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  1. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**Tone Gradient Angle Text**

    @lynxster4, you never cease to amaze!
  2. SOTW#170 - Winners - Birds

    Congratulations everyone! This was the hardest voting choice I've seen yet.
  3. AndrewDavid˝s Creations .... Aston Martin

    Holy cow @AndrewDavid, you're gonna lap the rest of us in no time! ^5! The Aston Martin makes me want to sit down with a James Bond marathon, although I like the color of this one better.
  4. Tone Gradient Magnitude (new July '17)

    @Red ochre, you rock. That is all. Sooooo many ideas for this one that I don't know where to start!
  5. 4.0.17 is now available!

    I knew there was a reason I didn't go to bed yet! Thank you, @Rick Brewster!
  6. LionsDragon's Gallery--"Hrafna--Almost Home"

    @Seerose thank you! All the tuts and support here have really helped me step up my game.
  7. LionsDragon's Gallery--"Hrafna--Almost Home"

    @lynxster4, thank you! Unless somebody invents a time machine, I figure this is as close as we'll get. Might be safer anyway....
  8. LionsDragon's Gallery--"Hrafna--Almost Home"

    @Pixey thank you! I couldn't have imagined doing this not-so-long ago!
  9. Image Umbrella: Abstract Images

    Thank you @MadJik! I think I'm going to be trying my hand at abstracts....
  10. LionsDragon's Gallery--"Hrafna--Almost Home"

    I am honored, @Red ochre; thank you! I kind of envisioned them coming home after days/weeks at sea, ready to get out of the storm and back to their longhouses. (I was actually going to add a few, but liked it better this way.)
  11. Image Umbrella: Abstract Images

    Okay @MadJik, that's just spectacular. It's almost unfair.
  12. LionsDragon's Gallery--"Hrafna--Almost Home"

    Thank you my dear friend! And coffee and cookies are always the perfect response! And why did my rep points clock only allow me to give two points????
  13. LionsDragon's Gallery--"Hrafna--Almost Home"

    Thanks @Woodsy! Took a good bit of research to get this one right.
  14. LionsDragon's Gallery--"Hrafna--Almost Home"

    Thank you @barbieq25! I'm still having trouble believing I actually made this.
  15. LionsDragon's Gallery--"Hrafna--Almost Home"

    100% PDN. @Red ochre's Seascape tute and Tone Gradient Angle, @welshblue's cliff rock, some helpful tutorials from @Maximilian, @Ego Eram Reputo's Which Symbol Plus, plus what seems like half the plugins @BoltBait and @KrisVDM invented...and a lot of Norwegian pride and love. Both sides of my family hail from the Hardangerfjord (about 20 miles apart!), so that's where I chose to set the piece. Hrafna is the feminine form of Hrafn, Old Norse for raven--and as I think I've mentioned, blackbirds are extremely special to me. Lots of love to my PDN "family" for helping me build my confidence! @Rick Brewster, you deserve all the good luck for creating this software and this community. I think I need coffee now.