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    Sometime last year.
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    Hey @BoltBait, stick with the gray!😀 I couldn't find any good pictures so I picked an old one with my daughter.
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    I'd totally forgotten about that old thread. Just looked through it and learned one thing........................ @pyrochild is a GIRL, and a pretty one at that! For some reason I thought Pyro was male I stand corrected it was his long hair that had me fooled - sorry for the faux pas Great idea to revive this thread @BoltBait. BTW - I think I like you better with the slightly grayer hair I decided on an all-dolled-up picture to remit - I'm not always dressed up like this, believe me (Taken on the Queen Mary)
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    Content aware filling replaces the contents of the selection with pixels that are the closest match in the areas outside the selection. This allows parts of an image to be removed and blended with the background. This plugin is based on the GIMP Resynthesizer plugin. Some icons are from or based on those in the Fugue icon set by Yusuke Kamiyamane. Compatibility: 3.5.11 and 4.0.x Menu location: Effects > Selection > Content Aware Fill Download: ContentAwareFill.zip Source Code: https://github.com/0xC0000054/pdn-content-aware-fill
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    This is me - drinking latte
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    I'll play along then
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    This is my self portrait. I am Anthony Parnell Mauldin A.K.A. "The Original HyReZ" This image was composited with Paint.NET APMauldin.com
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    Laptop webcam, today.
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    So many broken photo links (thanks for nothing, photobucket!) in the old thread... time to start a new one. Let's get to know each other. This is the thread to post pictures of yourself. I'll start: Me: Me after getting my hair done: Me with Rick Brewster: Your turn! Show yourself! Link to the Old thread: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/3940-show-yourself/
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    @ReMake! Thank you so much. I couldn't decide which is better?
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    Me 2017 in my backyard.
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    This is Marion, one of the sisters to Eddie from "Poison Blue." These two are part of a larger piece, but I really wanted to show off her dress. Marion is painted from a model. The diamond is from @welshblue's "Metallic Marble Text," the hair is built from brushes from DeviantArt--and everything else is pure PDN. That includes the pearls on the jacket and the lace on the jacket back (second image).
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    I'm a programmer. People always say they can tell from the looks. This made me think...
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    Very nice results @pavlik1307 with this Plugin
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    Me and my dad at my graduation last year No, I'm not actually the guy from 2001: A Space Oddity I'm afraid
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    Ok, ask them again... At 54, my hair is pretty much white now. I think I prefer a little color.
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    This effect is very simple - it converts every pixel brightness to rainbow spectrum color. Plugin has one slider to set spectrum offset. Plugin: Effects > Color > Trippy rainbow Examples: Download: TrippyRainbow.dll
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    I had a lot of fun trying this plugin! Tks!
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    New piece on the first page after...far too long. Let me know what you think!
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    I didn't realize you were a mind reader. I've been trying for a while now to create the following image: Thank you for helping bring my crystal fern to life!
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    My night with Marilyn