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  1. Forum Layout/Color

    Surprisingly I know this alternative. I've chosen the Goodnight-Nurse-Theme to nurse my eyes 'cause the default theme is too bright. Thanks anyway...
  2. Just noticed the new look. Well... grey Breadcrumbs on blue background isn't really helpfull. My eyes burning.
  3. Maybe because you forget to activate/select the right one Just deactivate unnecessary layers.
  4. My guess is, that your filesystem maybe is corrupt. You should run CHKDSK from Command Prompt.
  5. My first idea is to copy and paste the selected region in a new layer, delete it in the original layer and then change in the second layer the value for transparency, befor flatten the image.
  6. This is a contradiction in itself. Either you keep the aspect ratio so that there are NO distortions, OR you change the aspect ratio and distort the original.
  7. Well, I wouldn't have thought that there is no search function in Windows 10. I haven't had much to do with Win10 so far, but I do not notice that it is missing. Or did not you just find the search?
  8. Or simply type pdnrepair in the Windows Search field and start the found entry.
  9. In images like the second one it should work pretty easily. The first one ist more tricky, but not really impossible. Maybe the best way is to manually paint the gaps between the bricks in a new, transparent layer with a color, then select this color by magic wand, switch back to the original background image and hit DEL. Of course that isn't done in a few seconds. For any good editing you have to spend time. Maybe some work with AA's Assistant or Tweak Transparency V2 is a good idea. Don't forget to save it as PNG.
  10. Look at the pinned Threads in the TROUBLESHOOTING Forum - especially at the first entry.
  11. red, blue, green adjustments

    You can edit each channel independently by the way I've described. Furthermore: Ed Harveys Extract Channel and maybe Color Channel Mixer
  12. red, blue, green adjustments

    Yes. Adjustments -> Levels or Adjustments -> Curves. But you will have better results with a plugin like Conditional Hue/Saturation.
  13. Make sure, that the tolerance for your coloring operation isn't to low. Choose values between 25 and 100%.
  14. Yes. Both plugins work perfectly here. As long as you don't have finished the plugin operation by clicking [OK] in the plugin dialog window you can move the text using the plugin controls for that purpose and it's still editable.
  15. Edit Circle Text

    You can't edit text after finishing the operation. It's no longer text. It's a bunch of pixels like all other pixels in this image. isn't a wordprocessor. Put your text in a new layer so you can easily "edit" it by deleting the wrong pixels in this single layer without affecting other layers/background.