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  1. A useful tool to have, thank you for the creation of it
  2. Nice new works Pixey. Great adaptations from PS to pdn. Very glossy too I hope the storm is not too severe for you
  3. A group from my Birth country
  4. SOTW is now every two weeks due to a low turn out, some folk even enter two sigs to top it up, paint job contest soon faded into history, logo / banner challenge went the same way, even sig battles and image battles are long drawn out comps now. Always good to have new ideas for competitions, all you need is members to actually enter and support it on a regular basis
  5. Background. Effects > Render > Bricks.
  6. Me too
  7. Where in the plugin is the option to tile ?
  8. This looks very interesting Pixey. Thank you for making the tute
  9. Well done MJW. Great entries also from the runners up and fellow third placers. Nice entries all round. Thank you Drew for your hosting work.
  10. So when does the award show commence ? I have hired a limo and a sparkly dress for the occasion.
  11. Voted Not completed every category, but managed quite a few all the same.
  12. I plan to get my vote in too, just busy with arresting festive shoplifters