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  1. Pixey's Gallery - Owl - Woot.

    Stunning work Pixey. A lot of time gone into your works. Very well executed
  2. SOTW#159 - Topic - Pets.

    OscarMan Plugins used: Poster / Scribble (Red ochre) Fibonacci Fill (EER & Red ochre) Drop Shadow (Kris VDM) Inner Shadow Selection (BoltBait)
  3. What music are you listening to?

    Would like to have added some video here. Microsoft Edge and this new forum software doesn't have any means of adding video url. Great progress.
  4. [SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...

    I see some very good entries this time around in the Impressionism competition. I also see one or two not providing links to images used ? I would think if you have edited a photo (stock or found) then it would be the decent thing to do and provide a link to the original also. Even upload the original to a hosting site ? A few have supplied links and it is interesting to see just what manipulations have been done, well done for your creativity.
  5. SOTW#150 - Winners Announced - Driving Licence

    Well done for your win MJW. Well done also for Pixey, disgruntled1 and lynxster for places. Sadly too busy to enter this one, perhaps next time. Thank you for DrewDale hosting
  6. What music are you listening to?

    Perfect for Air Guitar.
  7. Make a rope - Plain or Textured.

    Interesting tutorial Pixey. Another added to my to do list. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us all
  8. I used to have it on my old PC, but after an upgrade I never got round to re-installing it. I liked the quick edit features of it, but now on windows 10 there are apps on the store that can "quick edit" photo's. Personally I won't miss it, but I am sure many will.
  9. SOTW#145 - Third Dimension - Winners Announced

    Well done for Seerose and all who placed, thank you for Drew hosting. I am staggered by the amount of entrants, some awesome talent around here.
  10. SOTW#145 - Third Dimension - Winners Announced

    Modified from This Wallpaper
  11. What did you GET for Christmas 2015?

    Now that IS an unusual gift