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  1. That's plain awesome. this is the coolest tut ever
  2. is a program where you can make images looks awesome. 1. Do whatever you want! edit a picture, make a virtual painting, etc. 2. Pretty much like any other painting/image programs. get a tool and start drawing something, or maybe open up an image to edit it. 3. Layers are... well, layers. they don't mess up things you do. here are the features : i swore there was a site about the tools in
  3. oh, my bad. welp, better wait for these optional updates to finish. i hope a mod locks this, i made a huge mistake. again.
  4. I already used CCleaner though. oh no 1.07 gb
  5. I really wanted that update, until i realized my PC didn't update a thing since 2011. how about the old, can't we keep the update before it was 4? some fans don't have enough C drive space for the windows update, i only have 1.46 gb left qq Edit : the only important update i have left is this new malicious software removal tool
  6. does that mean i can keep virtual hamburgers? yay!
  7. Yeah, but does the update requires re-formatting?
  8. he said that i need to re-format so that my windows can be turned to SP1 he said i'll lose all mah games :c Why did i uninstall.
  9. just gonna wait for my uncle to update it instead you know what happens if you make me do something i don't know
  10. Sorry, what i meant was; is backing up files optional i nearly broke my cpu since it doesnt have enough space.
  11. Does backing up my files optional i dont want to remember that moment oh god. (just gonna ask my uncle who knows a lot of computers)
  12. Okay, but uhh... one more question. My is still in 3.5.11 in utilities > check for updates, it said that there's no new updates EDIT : Tried installing instead, but suddenly "ERROR : WINDOWS 7 SP1 or NEWER IS REQUIRED" my pc is windows 7 what is this. why do i have to backup files this is my first time i uninstalled 3.5.11 oh no it's windows 7 ultimate btw can i not backup my files does the update not break my utorrent downloads
  13. It works :u thanks but one question how do i install the new i'm not used in updating stuff :'u
  14. you know those ghosts, very spooky. i wanna know how to make one of my pictures have a transparent fade, like the ghost's feet (even though they don't have feet) EDIT : since i didn't updated, i forgot how to update my 3.5.11 :'u