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    The winner of the last competition, Woodsy, has chosen the object of 'Unshelled Walnut'. That is to say, a walnut that has had its husk removed, but not its shell. See example photo: Enter Here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/110902-object-of-the-fortnight-2-–-unshelled-walnut/ In the hopes of inspiring you (or possibly giving you a laugh), here's a short cartoon I enjoyed when I was a kid. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0041112/
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    Average Object Color averages the colors of objects. It was somewhat inspired by the SOTW mosaic theme (even though I currently don't plan to use it for my entry). It's in the Object submenu. The plugin: Average Object Color.zip The UI is very simple: The (also simple) Help Menu describes it as follows. ------------------------------ Average Object Color recolors each object to its average color. (An object is a connected group of non-transparent pixels surrounded by transparent pixels.) The average is weighted by the opacity of the pixels. When there is a selection, only the selected pixels are included in the average. The control is: Use Gamma Adjustment: When enabled, the square root of the average of the squared color components is used. The gamma-adjusted version is generally lighter. ------------------------------ If a solid image is desired, the Edge Expander can be used to fill in the transparent regions after averaging. (Note: make sure the objects are separated by completely transparent pixels. The first time I posted the example below, the colors of the averaged version were wrong. Some of the hexagon cells were not treated as separate objects because they were bridged by nearly, but not completely, transparent pixels. I used Red ochre's Transparency>Alphathreshold to fix the problem.) Here is an example: Original image: Image with hexagonal transparent grid added. The grid was added by using MadJik's Hexagonal Grid to produce a black-and-white grid in another layer, copying it to the clipboard, and using BoltBait's Paste Alpha plugin to modify the alpha of the flower layer. Because the lines between the cells are quite thin, apparently the alpha didn't go to 0 between some of the cells, causing some groups of cells to be treated as single cells. I solved this by using Red ochre's Alphathreshold to make some almost-transparent pixels transparent. I also could have selected the lines of the hex grid with the Magic Wand, switched to the flower layer, then used Erase Selection. I usually prefer to use Paste Alpha because I think it produces nicer edges. Averaged version:
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    Here's something that might be fun to play with, whether it's useful or not. It draws cardinal splines, colors them with various brush settings, rotates them etc. For me it was an exercise in GDI+ and OptionBased UI. Any bug reports or suggestions welcome... Found under Effects>Render menu. UI: Option: controls the randomness of the splines. Rotations: how many copies of the spline around a circle. Tension: controls the spline tension, how jagged or 'loopy'. Angle: rotates the splines. Sigma Focus: gradient center. Sigma Scale: gradient falloff. Gradation Size: size of the gradient rectangle. Zoom: zoom in or out. Draw/Fill/Both: how to paint the splines. Color tabs: select Pen/Alt/Bgd colors. Path Brush Draw/Fill: use path brush on either draw or fill. Path Controls: click drop-down to display more path options. AntiAlias: set smoothing mode. Points: click drop-down to display/change point data Menu Button: allows saving and loading of options and other cool stuff. Installation: Unzip "mandala.zip" and copy the following files: mandala.dll, mandala.dlc into the Effects folder of your Paint.NET installation. A typical location is "C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects". OptionBasedLibrary v0.7.9.dll, OptionBasedLibrary v0.7.9.dlc into the folder of your Paint.NET installation (not into the Effects folder!). (unless it is already there, then you can skip this step) A typical location is "C:\Program Files\Paint.NET". Thanks to Midora for the optionBased library and to toe_head2001 for examples of using it. Enjoy. mandala.zip
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    A very simple plugin to render clock. Clock.zip
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    *swoons* Shochi, that's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! As soon as my reps clock resets, you've got some coming!
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    You Know @Red ochrehe was 19 years old when he wrote this song. Genius. and this band below i found yesterday on 4:00 in the morning. i was in my sleeping time when the rhythm woke me up. i have sensitivity to Jazz i guess.
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    Disney cartoons, such an epoch-making milestone in the history of TV
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    What a great cartoon! I remember it from when I was a kid. (In English)
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    NomBot's Tesserae. 150x500. 100% paint.net
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    Except the Maximize button and the related changes were made after the v1.3 release, so not everyone can do that yet.
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    Using @Red's Cuboids and @NomBot's Tesserae
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    *Nombot's Tesserae Plugin
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    Version 1.4.1 posted to fix the crash encountered by @Eli.
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    The video designated to all paint.net developers who contribute to community with special plugins and ideas of Art. i would like to special tnx to @Rick Brewster who gave this wonderful software as free. what I was doing without you man. the video called sci-fi dream because of technology which moving forward fast to future. And I think it's going to be A Big Bang ? somewhere there.??
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    Tnx guys for feedback. without you I probably wasn't doing this???❤️
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    I'm so sorry @lynxster4! Feel free to PM me if you need an ear. Congrats on the adorable new grandbaby!
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    NEW ADDITION 08/10/2015 Larger size of my sig of the week (silhouettes) entry NEW ADDITION 07/05/2012 Made this shield using TR's Radial Extruder plugin NEW ADDITION 08/02/2015 Filament Globe. I Made this based on TechnoRobbo's new Filaments plugin NEW ADDITION 20/01/2015 Created this using BoltBait's new Inner Shadow plugin. NEW ADDITION 29/01/2015 Made this with TecnoRobbo's adictive Third Dimension plugin (using the above image as the source) NEW ADDITION 23/06/2014 Made this one using TechnoRobbo's new Tree Maker plugin. I made the ground using Clouds / Dents / Splinters. All done in Pdn V.4 (this is a slight edit to the one posted in the plugin thread) NEW ADDITION 13/06/2014 Made using Red ochre's new dryad plugin NEW ADDITION 12/06/2014 Another example using TechnoRobbo's Strange Attractors Plugin. NEW ADDITION 03/06/2014 New Life Created this image using TechnoRobbo's new Strange Attractors plugin. No real reason for calling it new life, it just suited it NEW ADDITION 20/05/2014 St Jude's Ghost. Followed this Picture Frame tute by xod and use an image of my own from the St Jude storm that hit the South-east of England in October 2013. I called it St Jude's Ghost for obvious reasons. Not exactly a 100% Pdn art, but worth a share NEW ADDITION 22/04/2014 Pipes. Using RedOchre's new Slinky plug in to make this object. I used some wet floor reflection on the final image NEW ADDITION 10/11/2013 Finally got to grips with TechnoRobbo's Doodle Matic Plug In. I also used His Scatter Plug In too & some Conditional Hue/Saturation for this one. NEW ADDITION 05/11/2013 Playing around with TechnoRobbo's new Free Warp Plug In NEW ADDITION 17/10/2013 Experimenting a little further with some spiral gradient in paint.net 4 and a few blending and duplicating layers gave me this one. NEW ADDITION 11/10/2013 A larger version of my Alice in Wonderland sig (From SOTW#91) NEW ADDITION 23/09/2013 Almost Two Month since I added something? Time flies. Here is a variation on This tut that I have done, I took a little more time with this even though it is not really anything special, I am happy with the result NEW ADDITION 23/07/2013 Made with the help of welshblue's Brick Wall texture tut and Yellowman's Stone text tute (for the metal) I have come up with this image, in total 30 layers were used (including component parts) All made in PDN apart from stock background sky / mountains NEW ADDITION 02/06/2013 - Digital Radio another view. A 3D Variation of my digital radio creation. NEW ADDITION 21/05/2013 - Abstraction. Created using RedOchres NewPlug In NEW ADDITION 19/04/2013 - DIGITAL RADIO. A modified version of a comp entry. NEW ADDITION 29/04/2013 - Colour Explosion This was going to be the basic idea for SOTW "Explosion of Colours" but I ran out of time and inspiration. So it's now a completed picture. NEW ADDITION 27/03/2013 Having another play around with clipwarp for this one. NEW ADDITION 12/03/2013 An Alien (or cyber wasp) Unfinished creation, If anyone wants the PDN to complete it, Let me know, I'm lost what to do next on it NEW ADDITION 12/03/2013 Playing around with some tube oblique and shape 3D ended up with a contemporary ornament. NEW ADDITION 27/02/2013 A slightly modified and bigger version of my SOTW75 Comp entry. NEW ADDITION 19/02/2013 A shape 3D / Rotate/zoom abstract. Could be missing something, unsure what though. NEW ADDITION 10/02/2013 Just fooling around with a gradient and twist with zoom got me to this, unsure of what it should be, but it looks cool. NEW ADDITION 29/01/2013 Welshblue sent me a PM with a modified version of my Clipwarp ellipse, So pleased with the result, I just had to share it. (many thanks Welshblue for taking the time and thought into enhancing the image ) NEW ADDITIONS 27/01/2013 Another clipwarp creation: I was just messing around with Shape 3D and created this one called puzzled world. NEW ADDITIONS 22/01/2013 Followed barbieq's Shiny text tutorial for this variation: Created using Red ochre & Null54 clipwarp plugin and based loosely on barbieq's Shiny text tutorial I made this: NEW ADDITION 13/01/2013. This has taken me a long time to complete, Thank you to nanettealsop for the idea of adding a button on top of the needle NEW ADDITION 11/01/2013. Using Red Ochre & Null54's Clipwarp plug in, I'm really pleased with this one. NEW ADDITION 11/01/2013. Followed Jerkfight's wood floor tutorial and inspired by Welshblue's example of it, I came up with this one (please see page #5 for a better version of this) New ADDITION 06/01/2013. A remake of the "time please" picture with some modifications to it. NEW ADDITION 05/01/2013. Following yelowman's stone text tutorial, this was as far as I got before getting lost. *NEW IMAGE* 01/01/2013. Created purely from what I have been picking up along the way Called simply - "Time Please" Thanks to pdnnoob for the tutorial that I made this from followed deedeec102 wood tutorial and yellowmans 3D shield icon tutorial for this one followed yellowmans 3D Metal text video for this one. followed the How to create a 3D funny smile tutorial for this. Created with no tutorial a couple of signatures. Another based on pdnnoob's planet tutorial, bit of a rush on this one, needs improvement Created by following jim100361's excellent Puzzle Time tutorial Helen's Glass Cube Tutorial Followed OddLlama's Glowing Ring Tutorial Just a quick experiment Having a little play around with the Curly Lines plug in from DavidF I made this one Created this following yellowman's 3D Glass of orange tutorial Created using Oma's excellent sword tutorial Stumbled upon a tutorial by Hazmanian-Devil for a Magic Circle. Decided to do a variation of it Stay tuned
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    Version 1.2 posted. This release is nice and fast. You no longer have to wait for the dialog to load; it's ready nearly instantly. On my main computer, with about 390 effects installed, the plugin opens in ~0.33 seconds.
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    Happy Birthday, Donald Fagen...
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    ^ I enjoyed that ...I thought his name sounded familiar. He used to write for 'Guitar Techniques' magazine, which I used to buy. No wonder I could never play his pieces!