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  1. If you're really interested in improving low quality images, there are a few interesting tricks you can try with varying levels of success depending on the original image quality. One of such techniques is addressed in this thread, a technique discovered by Ego himself nearly a couple years ago and several times used by yours truly, where there's some input by me as well. Hope it hits close to where you're aiming at 👍
  2. Woodsy, you're the Picasso of lumber! I can barely imagine the amount of time invested in such a detailed piece
  3. I've long since wanted to start learning German and I think ingwer's videos will be useful for listening practice. That way I can both review a plugin and learn a language, two for the price of one
  4. I've never been really good at math and that's why the equation 2n+2n is 4n to me
  5. Nice snow globe! Very good!
  6. Super useful and well explained tutorial, hippiechos! 👍 I've been studying shading for some time, mostly for pencil-on-paper sketches, and it's impressive how a work's aspect changes when shaded. This will surely come in handy since I also enjoy tweaking my sketches digitally
  7. Exactly! I wanted some more fine-tuned search in order to get a specific list of all the posts I've made to a specific thread and probably forgot I ever wrote, and so I wanted a quicker access to them. Apparently not possible. Yes, that's what I've been suspecting. I guess the most straightforward option for me is to bookmark any post I make and that I feel I may need again in future. Thanks for the offer, Ego. I'll let you know if I need anything in particular 👍
  8. Hi, everyone! I'm not sure if I'm missing something, or if it can be done at all, but I'd like to find a way to get a list of all the posts I've made in a long thread. Checking my activity in a short discussion takes no time, but for threads that contain over 100 posts the search gets time-consuming. I'd greatly appreciate any input on this (most likely there's a search option I'm not seeing).
  9. Nice technique, @hippiechos. I second LionsDragon above; it's a clever tute
  10. Welcome, dear Seerose!
  11. Here's a compilation compatible with PdN 3.5.11, should anyone need it: DPL Kaleidoscope for PdN
  12. I'm afraid Paint.NET would demand to do the process line by line because plugins operate layer by layer, and I'm guessing that each line would probably be contained by one layer, and each layer will surely demand its own adjustments of settings for any plugin in use. I don't know of any other tool that might automate the process.
  13. Have a look at this comment by me. I don't know if it may be of any use, but perhaps you can adapt the technique to suit your needs
  14. A spectacular design!!
  15. Yummy eggs! Nom nom nom!
  16. Any start is as good as any other start. Welcome to the forum and keep it going!
  17. Nice covers! Very well done!
  18. All those shading tutorials are very helpful, Beta0. Thanks for them!
  19. Don't feel bad, Ishi. Even supposing that your card isn't very polished, I say that a rustic card design has its own appeal as well. If I were to be wed, I'd like some rusticity in the cards. It would give the whole thing an unusual touch. Of course it very much depends on what your friend prefers, but you can always make your case and try to convince him to go with your design. In my humble opinion, there's too much elegance in weddings and wedding cards, so I'd go with one unpolished layout for a change 👍
  20. That's a very sharp observation, dipstick! However, I've checked the guy's webpage and although I haven't found anything about his origins, he claims to live in Suffolk. And given the British spellings I'm seeing on his page, I would say it's safe to take him for a Brit. Besides, there's also a Swansea (a city) in South Wales and a Newtown (a town) in Wales, plus a number of Milfords scattered throughout England... besides the Massachusets' namesakes you mentioned of course. But your guess is really good if we omit his personal page and the map of the UK
  21. Welcome and best of lucks along the learning path, and remember we're here to help whenever possible
  22. Very welcome! There are 114 free fonts by the same author if you want to pay a look at them: Free fonts by Roger White Edit: I've just found a font that may be of help for the filigree designs (Nymphette font). Alternatively, let's remember it's also possible to do swirly strokes with Red ochre's Flourish plugin.