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  1. Color Harmonies (Tools Effect)

    I agree with keeping the original link. The server was also down for me yesterday, but seems to be working normally today
  2. Color Harmonies (Tools Effect)

    In case Ego can't find a backup, here's my copy of the zip archive containing all files needed: ColorHarmonies.Effect
  3. LionsDragon's Gallery--"Hrafna--Almost Home"

    Someone's making steady progress along the path of artistry development, which is a very positive achievement in itself And I'm always glad to be of help whenever I can help in any way Coffee and cookies underway!!
  4. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**Starbirth - New**

    Looking so cosmic!!
  5. Seerose's Gallery -Color Harmony- 2017

    They look like relief paintings on canvas
  6. Object of the Fortnight - Discussion thread

    I think you've done a pretty fine job, MJW. I'm especially impressed by the ice cubes you've achieved.
  7. SOTW#170 - Entries - BIRDS.

    A variation of a birthday card I did last year for a friend: Moment of peace
  8. SOTW#170 - Entries - BIRDS.

    These little characters are a personal interpretation of a local ad I saw the other day: A welcome committee
  9. SOTW#170 - Entries - BIRDS.

    Departed from two sketches of mine. All composition and edition on PdN Stop and taste the flower
  10. "Proper" Gif Plugin

    I second Andrew's suggestions 👍 midora's plugin for animating gifs is the best thing in its type that you will find for PdN. Don't forget to read its Readme file attentively for instructions on how to use it. BTW, welcome to the forum!
  11. Glossy Metallic Text

    Thanks for your efforts, Ego. I wish all tutorials with images hosted on the verily stupid Photobucket could be restored in a similar way.
  12. The Comedy Thread

    Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana (this one may be a little hard to pick for those who don't speak English very well, so feel free to ask if you don't understand )
  13. Seerose's Gallery -Color Harmony- 2017

    I guess the only way to know for sure is by going through the experiment I'm a big fan of coffee, though I've only tried it with a little amount of sugar so far (I don't like it super sugared but rather bitter, so as to feel the true flavor of the beans )
  14. Seerose's Gallery -Color Harmony- 2017

    Yeah, I know, but I couldn't find an animated emoticon stealing a slice of cake and so I had to make do with the one with the honey But I'm however willing to try new things and see what happens
  15. Seerose's Gallery -Color Harmony- 2017

    Super cute!! I'm especially loving the parrot, and also the yummy cake!! (I think I'll steal a slice for the afternoon coffee! )
  16. The Comedy Thread

    — What country has the fastest growing population? — Ireland. It's Dublin every year! — Oh, that's nothing in comparison with Libya's population. It's Tripoli-ing every year!
  17. SOTW#169 - WINNERS - Independence Day.

    I wanted to take part but couldn't find the time to work on an entry. I used up all my free time on my maple leaves, only to end up feeling dissatisfied with the outcomes
  18. Photo Collage Plugin

    Of course you won't see anything because you first need to open an image and then run the plugin on such image. You're applying the effect on a white layer, which is most times equal to having nothing in the work area.
  19. Pixey's Gallery - Owl - Woot.

    I foresee a fantastic career for this mega super owl!!
  20. Object of the Fortnight #8 – Maple Leaf 🍁 – Winners

    Many greetings to everyone who took part
  21. SOTW#169 - WINNERS - Independence Day.

    Greetings and congrats to MJW, Pixey, and dipstick! All submitted entries feature an especially independent touch. Cool jobs!
  22. Drydareelin's gallery [30/07/17 update] - 'Chimera'

    Spatially deep!!!
  23. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**Starbirth - New**

    Magisterially canvassy!
  24. Barbieq25 Gallery - 15 July New Wallpapers p.1

    Fabulous gallery, barbieq!