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  1. No. Not only the NAME. You have there below the field for the name a pulldown menu for the FILETYPE. Standard is PNG. But even there a dialog pops up after clicking SAVE. The same on JPEG with other options (see my screenshot).
  2. SAVE AS is also correct. It doesn't matter. Using SAVE is better if the image already exist and can be overwritten. SAVE AS is better for choosing a new name and filetype.
  3. You must adjust the compression level in des SAVE dialogue (Save Configuration). Better quality = less compression. Lower Quality = higher compression.
  4. Test Effects -> Distort -> Polar Inversion...
  5. Sounds for me extremely strange. You make something completely wrong or your PCs filesystem is heavy damaged. I've NEVER lost any plugins or fonts. Fonts are installed and managed by the operating system, not by PDN.
  6. If you need such basic HELP in Paint.NET, press F1. BTW: That works for almost all (Windows) programs since nearly 30 years.
  7. Everything in your knowledge, that is running as a visible program with a window and a taskbar icon or everything that is listed in task manager?
  8. The best solution would be an adjustable value. In most programs I prefer a value between 5 and 15.
  9. That's not really much. I have here over 300 files in my Effects folder and PDN works well. TRs... means plugins by Techno Robbo.
  10. The Link is broken. (http twice)
  11. Layers -> Import from File
  12. Please tell the exact and complete error message. "Account" can only mean the Windows user account with which you are currently logged on. Please tell us whether there are several or only one and whether this is a restricted or an Admin account. It may be enough to finish Paint.NET (or its installer) running the Task Manager.
  13. Glad to help such a thankful and nice person like you.
  14. In your first posting this would have prevented some misunderstandings. However - it is something completely different as I've expected. And since all the shapes are in different layers, a plugin can't do that (if I've understand other postings right) because it can't handle multiple layers. Ego Eram Reputo's advice is an good idea in case of it doesn't matter how realistic the shading will be finally. If you want to have better looking trees, you should say goodbye to the idea of automatic/random coloring. If you are interested in a video to quickly and easily paint a tree (12.5 MB, ~6 min):
  15. Don't blame us. Some illustrations of you might have explained everything better. It is not that you can explain here only with words.
  16. Probably it does not help in your special case, but as a general work help here is an idea: Step 1: Create a leaf-shape at a transparent layer and multiply it by Layers -> Rotate / Zoom..., Tiling Step 2: Create an Help Grid in a new layer using one of the available plugins Step 3: create a color gradient as the lowest layer and adjust it with Pixelate+ to the grid Step 4: Select a grid in the Grid level with the magic wand tool Step 5: Subtract the area around the leaf in the Leaf layer Step 6: Profit
  17. You speak about transparency? Just edit this value in the layer options. Or choose the value for a color before using a drawing tool or the paintbucket.
  18. I believe that the paths with the mouse to click are too wide on a large screen. I personally find the solution on the right is not optimal, but I can live with it. Better would be at the right end of the menu or dynamically next to the last thumbnail of the image list. @rcoombs:In this case it would be better to remember the keyboard shortcuts. Show / Hide Tools Window F5 Show / Hide History Window F6 Show / Hide Layers Window F7 Show / Hide Colors Window F8
  19. I know this really hard, believe me. In this case my mind was to weak. I'm in a bad condition....
  20. Oh, well... "the Tool Windows" then is a really unprecise description.
  21. That's the normal behaviour. Somethings seems to be wrong on your system. Values for window positions are stored in the Windows registry. In Windows 7 the Key is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Paint.NET I can remember, that there was a minor bug in older versions, so that PDN forgot the last size of the main window, but in the actual version all runs fine. What version of PDN, Microsoft NET-Framework and Windows do you use?
  22. Not the way you think. As soon as a text is finished, it consists of pixels of the image or a layer. You can, of course, distort or scale the object "text", but that also means quality loss. So you have to re-create the entire text in the layer. Paint.NET isn't a wordprocessor and an image isn't a word document. It stores color values of pixels, not characters, fonts and text-formations.
  23. Good news so far. This, however, shows once again how important it is to provide as much information as possible about the system from the outset, so that helpers must have less puzzling. BTW: my motherboard is now 8 years old and the last graphic drivers are 5 years old and everything is fine. I only mention this to show that "old" does not automatically mean "bad".
  24. First be sure, that your choosen fontsize isn't to big and you are not to much zoom in to your workspace. Blending mode should be "normal". And if your background color is, for example, white, your foreground color for text should be something different. If you have previously selected an area your text is only visible in this area. If it is to small, you can see nothing. More tips:
  25. Well, for me is this one of the first things to do. I'm afraid, something was going wrong on this fresh installation. BTW: Do you have all available Windows updates installed too?