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  1. Restore 3.5

    Find installer for 3.5. It must be available somewhere on Internet. 1. Install v3.5. 2. Go to C drive -> program files folder -> folder. 3. Rename folder to " 3.5" 4. Use installer for v4.0 and install it. You can launch 4.0 from .exe file of folder and launch 3.5 from .exe file of " 3.5" folder.
  2. Coming soon fellas.. with a blast!!!

  3. New Forum Software

    It's much better now. more darker will not hurt but I am okay with current appearance.
  4. Shape3D (2007-08-24)

    MKT did awesome job. This plugin deserves paying for. But sadly he left this forum many years ago.
  5. I think you need to use layers and blending modes. 1) make two layer a) text texture 2) write something in black on white background. this is text layer 3) on second layer apply the texture and change it's blending mode to lighten. 4) then flatten the layers. and select the white part and delete it.
  6. New Forum Software

    Can background darker. Posts of two people seems to be in seamed together.
  7. New Forum Software

    Wow. It's a new world around here. 'Drag files here to attach,' is an amazing feature.
  8. Hi Antony, Are you developing TR's plugin into Brush Factory or are you making an other plugin?
  9. Hi TR, Can you add the feature which I requested for this plugin?
  10. My new feature requests

    I have felt the need of feature 1. Other than that I really have feature request for 'Color' blending mode.
  11. 4.0.8 is now available!

    Thanks Rick for the update. You are awesome. Please, add few more blending modes, especially color blending mode. Color can be used for many things. It works better than recolor tool. While one blending mode (XOR) doesn't have much uses. I think adding blending mode will not be as difficult as new features. Thanks.
  12. 2015 Paint.NET Forum Awards Ballot

    This day came so soon, It feels like yesterday, when I did voting for last year. Which award?
  13. Rougher Dent Plugin?

    TR's Third Dimension also uses Height map.
  14. One of the biggest mysteries solved. Isn't it?
  15. Happy birthday, BoltBait!

    Happy birthday BB