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  1. Your description is a little bit blurry... Maybe you mean something like the plugin Mirror over Line.
  2. Yes. There are some enhancements and bugfixes. So you should stay up-to-date. Problems with Paste from Clipboard have been reported here several times, mostly in connection with the browser. If Pixey's advice does not help, tell more exactly what you has done to make the screenshot and what version of PDN you are now using.
  3. Maybe you should better ask HERE. It would be also a good idea, if you provide/link some samples of artwork in the style, that you want to copy.
  4. Me. DIR C:\MSDOS *.exe I've started with DOS 4.01 and changed later from Win98SE directly to Windows 7. Since Win 8 there's an enhanced Screenshot function via Win + PRINT key, that saves screenshots to a dedicated folder. The Snipping Tool exists in Windows 7 too, but I've never needed it. I stay on Win7 'till 2020.
  5. Windows 7 too?
  6. Once again: that's not a bug, it's a feature. And a reset isn't a workaround - but only for your special case.
  7. You can't. You have to reset manually the values to standard by pressing the arrow buttons beside the values.
  8. That's the normal behaviour like in many other plugins within a PDN session. The last value is temporarily stored. That is very useful in many/most cases. You don't have to remember the last values. In your special case it isn't useful but I'm afraid, that you have to deal with it.
  9. You can't get more quality as is. The quality changes under the circumstances I wrote about before. If you simply download and save an JPEG image from web, you have exactly the same quality as every other people doing this despite what browser you are using. If you save this image (or a copy) as PNG the quality ist the same, but you will not lose quality if you later repeatedly save this image.
  10. As Beta0 wrote, in most cases the reason is saving again and again an JPEG with lower quality settings than 100%. In many programs is the default value around 95% and so you get once 95% of 95% of 95% of 100% or so. Either you change this settings or you save the image in a lossless format like PNG. Big images (by pixels), resized in browser looks sharper then the normal 100% view or a zoom in the details, thats clear. Sharpening an unsharp image is a little difficult. There is no magic one-click-tool. You have to compromise. A very useful plugin in PDN is in my eyes Laplacian Pyramid Filter.
  11. What you have shown us, is in fact the mesh of an 3D object, sliced in flat pieces for each visible part of the machine. I know such templates from games like IL-2 Shturmovik and have edited such templates with PDN in the past. Unfortunately I do not know how your source looks for your own skins. Are they simple photos of corresponding vehicles or are they pre-processed images of single parts? It is in the nature of things that photographs represent objects distorted in perspective. When curves come into play, it becomes complicated and you do not get around to postpone such a thing. You can not simply copy an image to the right place in the template. In some cases the plugin Gridwarp may help you.
  12. It would be easier, if we know how in detail such a template looks like. I know in generally, what you mean, but describing is easier with an illustration.
  13. Right, but not only. In your log you can see the entry: It seems, that your Windows uses a NON-Classic theme, so that an responding "Color scheme" in PDN is set. On my Windows 7 with an Classic theme without Aero UI theme is "Classic".
  14. Try deactivating "Animations" and perhaps Windows Aero Design too. I would not be surprised if it was due to one of these things.
  15. Some additional infos would be helpful, I think. Updated mouse- or graphic card driver or some special functions/enhancements for your mouse? Any possibly problematic Windows Theme? What about hardware accelaration in PDN?