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  1. Things happen man........Wild things...
  2. On the forum I mod, we call them Infraction points. 24 infration points and your gone.
  3. Minus points can be fun....
  4. I got 1, yay! People respect me! lol
  5. I love the new border! Keep it up.
  6. Thanks for the tut, just gave me an idea for a sig, *Bookmarked*.
  7. This is neat looking, but the backrounds ticking me off, lol.
  8. He can repay us later, lol.
  9. Can you make something with a Romulan Warbird?
  10. Happy Birthday! Have a great day, this one is on us!
  11. This could use a lot more work. Lose the white edges, get an HD photo, a better backround, and your set. Not bad for a first try though.
  12. Thanks guys! I will be using a LOT of renders in the future!
  13. Spelling mistake, thanks for telling me! New:
  14. I will have to try this out later. Looks good.
  15. This is new!