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  1. If I'm right you want to avoid the (white) edges around your cropped objects. You can eliminate this by using either AA's Assistant or Tweak Transparency. A personal note: You should use more words to describe your problems. It's hard to understand you.
  2. It? You mean Paint.NET? Of course. Make a selection and then crop it.
  3. Probably you have inadvertently switched from Quality: Bilinear to Nearest Neighbor.
  4. Well, without example screenshots it is hard to make better suggestions. I will receive my new big magic crystal ball (20cm) not before begin of july.
  5. You can skip the DEL-action. Just select your area and FILL it with desired color, but with tolerance above ~60% depending on existing (old) content.
  6. Select the inner part of the compass shape (selection: union), then use the gradient tool. where's the problem?
  7. I'm only a user, not the developer, but I know, that depends essentially on NET-Framework which is part of Microsoft Windows. So I see no chance, that this will happen on an Apple Mac.
  8. More than one. Color Clearer Color Replacer (Other Farm) Color to Alpha Replace Colors Cut Color
  9. You could use the plugin Stray Pixels Remover. But my personal advice is to delete this "dirt" manually with the eraser tool.
  10. To my luck my protruding ears were corrected at the age of 14.
  11. Well, the edges of your face are to sharp so they are easily visible. You can avoid this with plugins like Tweak Transparency V2 or Alpha Blur. Second problem: Contrast, sharpness and Luminosity should fit better to the underlying image. Your face is a little bit lighter than DalĂ­. Instead of using plugins you can use the eraser with minimum hardness (0%) to make a soft transition manually. Important. Always use a new (transparent) layer to put in your face.
  12. No, I don't need more infos and I've already gave you some good links for solving the problem.
  13. The error message should not be ignored! In my opinion the Microsoft Installer ist not working correctly so you should either search for a fix for problems with the MSI or you should download the latest version from Microsoft and try to install it. BTW: Changing the Anti Virus is the worst idea ever before you has solved other problems. Much better in case of problems by anti virus is to disable the AV temporarily.
  14. Not every user needs every plugin. Why making the setup extremely huge?