in there. The galleria is a well deserved place for your pocket watch!
  13. Thanks but I still don't understand. I've always been one that learns from an example not by reading. Say you have a green oval, how would I turn it into a green egg without distorting the color? What settings on which texture plugin?
  14. MJW, is it possible for you to give us some settings in this plugin to make a round object look spherical. I've played around with it and I can't get the color right. Or even a tut that a layman can understand. I don't understand mapping displacement or merged height-map. I'm still learning!
  15. Thanks Red! Thank you MJW! I didn't mean for you to go into so much detail. It just confirms what I was thinking about you using the texture plugins.
  16. It's OK MJW! I doubt that I could have made a better pocket watch. Maybe you can share what plugins you used. But I too am not keen on the idea of anyone having to sit out.
  17. Thank you MJW! It's good to be at least a little bit active again. I agree Toe-head. Pixey should have the final say.
  18. I was also thinking of making a crescent wrench. I thought it would be quite the challenge! But I think we should all concentrate on Toe Head's second example, a combination wrench. If that's OK with everybody?
  19. The object this week is a wrench/spanner. Is there a type of wrench we are limited to, crescent wrench, open end, box end, combination wrench,....? Or is it a free for all?
  20. Nice watches all! Congrats Pixey! I may be able to get in on the next one.
  21. Limon, so glad you stopped by with your rendition of a tarantula! The texturing and coloring, it is very well done! I don't think I'm the only one who misses your input on the forum.
  22. Well done on your win Pixey! Actually well done to all the entries! Some interesting images this time. I just wish more people would vote!
  23. Seerose I love your glossy ball! The colors are great! It looks so realistic!