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  1. By layering multiple images on top of each other, photographers are able to create amazing two faced portraits.
  2. @AndrewDavid! With the HDR properly bright and clearly clear picture. Thank you so much.
  3. WOW! @Woodsy! Great new additions to your gallery! Wonderful western style. I love old western movies. Exactly fitting. Thank you very much.
  4. @AndrewDavid! Your latest piece is lovely. Also her new signature very beautiful. Thank you so much.
  5. @hippiechos! Thank you for sharing! You have a pretty daughter. *I'll be back tomorrow to give you a reputation.
  6. *Can you find both- Rabbit is looking to the right and duck to the left.
  7. * Kaia Nao is an artist whose creations we’ve already featured once or twice in the past. Obviously inspired by Akiyoshi Kitaoka, Kaia’s works show homage to a great japanese professor, further enhancing professor’s famous illusory patterns. Tunnel Vision is just one of Kaia’s works. This static piece immediately draws you inside it, and at the same time produces a feeling you’re flying right trough the tunnel!
  8. *TestYourStupidity *Batmen In Toilet
  9. Dear Maximilian! Thank you for these wonderful plugins. I have the latest version. Perfect for the 3.5.11 users.
  10. @hippiechos! Thanks for the good tip.
  11. Sir @BoltBait! Please!
  12. *Beautiful exotic bird or painted woman
  13. Dear @hippiechos! You're quite welcome. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.
  14. Dear @lynxster4! WOW! I like the way you did this one. (Unfortunately, I'm late) Thank you so much.
  15. Dear @Pixey! I really like it. It is great.
  16. * cat and mouse
  17. *reality-tv *betrayal
  18. @hippiechos! You are very welcome! For your books images here is superb. Thank you so much.
  19. @AndrewDavid! I see a face. Very nice colors.