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  1. Well you can use Irfanview, Xnview, Fastone and many others for this very simple task. <snipped and a warning issued: @dipstick will be away form the forum for a week.>
  2. Just use multiple blending modes. Click thumbnail bellow to get a closer look....
  3. 1) Load the BeachBall.png map in PDN 2) Click Effects > Render > Shape3D You can paint different colors if you'd like. Click thumbnail below for closer look.
  4. Thanks for the complements everyone. I'm unable to rename the thread tittle, could one of the mods rename it to "Ball Maps" ? That way anyone can post their favorite ball map. Anyway, here is a good Beach Ball map if anyone is interested: BeachBall.png.zip
  5. Congrats Drew, Lynxter4 and Pixey. great entries by everyone also.
  6. here is just one way:
  7. Anyone interested in a decent basketball map? Basketball_Big_texture.png.zip
  8. My bike.
  9. Pardon my ignorance, but how can you reasonably expect a plugin to do your very specialized effects? I would suggest to you to invest your time in learning how to write your own plugins for your own specific needs.
  10. FWIW Linux Mint KDE has a nice Clipboard Manager built-in. It allows you to set instances or clipboard memory (how many you want to save) and easy access to the clipboard via an icon on the Task Bar. You can also assign key-board shortcuts for functions. Sure this is totally irrelevant to most PDN users, but it's just food for thought......
  11. "Ink Sketch" followed by multiple instances of "Screen" blending modes.
  12. amazing that you got the curvature correct without using a map.............. Anyway, even though my images were dis-allowed, I have no problem uploading my own map. Everyone is free to use it at will........
  13. Congrats Woodsy, that was a great baseball. Perhaps you can post the map so others can use it.....