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  1. lynxster creations - **In Loving Memory**

    You sure know how to make a gal laugh... (Hope your wife and son are laughing...) Wishing you a speedy recovery @welshblue <<hot toddie>> Yes, my eyes hurt, too. Felt like something was trying to scratch them out... I'm over the worst, just have a lingering cough they say can last for up to 3 weeks (oh joy!)
  2. Cookies for Santa - A Christmas Wallpaper (made almost entirely from shapes made with DH ShapeMaker, toe-head's Tattersall plugin and TR's Paste Frame.). Everyone, please enjoy! Hi everyone! I'm active over in the 'Shapes' thread. Busily creating shapes and coloring a few in here and there. Our fellow member ScrapbookWithPDN made a wonderful snowglobe shape and I started tinkering with it. And suddenly, it took on a life of its own. I have many hours invested in this composition and I thought it would also look good animated. The picture is 99.9% PDN. The heart in the globe was made by me years ago, but in a different program. I started using PDN about eight years ago and I love it! Many thanks to all who have contributed to this wonderful, free software and the many plugins available. I'm also starting to get hooked on Midora's animation plugin...great stuff! And I can't say enough about Shapemaker. I hope you enjoy what I've created and I hope to be slowly adding to my gallery.
  3. LionsDragon's Gallery--Fear

    I feel ya @LionsDragon I suffered frequent panic/anxiety attacks some years ago (thank God, they have abated). It requires tremendous strength and willpower not to let it happen. The racing of the heart and the start of hyperventilation are enough to scare anyone. Hang in there my dear. Like Pixey said, "One day at a time".
  4. Rick Hum's Gallery

    Now, that's COOL!! @Rickhum
  5. Pixey's Gallery ~ PDN Glossy Text ~

    Beautiful glowing, glossy lettering @Pixey Has a 'glassy' look to it, also!
  6. BlastWave's Gallery - Full Speed Ahead

    That is just GREAT @BlastWave You are building quite an impressive portfolio!
  7. lynxster creations - **In Loving Memory**

    Thank you @Seerose for your additional sympathies. Thank you @welshblue for your condolences as well. Just recovering from that dreaded H3N2 flu bug! Down and out for days. Worst bout of flu I've ever had. If you see someone who's away fast! You do not want this flu. Now I understand why people, even healthy people, are dying from this.
  8. Edge Blur RGB

    Thank you @ReMake for adding the extra blending modes! Would love to see these integrated into PDN but, after reading the above posts, I guess that's not going to happen...
  9. The 2017 Paint.NET Forum Awards Show!

    Congrats to everyone that won!! I feel very honored that I placed 3rd for 'Queen of Paint'. Thank you for the 'Marilyn Monroe Award' again. I just love making shapes! And I will always share them with you, the community. A big thanks to @BoltBait for running this awards show, and to @Rick Brewster for this wonderful software that makes it all possible! Marilyn thanks you, also...
  10. lynxster creations - **In Loving Memory**

    Thank you @Pixey, @barbieq25, @LionsDragon, and @Seerose for your kind and heartfelt words. What an absolutely rotten 2017! I also lost my ex-husband in 2017, and that makes me feel 'creepy' about that saying about things happening in 'threes'. Moving forward.....2018 can only be BETTER!!! Love, kisses, and thanks to all! You are wonderful!
  11. lynxster creations - **In Loving Memory**

    I'm posting this in tribute to my father who passed away one year ago today. And tragically, I also lost my younger sister just a few days ago, on New Year's Eve day! It was so unexpected, I still can't believe it. I hope she has found her way to our father and mother (my mother passed years ago) and they were waiting for her with open arms... Love you Mom and Dad Love you Dee (tears falling)
  12. Trevor's Gallery - 2018 Art Expo

    Beautiful work @TrevorOutlaw It certainly oozes mystery...
  13. Plugin Index

    Thank you @SodiumEnglish and @Ego Eram Reputo Very nice indeed!
  14. How NOT to start the year (rant)

    @LionsDragon ...glad the both of you are okay. But it is an awful way to start the new year. Wishing you a speedy recovery my friend...
  15. Happy Birthday Pixey!

    Happy Birthday @Pixey! Hope your day is wonderful and you get everything you want!
  16. Congrats to @welshblue and @Pixey (seems like I said this in another thread...) Beautiful Christmas presents all around! Thank you @toe_head2001 for hosting!
  17. SOTW#178 ~ WINNERS - Xmas Garland.

    Congrats @welshblue and @Pixey I was dismayed that we only got three entries... Thank you @Pixey for hosting!
  18. Space Art. (and my other work's of art)

    Nice work on Inky!
  19. BlastWave's Gallery - Full Speed Ahead

    Great space image @BlastWave! Watch out for those asteroids!
  20. Seerose's Gallery -New Year Colors- 2018

    What a festive image @Seerose! Happy New Year to you and your family!
  21. Drydareelin's gallery [29/12/17 update] - 'Kin'

    Wow...that is beautiful @Drydareelin So sorry for the loss of your father, I know what you're going through. But they never really leave us
  22. Josh's Gallery

    Interesting work @Joshua Lamusga Very nice!
  23. Trevor's Gallery - 2018 Art Expo

    @TrevorOutlaw both new works are fabulous!
  24. Humility's Pictures

    Really 'chill' scene @Humility Good work!
  25. Nice job @AndrewDavid Hope everything passed the test. Almost looks like a lava flow about to swallow up the buildings.