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  1. Optical Illusion Thread

    Few I ran across: Blue circle: stare at the dot, , , , , circle eventually dissapears
  2. Its a bit tedious but I use line/curve tool width approxametly set '1' for every '100' image height (image, 'for example' 1000 x 1000, brush = 10), choose white color. go around your image carefully. Once around, set width to '4', go around again,. For more, set width to '2'. I said its tedious!! Set 'Magic wand' at low enough tolerance so as not to 'select/highlight' any of your image & delete the white. Use 'lasso select to remove remaining 'everything else' around your image. I rarely 'save' images, I 'save as' & add "n" to the name & always save as PNG or PDN file. (n = new) (for me) CTRL - A & copy this image, Select your 'new' background, 'Ad new layer', 'Paste', You can move your image around on your background to where ever you like. 'Save As' & change name (add another letter/number) to save. Hope this makes sense, , , , -corne-
  3. I was explaining how I solved my problem. How is my os dangerous to you??
  4. I have had a 'dot net framework' problem several times. the installer would start installing dotnetframework, then stop & undo everything back to square one. No explaination. What worked for me was manually installing 'dot net' manually & pdn installed no problemo. I need for XP & XP 64 bit (yeah yeah, I'm a dinosaur!!) -c-
  5. Need help with layers

    Not sure here, , , take original (first) image & add new layer, paste/draw? 'whatever it is you want - bat calls' to image, Ctrl A - copy - New - ok - Paste. Now Ctrl A - Copy - New - ok - Paste. Save as (Ctrl shift A) give it a name, this should be only 'whatever it is you want' at the same aspect ratio as the original (first) file. Go back to original & delete layer, do same thing with all new 'bat calls' graphics. You can copy/paste 'em up (with new layer for each) My thought process is a bit unorthodox/convoluted, I hope this makes sense, , , , , Would take a while to show with graphics, I could if you want, , , , -c-
  6. Optical Illusion Thread

    This is neat! What I did was print it then hold it up & move it parallel to one set of lines '/////', then move it in parallel to \\\\ lines. -c- edit: you'll see!! have to print it tho, , , ,
  7. Paint.NET is getting noticed!

    On a lotta forums I am registered on, When people ask, I always recommend Paint.NET. (FWIW, I have the newer version on a W-7 machine but still prefer (3.5.??) on my W XP 64 bit machine) -c-
  8. Stereogram / Autostereogram Tutorial

    Would be nice to include the 2 'dots', when they're there, I can allus see the image, , , ,
  9. OK, we have rectangle, lasso, ellipse, select, magic wand, , , Would it be possible (or have I just missed it) a select tool as the 'line / curve' tool, but not a line, rather a select tool like the line/curve tool but rather than a line, one would have an adjustable width/length/curvable select tool. Does this make sense to you?? Like tracing over a line/whatever but only selecting it?
  10. Optical Illusion Thread

    I really hope I am not offending anyone here, , , , ,
  11. Optical Illusion Thread

    A few: Also, Install this : (the one (turn off voice que rightaway!) Its a screensaver, from a college class use #pad numbers, , , , you'll see. (edit need to expand it) Try screenphaser with these (or any images)!
  12. Exactly! I have the same problem finding the cursor, too. This 'works', , , , , after a fashion. -c-
  13. imo, m'h'o, mspaint could never replace paintdotnet. I use pdn with/in conjunction Graphics Work Shop Pro (Alchemy), copy paste from either to other, GWSP has a 'use mspaint' which I use, rarely tho, not much since PDN. I use an older version under XP Pro (32 & 64) & actually prefer it to newer version(s) working on my 7 computer. (dont like the 'pictures') I prefer PDN to every other grafix program I have tried, , , , , -c-
  14. The Comedy Thread

    Englishman walks into a bar and sits down when he notices a pen on the floor. He picks it up and says to the guy next to him "oi mate is this your scribbler." The Irishman sitting beside him says "give it here till i have a look" and with that begins writing on some paper. "Wank it is and all." Says the Irishman. "How ya know?" Says the Englishman. "Sure its my handwriting." Says Paddy
  15. The Paint.NET users Film/Movies Club.

    Saw 'Criminal' with Kevin Costner, sci-fi? Started off bad (for me) but got much better. Never seen Costner as so violent in a flick before, , , , -c-
  16. The Comedy Thread

    A photon checks into a hotel. Asked if he has any luggage. "No, I'm traveling light", , , , ,
  17. !st time I installed pdn, I d/l'ed installer from cnet. on another computer I 'googled' & installed 1st link, turned out to be a new toolbar got installed, page looked like yours, , , fortunately, it uninstalled with no ill after effects. -c-
  18. The Comedy Thread

    Pavlov goes to a bar, sits down & orders a beer. The pay phone on the wall rings. Damn! He jumps up! Barkeep says: "Whats the problem? "I forgot to feed my dog!"
  19. I recently re-installed XP P 32 on my computer. It had pdn 35.1.1 (? last one for 32 bit) working well, no problemo. After the xp re-install, PDN will not install. I get the window ", , , , installing .net client profile. At 30%, it stops a few seconds and then "Setup is rolling back. This might take several minutes." After a few more seconds, the window goes away and I'm back at the 'Paint.NET.3 install (.exe). Thats it. What gives? It worked before, same comp, etc. -c-
  20. PDN will not install

    I installed dot net client (dotnetfx35.exe) manually. PaintNet installed like it was supposed to. So problem solved, I guess, , , -c-
  21. Rants *enter at own risk*

    People who drive slooow in the fast lane = "Well, I'm gonna make a left turn, after lunch" (Grand Theory of Everything) -c-
  22. This one I too am eagerly awaiting an answer to, , , , -c-
  23. Rants *enter at own risk*

    Windows 7, in general, anything after XP -c- (dyed in the wool xp fan)
  24. If one could set what it defaults to, , , (what quite a few tools default to, , ,) Not complaining, just commenting, , , -c-
  25. I too prefer using the percentage setting, in both Image -> Resize/Canvas Size, it always defaults to 'Pixel Size (width)' Have to click on 'Percentage', every time. -c-