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  1. Instructions? I've only posted some ideas and screenshots....
  2. Good for tests is another plugin named Cobweb. Here is an example...
  3. In exactly this kind by choosing Plugin XY: no way as far as I know. You can try some plugins in combination to reach a similar effect, like some Mosaic Plugins, Gossamer, Edge detection or outline effects.
  4. In which file format? Such a compression is typical for JPEG. If you're sure, that you choose PNG, take a look at the saving dialog for the Bit-Depth options on the left side. Auto-detect or 32-bit should work. BTW: It would better, if you post a link to your site or show us the original and resulting files in their real size.
  5. It seems for me that you use the tool in a way that is not really intended to use. Sure, you can let disappear text like copyright and so on but you have to take care, where the source part of the clone tool moves. If there is no or the wrong color, it doesn't work as you expect. In other image editing programs exists clone tools, where you can set a stationary clone source that is not moving.
  6. Well, you're wrong here and I think, that you know this. So please troll some other guys in the net.
  7. There are many different external Plugins and PDN internal effects for NOISE-, PIXELATE- and BLUR-effects. Just pickup some of them and try out.
  8. Not for me and not raw.
  9. Kappa? Huh? Rather, I eat raw liver for the rest of my life than to install Chrome on my PC.
  10. Oh my... is the tattoo really embarassing?
  11. No. Still using "Classic Theme" in Windows 7 Ultimate, 64bit. Safe until Spring 2020.
  12. In my opinion that doesn't look like frosted glass. Here is a quick try:
  13. Updates aren't usefull in ANY case. So stop updating it.
  14. Seems to be a problem with gaphic and/or mouse drivers. Try an OLDER graphic card driver.
  15. Which one you have already tested?