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    Well, I got this half sphere after digging it. but i use TR's 3d and Ego's planetoid without the 3D trail. What can i do next ?
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    I added sawdust but I don't know if it improves it.
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    I received this via email and just had to post it! I'm still trying to get up off the floor!
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    This was a 2AM image posting. I hadn't posted anything yet this year and I was playing around just checking how this new forum worked here in the pictorium. I had another image posted and I decided to move it to the top of this thread and discovered I couldn't just delete what I had just posted without replacing it with something. So, this was just going to be a place marker. I should know better than to try to do any thinking in the middle of night.
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    This is a plugin I wrote a while ago, which I posted to a thread titled crop black and white images down to the smallest rectangular size that contains the black part. Apparently inspired by the thread's title, I chose the rather awkward name Unselected Rectangle Keeper. It's in the Selection submenu. It has no user interface. This is the plugin: UnselectedRectangleKeeper.zip The icon: What it does sounds kind of strange, but is useful for cropping images to the smallest region that doesn't match the surrounding color. If you have a rectangular selection which contains a non-selected region, it erases everything in the selection that's outside the bounding rectangle of the non-selected region: To crop to the smallest rectangle containing something not matching the color of the background: Use the Magic Wand with a low tolerance to select the outside color. Run Unselected Rectangle Keeper. Deselect. Use the Magic Wand to select the transparent region. Invert the selection. Crop to the selection. Example: Before (white region is selected). After. EDIT: Added link to plugin (which I completely forgot to do). Thanks for the reminder, lynxster4!
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    Galleria Entries * A variety of stuff 2015 back to 2011
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    Clever. In fact very clever. The push-stick is a great addition for me. As mentioned the way the letters move makes it all the more impressive on the eyes
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    Thank you RickHum, Maximilian, Red, Barbieq25, and Pixie for your kind words! I wanted to make it a little bit more random but when you're dealing with a hundred files it's kind of difficult.
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    The selection outline is always animating. That takes CPU and GPU resources. If hardware acceleration is disabled, then the CPU has to redraw the area where the selection is. Minimizing the window will cause the CPU usage to drop to zero because Paint.NET disables its animation system when it's minimized (as it should!). Hardware acceleration was disabled because you're probably using an Intel GPU. Some of them proved to be unstable during 4.0's development so I added code to detect them (not all of them) and disable hardware acceleration by default.
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    Excellent addition @Woodsy
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    I've just bought my grandson a Deplorable T-shirt
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    I made a good animation a while back when he first entered the race. I won't post it here, because I'll get in trouble. Just visualize an eagle taking a "dump"......
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    Yep, sawdust adds to the image as a whole.
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    ^It really wouldn't surprise me!
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    I think the sawdust does add to the animation! Love the way the letters detach and push into each other - very well observed... I can almost hear it cutting.
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    That's a beautiful animation as it is now, Shochi! I really like it! As MJW previously mentioned it is probably impossible to exactly recreate the first gif you posted (with the current effects available for Pdn). I did some experiments using Pyrochild's 'Liquify' effect to distort a sphere. Then saving the 'mesh' file and applying that to each frame in an animation. Mixed results... unfortunately animations take so much time to make! But it is another effect to consider experimenting with.
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    Yup, the sawdust definitely adds to the feel of movement. Cool job again!
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    The saw dust adds to the overall realism and intricacy of the piece Woodsy, good work mate.
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    Two great movies almost unknown because the world is invaded by the holywoodians movies. The Tsar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCvK57uhQxM The Island https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wz-vegualMg
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    Load your texture into the active layer then run Planetoid. Turn off or Hide all the feature layers. If Planetoid doesn't render anything (ocean, land, mountains etc...) over the active layer it shows through
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    Yay @Seerose - what a lovely result! So glad you got it in the end .
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    Thank you Red! The plywood I tried to emulate is called Baltic plywood. It's used for fine cabinets and such. I tried to replicate sawdust in the air but couldn't make it look right. Thanks Maximilian, Barbieq25, Seerose, RickHum, and Pixie! I really didn't think it was that good. I may have to resize it and use it for a signature.
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    Tex merger, beautiful Pix, sumptuous eye festival :-) really lovely picture.
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    Seerose, try it again, using the image I just posted. I think you will be successful. As Pixey says, it's a very complex plugin, with many, many things to keep track of. Believe me, I still get confused by things not working how I expected them to work. (Usually it's because I forgot to change a control back to the default value after changing it in a previous step.)
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    A reptilian hunter searching for a prey on faraway plains in company of his pet hounds, on a faraway planet in a galaxy far away where even skies look a little strange Everything done in PdN except the base models for characters done in Sculptris.
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    I think we need an effect similar to zoom blur that would trail dependent upon the images tonal values. These are all Pdn but wrapping them around a sphere doesn't quite work (yet). Interesting request and linked site Shochi - thanks!
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    Great effects to be had. Cheers ReMake.
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    Love this plugin Remake, thanks for making it Duplicated image > Scratch Art Tip Size - 10 Detail 7, Colour gradient. Top image set blend mode to Colour Burn @126. Merged layers for this result.