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    This is my version of fiery text. The basic idea is to use Clouds, Dents, Red ochre's Furblur, and my Hot Metal Glow. It also uses BoltBait's Paste Alpha. The exact order and settings can be changed to get various effects. For this example: Create a new image. Use Adjustments>Invert Color to make the background black. Add a new (transparent) layer. Make sure it's the top layer. Change the Primary Color to White by switching the Primary and Secondary Colors. Type the text into the new layer. Run Blurs>Furblur with the following settings changed from default: Repetitions: 30 Main Length: 30 Angle Variation: Main Angle Only, Curl Clockwise. Angle variation: Double S-Shape Run Blurs>Motion Blur with the following settings: Angle: 60 Distance: 5 Run Distort>Dents with the following settings: Scale: 12 Refraction: 30 Roughness: 14 Tension: 5 Quality: 3 Add a new Layer. On the new layer, run Render>Clouds with the following setting: Scale: 46 Copy the text layer to the clipboard and make the layer invisible. Make the Cloud layer the active layer. Run Object>Paste Alpha with the following setting: Alpha source: Clipboard alpha Run Color>Hot Metal Glow with the following settings: Incandescence Threshold Temperature: 150 Red temperature: 880 Yellow temperature: 1260 White Temperature: 1400 Red to Orange Shift: 0.544 EDIT: In place of Hot Metal Glow, you can use pyrochild's very flexible Adjustments>Gradient Mapping plugin with the Hot gradient.
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    If you have an x86 Android computer (phone/tablet/laptop/ect.) or a x86 Chromebook computer, you can try using the preview version of CrossOver for Android to run paint.net v3.5.x. I'm not sure when they're going to officially release it though. I saw in the videos from WineConf that they're aiming for sometime this year.
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    Not only would it require a lot of effort to port it, the support required would also greatly increase. Rick Brewster has his hands full, as it is.
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    — What did the scientist say when he found two helium atoms? — HeHe ?
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    I believe reason is that Paint.PDN is intimately tied to the Windows operating system.
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    Besides Advanced Greyscale, it's also possible to use TR's Color Reducer or Red ochre's Poster as alternative effects for dividing the picture into the different sections Other than that suggestion, I did another test on Katniss Everdeen: And since I am a fan of Chicago P.D., here's one poster on the series:
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    Make a square canvas, and create a single square that fills the entire canvas. Then run Layers>Rotate/Zoom with Tiling checked. Reduce the Zoom to some integer fraction (like 0.25 for 4, 0.125 for 8). For better results, use Red ochre's Distort>Aardvark plugin, which has antialiasing. Aardvark also has the advantage that it will by default divide the canvas into an integer number of repetitions. (You might want to set Tiling options to Repeat.) Create the original pattern so the lines run horizontally and vertically. Later on, you can rotate the pattern by 45 degrees to get the final format. To produce a pattern like the one shown, first create a 3x3 version, then make the modifications for the different patterns, then rerun Aardvark (or Rotate/Zoom) to increase the number of repetitions. Since you want to make a 3x3 version, you will probably want a canvas size that's divisible by 3. Other plugins that may prove useful are pyrochild's Borders N' Shapes and Chris Vandermotten's Object Align. These plugins will work inside a selection, so you can, for example, use Object Align to center a filled circle shape inside a selection, provided the background is transparent. (If I were trying to create the design shown, I'd probably first make the square with the border and circle. I then turn it to a 3x3 version and erase (or fill with white) the squares without the patterns. That might be easier than adding the borders and patterns later.)
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    Photo of the Wife jogging in the rain while I sit in the warmth
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    Today I met the man who invented the crossword puzzle. I can't remember his name. But, it was P something something T something something something...
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    Well This is a hot as I get ....
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    A little bit of time to play. Photo self taken of local Marina.
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    ^^ "See, the Alien was down that hallway. Crouching & feeding on something. I let off a burst from the hand cannon but it disappeared quick. LOOK! You can see I hit it by the acid etchings in the floor....," - unreleased (& unwritten) Sci-fi novel by EER
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    Thanks for the kudos, all. I am glad you guys like it and hope you find it useful. I discovered if you use this tut in conjunction with theonlychad's Concrete texture you end up with a splendidly corroded texture... Try it out!