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  1. @barbieq25, I'm glad you're in a better place! Never underestimate relaxation. And WOW, I love those maple leaves!
  2. @Scooter, thank you! I'm really liking the digital painting.'s not just you. I think I was too fixated on keeping an icy color scheme. On the other hand, she has great camouflage!...but I don't want to think what a dragon would need to hide from.... O.O I do have some boats and temples and more portraits "in the pipe," so Isgerdr has been a good lesson on how NOT to color!
  3. @MadJik, wow! They look like butterflies! And may I say I'm glad you're back? I love your plugins and wanted to thank you for them in person--so, thank you!
  4. @barbieq25. that is SO not cool of them! Good for you sticking up for yourself! I'm glad you've got options, and it sounds like you're going to be in a much better place. Keep us posted!
  5. These are breathtaking! @barbieq25, you never disappoint!
  6. Oh weird...yes, it's supposed to be a thumbnail. Let me see what's going on. EDIT: added a more direct link.
  7. Thank you, @hippiechos! This is really turning out to be a fun style.
  8. *squee!* @barbieq25, thank you! I'm working on a portrait of David Byrne right now...the shading on his nose is tricky, but it's a good thing to learn.
  9. @Woodsy, thank you! Music to my ears, as it were.
  10. @Pixey, thank you! *blush*
  11. @Maximilian, thank you my dear friend!
  12. @Seerose, thank you! @lynxster4, oh wow...that means more than I can say! Thank you! to you both!