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    The Plugin Browser by The Dwarf Horde Rob Tauler, John Robbins, David Issel & Scott Stringer aka TechnoRobbo, Red Ochre, BoltBait and Ego Eram Reputo Version 1.0.4.+ The Plugin Browser plugin was designed to make plugins easier to locate and identify, especially when a large collection of plugins is installed. The Plugin Browser plugin does this by allowing the User to search alphabetically by plugin name, keyword(s), author or menu location. Included in these searches are the Plugin Title and Description. Once you find a plugin, you can run it right from inside of the Plugin Browser. Plugin Browser plugin gives the User the ability to Bookmark their favorite plugins and add their comments to bookmarked plugins so they can identify it and make notes about its use. As well as being a search tool, the Plugin Browser is capable of displaying an embedded image which we call the Preview Image. The idea of the Preview Image is to give the User a visual clue to the plugin’s function. In most cases the Preview Image will be an example of the effect or adjustment. The Plugin Browser will also suggest plugins that you don't have but may want to download. Once a month the Plugin Browser connects to the paint.net forum and downloads a copy of the Plugin Index. This file is used to match keyword searches against plugins by parsing the plugin descriptions from the Index. You will receive a prompt before the download goes ahead. Menu: Effects The Plugin Browser Plugin Plugin Browser User Guide Plugin Browser Visual Studio & CodeLab Tutorial for programmers Update History Hidden Content: v 1.0.3.+ Adjusted for Visual Styles v 1.0.2.+ Fixes New Year Bug preventing new Plugin Index data from being downloaded
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    Hello and Welcome I've been playing around with Paint.Net since early 2013. The bulk of my work is made from fantastic tutorials written by great artists. I may have a few photo manipulations but I credit the majority of my work to the friendly people who make up this forum. A special thanks to Rick for writing this awesome program. Please enjoy and you are welcome to give me your opinion (good or bad). I've been urged to post this video! I was looking for something to do and found Paint.Net. This video was my very first project, before I knew about plugins and before I knew there was a forum that could guide me. I took hundreds of pictures and included the model cars that I built years ago. First I made a gif and got bored with it so I made it into a movie and put in sound effects using Windows Movie Maker.
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    The RULES Also read the: Pictorium Guidelines before posting in The Pictorium Tutorial Posting Guidelines before publishing a tutorial Tutorial Replying Guidelines before replying to any tutorials You must read these rules, and you must abide by them. They are mandatory. The rules are not 'recommended reading'. They are important for keeping the forum organized, productive, and awesome. We reserve the right to lock posts, delete posts, remove avatars, edit signatures, and ban users for not following these rules, or for any other reason at our discretion. NOTE: All rules except #2 and #22 apply both in the main forum and in private messages. Report violations to a moderator. 0) This rules list is subject to revision and updates. We will try to be as fair as possible about it, however. I'll put the last revision date in the post title for convenience. 1) Before you ask for or about ANYTHING: 1. Read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/399-frequently-asked-questions-faq/ 2. Search for your answer, http://searchpaint.net/. This URL links to a custom search engine and differs from the forum search function. The custom search is wider and returns more results - it is the preferred search tool. 3. Read the Popular Feature Requests posting. If it's already there, don't ask for it. Seriously. Don't. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/2940-popular-feature-requests/ 4. Read the Help file, All basic Paint.NET question are answered here. http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/index.html 2) Post in the correct section. For instance, the Plugins and Tutorials sections are STRICTLY reserved for PUBLISHING ONLY. Do NOT post questions in there. Your post will be deleted immediately. If you don't know where to post, you should probably be posting in the General forum. 3) DO NOT SHOUT. We can hear you just fine. Using all capitals is often interpreted as rude, so please don't. 4) You must make sense. Tiping lyk thz iz n0t kewl. 5) You only need one exclamation ! or question mark ? It's really obnoxious when people post like this: "How do I do this ??????????????????" or "That's awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" C'mon people. We get the point just as well if you only use 1 or 2. Thanks. 6) Thread titles must be descriptive and specific -- NOT generic. You need to use descriptive thread titles. The following are examples of thread titles that are NOT ALLOWED: "Help" "Please help" "I need help" "Can you help" "HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!" (if you post like this you WILL be banned) "Tutorial request" "Feature request" "Plugin request" "Looking for..." "Looking for a tutorial / feature / plugin" "Can Paint.NET do this" ('this' is complete ambiguous here) "I'm a newbie" "Hello" "I'm new" also, putting "HELP!" in any title is also not allowed, it's really quite obnoxious. We know you want help, that's why you're posting in the first place. etc.This pollutes the forum with generic threads and makes it impossible to navigate. Imagine if everyone posted with thread titles like this and we had pages full of "Help!!", "Please help", "Please I'm a newbie" or even "Hi" or "Pony" ... it would be stupid. Just like you should be doing with e-mail, write your subject line for the recipient, not the sender. Read here for more detailed info: http://blogs.msdn.com/oldnewthing/archive/2007/01/18/1488858.aspx (btw, Raymond Chen's blog is excellent, and I recommend reading as much of it as you can!). Here's the important part: from now on, threads with generic titles will be locked and/or deleted. Without warning. This rules posting is your warning. Also, do not put something like this in your thread title: RICK READ THIS THREAD!!! That is extremely rude and annoying. 7) You must be using the latest version of Paint.NET, available here. This is a requirement. If you want to stay with an older version then that is your right, but we cannot help you. If you are unable to upgrade, then please post in the troubleshooting section. This is to avoid posts that go like this: If everyone has the latest version, we can skip all the rigamarole. Pre-release versions, such as alphas and betas, do not count as the "latest version" for this rule. 8) Do not ask for older versions of Paint.NET. This is a corollary to #7, but I'm spelling it out separately anyway. We will not provide download links for them -- you are on your own to find them (hint: try a search engine). Along with this, don't ask about Windows 2000 (or XP or Vista) support. Seriously. You may think you have some new question or insight, and that's definitely possible, but this is not something that will be added back in to a future release of Paint.NET. End of discussion. If you want to complain about this, then don't talk about it here -- just write on your blog or talk to your therapist or something instead, please. Also, please note that Microsoft discontinued Windows XP support on April 8, 2014. If you are still using a version of Windows prior to Vista, then Paint.NET support is the least of your worries - by running an antiquated operating system, you are opening yourself up to viruses, computer hijacking, being used for a DDoS attack, catastrophic loss of data, and life-altering identity theft. You should upgrade your computer at the earliest possible opportunity. If you absolutely must download previous versions of paint.net, do it here: http://www.filehippo.com/download_paint.net/ 9) Be courteous to others. Constructive criticism is generally welcome and encouraged. Starting fights and being rude is not. However, if your tutorial is really lame, don't be offended when we say as much (By the way, the moderators will generally and almost always follow this rule, but are not required to if circumstance warrants it -- which is at their own discretion.) 10) Do not private message other users with Paint.NET questions. That's what the forum is for! If you PM a moderator with a question like, "How do I crop or something?" then your message will probably just be ignored. Remember, this is a public help forum, meaning anyone should be able to see answers posted to questions; if someone else has the same problem as yours, but it was answered in a private message, they won't be able to find the answer. Also, if the person you've messaged doesn't know the answer, it ends up making your quest for knowledge that much longer. Just post on the boards and be patient, someone will answer your post eventually. 10a) Don't ask another user to email you the answer to a question. In addition to the reasons given above, we're not your personal help desk, and we don't have time to be. Please don't get offended; we're busy people with real world jobs (and this is not that job. For any of us). 11) Don't reply to very old threads. Also known as "reviving" or "resusitating" old/dead threads. Also called "necroposting" (eww). If there has been no discussion in a thread for, say, 3 months ... then it is dead. Do not reply to it -- pretend like it is locked. If you reply to it, then the thread will be immediately locked and your post may be deleted. Please just create a new thread if you have something to say about that subject. However, this rule does not apply to The Overflow, Tutorials, Pictorium, or Plugins sections of the forum. 12) Posting inappropriate images or using inappropriate words is a quick way to get yourself banned. For example, the word "gay" is not an insult. Neither is the word "retarded". Photographs of people, whether modified or unedited, should not be of a "seductive" or lecherous nature. "Erotic art" is not permitted. Remember, this is a family-friendly board. Let's keep it that way. If you want to show off that kind of art, then please get an account at Deviant Art. 13) Putting images in your signature is fine, however, annoying, blinking, or especially inappropriate images will be removed (also refer to #14, 15) 14) Avatar size requirements: They must not be wider than 120 pixels, nor taller than 160 pixels. 15) Signature size requirements: The combined size of all images in your signature must not be wider than 500px, nor taller than 150px. There is no specific limit as to the number of lines of text permitted in signatures, as we understand that text can render differently in different browsers, but if you have text in addition to an image of the maximum 150px height, please keep it down to two lines. Ideally, text and images in your signature should be around a 200px combined maximum height. 16) Don't try creating new "official" threads for things. For example, "post all plugin requests here!" If the moderators want to reorganize or officiate things, then we will -- that's our job, not yours. 17) Show off your work in the Pictorium. Don't create a new thread in other forums just to show off your artwork (this includes avatars and signatures). The place to show off is called The Pictorium... http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/forum/16-the-pictorium/ . You may create your personal gallery there. 18) Do not include the [quote], [hide],or [spoiler] tags in your signature. As you can imagine, the mods read TONS of posts. Including any of these tags in your signature just slows us way down. 19) Don't ask to be a moderator. 20) Don't feed the trolls. If you notice someone is trolling the forum, don't respond to them. A mod will deal with them soon enough. This includes SPAM posts--don't respond to them. If you see a spam thread just ignore it or click the "Report" link on that thread and a mod will deal with it. 21) Don't create useless polls. Also, don't create polls in any forum except the Overflow forum--and even then we may delete them if they are useless. 22) All forum activity must be in ENGLISH. Except in the Localization section. This includes posts as well as signatures. However, you can use whatever language you want when sending private messages to other forum members. 23) ADVERTISING and SOLICITING are strictly prohibited. This is NOT a place to find artists or developers, either for hire or for volunteer/free. This is NOT the place to advertise your product, company, or community. If you want, you may include a few links in your signature as long as they are small and unobtrusive. See Ash's signature for an example of what is tasteful and acceptable: http://www.getpaint.net/misc/ash_sig.png 24) Do not swear. This includes "ASCII Swearing" where letters are replaced by symbols/numbers in an attempt to get around the autocensor. 25) Do not 'bump' your own thread unless it has received 0 replies and it has been 24 hours since you posted it. You may not bump a thread more than once. ('Bumping' refers to posting simply to get your post moved to the top of the list--"Is anyone listening?", "I really need some help here!", "Can't anyone help me?", "Help!", "bump", "up", etc.) When bumping your thread, it may be wise to edit the original post to give more details as the usual reason no one responds to a post is because it is too confusing. 25a) Do not "sneaky-bump." Sneaky-bumping is deleting your post and reposting the same message. This is harder for the moderators to notice (hence "sneaky"). Breaking rules out of ignorance is forgivable -- not even the moderators have all the rules memorized! But sneak-bumping is actively attempting to circumvent the rules. It's morally equivalent to spitting in the moderators' faces, and we don't like that. 26) Never 'bump' someone else's thread. 27) Do not "bite" newcomers / newbies. See here for more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WP:BITE This also applies to established members. If you want to be rude, do it on another message board. We have no use for it here. "Constructive Criticism" is fine when a user posts in a thread made for that purpose ("rate" threads and the pictorium), but be helpful. Being rude just to be rude will earn you a warning. 28) No "warez" discussion. Encouraging or aiding in illegal download of software, music, videos, etc. is against forum rules. Hundreds of people work for thousands of hours to program that software, and they deserve to be paid. That's why even discussing warez is against forum rules. You may not encourage others to do it, or tell them how to do so, either by private message or open forum post. Your post will be edited or locked, and you may be banned. If you are running a pirated copy of Windows or whatever, then just keep that fact to yourself. 29) Don't post huge images. Not everyone has an internet connection as fast as yours or a monitor as large, so don't make their pages take 10 minutes to load and don't make them scroll sideways. Keep images no larger than 800 pixels tall or wide. You're welcome to post clickable thumbnails and links to a larger version. *) Spam. Any spam posts will be deleted as soon as they are discovered by a moderator. The user will be banned, as will their e-mail and IP address. Depending on the e-mail and IP, their subnet and e-mail domain may also be banned. If you are banned by accident, then please contact a moderator for assistance. (Change Log: September 2nd, 2008 - Rule 28, "no warez talk," re-added. Don't know where it went in the first place... September 3rd, 2008 - Rule 18, spoiler tag now prohibited in signatures, also. June 1st, 2009 - Rule 18, 'hide' tag now prohibited in signatures. August 1st, 2009 - Minor revisions. August 11th, 2009 - Consider all rules for PMs, also. March 15, 2010 - Rule 25a, "no sneaky-bumping" added by pyrochild. April 7, 2010 - Links updated for new forum December 31, 2010 - Minor revisions. December 21, 2013 - Fleshed out rule 10, added 10a, moved post title portion of rule 10 to be part of rule 6. -d.a ) July 8, 2014 - Updated Rule 8 for Paint.NET 4 Dec 6, 2015 - Added to description regarding searching - EER
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    A few fellow forum members suggested I make a tutorial after giving shading tips on a different thread. No plug-ins needed. This will work on colored images as well to accent the highlights and shadows, but I tend to play with it the most on my sketches. First, start with your base image. Add a new layer for shadows and set the Blending Mode to Color Burn Add another layer for highlights and set the Blending Mode to Color Dodge Using a dark gray on the Dodge layer, color where you want highlights. The lighter the color, the brighter the highlight. If it looks too bright, try a darker color. Black will probably not show up at all. I like to lower the hardness of the brush to get a softer edge to help with blending later. If you want distinct highlights, you can try a harder brush. Using a light gray on the Burn layer, color where you want shadows. The darker the color, the deeper the shadows. Use Gaussian Blur to smooth out the shadows. Play with the slider to see what works best for your image. Do the same to the highlights. Using the eraser tool, clean up the edges of the highlights and shadows so they don't creep beyond the borders of your image. If you find a section that needs a bit more adjustment, you can color where needed, use the selection tool to choose just that area, and then blur again to smooth it out. Another option is to reduce the hardness of your brush and adjust the opacity to make it slightly transparent, if you want just a subtle change. And then, you're done! You can adjust the opacity of the Dodge and Burn layers if the highlights and shadows are too bright/dark. This same technique on a colored photo (done quickly for this tutorial, not because my daughter needed any dramatization to her face):
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    Hello everyone! I've been a long time user of Paint.NET and lurker of the forum. I'm a fan of military modeling and designs and use Paint.NET to draw and shade the various vehicles and pixel/sprite style soldiers I make. I've been using this program for around 7 years now, so I feel like I should probably make a thread here for some of the stuff I've made. To start, here's some of my recent scenes. Click each for their full resolution. Thank you all for looking! More stuff to come.
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    80% space, 20% whatever, 100% what goes on inside my head. Most recent images: Poppy 22/01/2017 First piece of 2017. Named after my girlfriend's nickname. http://drydareelin.deviantart.com/art/Poppy-658970306 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arcane 05/11/2016 Did this over the span of a couple of days. http://drydareelin.deviantart.com/art/Arcane-644104151 Progression Video. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Void 29/07/2016 It's been long... Far too long. This is my attempt at something more realistic (..ish). It took me a few hours, and was quite challenging getting the colours right. http://drydareelin.deviantart.com/art/Void-624595727 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unsolved 13/03/16 The universe is a puzzle, after all. http://drydareelin.deviantart.com/art/Unsolved-596359011 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015: 2014: 2013: 2012: Pre-December 2011:
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    Finally finished it!
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    Here's another in the genre of Stained Glass (my obsession continues...) This is a rough texture glass piece. Watch out, don't cut yourself! (haha) Please enjoy!
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    Plugin used: Midora's Plugin Animate 1. Open PDN and start to add the layers. I used a canvas size of 333 x 275 pixels for this example. 2. For a moving object you will need to change the position slightly on each layer. To do this, first draw or add your image. Then Copy & Paste. Add to a new layer and move it slightly. Keep on going until you have the desired layers. 3. The settings for the layers are available in Midora’s Read Me in his Plugin. i.e. For the Background you can name it, then the settings follow // 1. Background would be; bouncy ball // Background 2. Next layer will have the speed; i.e. // 80ms 4. Then, when you are finished and ready to animate, go to Save As and choose the setting for AGIF - GIF Animations and Images 5. Close PDN after saving. 6. To view your wonderful movie, open PDN again and go to Tools – Animate It and navigate to where you saved your movie. Note: If you have updated to @Midora's 'Look At It' on 16th April, 2015, it will now look like this: 7. Save your .agif and then upload it to Imgur or Photobucket and copy the URL for posting on the forum. For Water 1. Cut out a piece of water from a picture for the Background layer and call it that after the slashes // 2. Copy and paste into a new layer and with the rectangle tool pull the nubs slightly to stretch it. Mark the 2nd layer with the time of // 60ms. 3. Continue as above and stretch again. 4. Make a few layers as above. 5. Follow step 4 in above bouncy ball to finish.
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    Pyrochild wrote a marvelous Gradient Mapping plugin. However, its possibilities are uncovered not completely. I found some gradients at our Forums. Note: gradients for old version of a plugin (like MiguelPereira's Gradients) are incompatible with the new version and can lead to crash paint.net. Gradients.zip by MiguelPereira for new version Gradient Mapping. Contains 4 gradients: Lemony, Rainbow, Weird, and Weird2. Sarkut's Yellow Gold gives golden color to elements of your image. ThermalImage by natjo1986. It fades from purple to red or fading from cold then to hot. Pop_Art_Hope colors the image in PopArt style. I made some presets to stimulate usage of Gradient Mapping. Note: put in a folder Gradient Mapping only gradients necessary for you. At a large number of gradients, you can not see them all in the drop-down list of gradients. Simples.zip contains 14 different two-color gradients. Chocolate.zip contains 9 different gradients of chocolate color. Fruity.zip contains 13 different gradients with fruit undertones. Golden.zip contains 9 different gradients of golden color. Metalls.zip contains 5 different gradients of shades of metal. Neon.zip contains 10 different gradients like a neon glow. Rainbow.zip contains 9 different gradients in rainbow tones. Bokeh.zip contains 11 different gradients which allow to paint parts of the image in color inherent Bokeh effect. Colors.zip contains 8 different multi-colored gradients. Harmony.zip contains 7 different multicolor gradients. Spectrum.zip contains 5 different four-colored gradients. Vintage.zip contains 10 different preset for changing the image like a vintage photo. Silvery.zip contains 10 different presets with silver shades. Pop_Art.zip contains 15 different presets for creation of portraits in Pop Art style. I hope to see your work with presets for Gradient Mapping. Open for itself the wonderful world of colors! To be continued...
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    My latest piece - something furry and cute, I hope!
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    A set of buildings this time. I can't tell you how much I like Red Ochre's "Vanishing Point" and MJW's "Paste from Clipboard"!
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    Polygonal (Gossamer) image I will try to keep this simple but there are many possible variants and alternatives to explore - please do experiment!... and post your results/tips in this thread. Required plugins: My Red ochre plugin pack and MJW's Edge-expander 1. Choose an image with a distinctive outline. Even better, draw and scan an original image. For this tutorial I will use this CC0 image from Pexel.com. If using a photographic image, try to choose one with a contrasting background. It will make turning it into an object much easier. If using a scanned drawing, convert it to black and alpha, (my Two-tone threshold can do this). You can of course draw the dots (vertices) where you wish this way. Tracing paper is very useful when scanning artwork - but that would be another tutorial. 2. Crop the image. 3. Resize the image - something in the range of 1000 pixels maximum dimension or less should work. (Image/Resize). 4. Select and delete the background. I used the magic wand in additive mode and clicked on the background till all was selected. If it selects parts of your subject, reduce the tolerance.The subject is now an 'object' (opaque pixels on a transparent layer). 5. Name the layer 'kingfisher object' or whatever is relevant for you. Do this by double clicking on the layer in the layers window and typing a name into the text box. 6. Save this image as a .png file (you don't want to do all that selecting again!). 7. Save as a .pdn file (always wise to save regularly). 8. Create a new layer and fill it with black. Either 'select all' and backspace or use the fill tool. Name this layer 'background'. 9. Create a new transparent layer and add some noise - Effects/Noise/Noise choice (the built-in one can't put noise on transparency). Name this the 'small dots' layer. 10. Move to the object layer, select the magic wand tool and click on the transparent area around the object. Now move to the small dots layer and press delete. 11. Copy the object layer (at stage 4) to the clipboard by moving to that layer then use Edit/Select all/Copy. 12 Move back to the small dots layer by clicking on it in the layers window. 13. We now need to apply the colours from the clipboard to the small dots. Many plugins can do this but I will use Effects/Tools/ClipWarpNew, with no warping. 14. Duplicate this layer, Name it 'big dots' and apply Effects/Object/Edge-expander with settings shown. 15. Hide the big dots layer by unchecking the visibility box. The small dots layer should now be active (highlighted in the layers window). 16. Run Effects/Iterative lines/Gossamer with the settings shown. Feel free to experiment though! 17. If some of the thin lines generated have obscured the edge of the object they can be deleted by first selecting the transparent space around the object on the object layer. Then move back to the Gossamer lines (small dots) layer and hit delete.The same idea as at stage 10. It also looks good to erase some of the lines with the eraser tool. 18. Turn the 'big dots' visibility back on. 19. Drag the object above the other layers and set its blend mode to multiply and lower the opacity. 20. Save as a .pdn file. Then select Image/Flatten then save as .png or .jpg file. Done!
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    *Thank you so much for all tutorial, it helped me a lot!
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    Current plugin versions: GIF Animation Creator FileType plugin: 17.8.2015: ImAGIF.FileType v0.12.zip PNG Animation Creator FileType plugin: 6.4.2015: ImAPNG.FileType v0.3.zip (load only) Animation Viewer Effect plugin: 17.8.2015: LookAtIt.Effect v0.6.zip Please check the readmes in the zips for installation and current features. People who downloaded these plugins also downloaded: TR's KeyFrame The remaing post is the original thread content w/o links. Please respect that not all information may match the current versions of the plugin. You have to read the whole thread to get an idea about the development cycle. Here is an other little filetype to play with: see top of the post. Loads and saves animated gif files. .dll and .dlc files must be copied to FileTypes folder. Warning: Paint.NET does not like that two filetpye plugins support the same extension. So switch off AnimGIF.dll. Warning 2: The file extension of the animations must be .agif not just .gif. What are the advantages against the AnimGIF.dll in the FileTypes plugin section of the forum: - Better or let's say working support of transparency (including alpha threshold) - Better file compression (supporting different disposal methods) - Frames may use individual delays and comments. - Background and Foreground layers may be rendered to the frames (Makes it easy to add an overlay text to an animation). Disadvantages in this test version: Only 255 colors are allowed because I switched off the color quantization off which is way to slow in the moment. All attributes to control the animation are stored in the layer titles after the marker //. Attributes must be separated with a semicolon character. Load reads some attributes from the file and adds them to the layer titles. loop=N Defines the number N of loops of the animation (First layer only) 0 means infinite. If not defined then infinite will be assumed. duration=N Defines the amount of time N in ms until the next frame of the animation will be shown. If not defined then the duration of the previous frame will be assumed. Instead of 'duration=N' you may use 'N ms'. The initial duration is 0. Firefox supports frame durations as low as 0.02 s, with anything below that being rounded up to 0.10 s. This means Firefox supports a maximum frame rate of 50fps. comment=A Where A is an ASCII string. If a character is not in ASCII then it will be replaced. A comment may be added to every frame. If the first frame does not contain a comment then the default comment 'Paint.NET-ImAGIF' will be used. To suppress this add an empty comment to the first frame. Restriction: Semicolons and // are not allowed in comments. - The following attributes are used to in creation of the frames. They can not be stored in the gif. If you are using them then it is important to save a backup of the file as .pdn document. skip If defined then the layer will not be part of the animation backgound All following layers will be merged with this layer to form a frame. You can use this attributes on different layers. foreground All preceeding frames will be merged with this layer. You can use this attributes on different layers. threshold=N Alpha channel threshold (pixels above are opaque, all others are fully transparent) You may set the user environment variable 'ImAGIF' to 'TileInfo'. This adds on load more attributes to the layer title: Frame window, disposal method, and size of the frame data block. These attributes are just informative and not used on save. There is a variant for APNG and AWEBP but let's first get this to run. The main question at the end. Is the handling of the animation attributes via the layer titles understandable?
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    This is a tutorial on how to make the diamond text I used in my image. After much experimenting I think have finally come up with a method which I hope can be easily replicated to give a similar effect each time. Before you start you will need - a couple of stone textures. I made mine using the Stone 101 thread here. There are several to choose from. You can either make your own or I have added mine for you use. The Dotspecial font available on Dafont.com here. Boltbait`s Selection Tools available in his plugin pack here. dpy`s AA`s Assistant from his pack here The Apply Texture plugin by niwax here. For the sparkles you could use Majik`s Sparkle Effect plugin. And finally Davidf `s Cell Texture plugin . Let`s get started. 1.Open a new image of your chosen size. Mine is 800x300. Create or import a texture of your choice to use as your background. I prefer a darker one as it shows off the text best. 2.Using the Dotspecial font, on a new layer write your text in white, size 110, then align centre.Duplicate the layer,uncheck one copy and move it below the background layer as you will need it later. 3.Pick the Magic Wand, Flood Mode set to Global and Tolerance 50%, then select your text. Now go to Effects>Selection>Bevel Selection at these settings 4.Keeping the text selected next use Effects>Distort>Crystalize at these settings- Deselect and use AA`s Assistant at default settings which should leave you with something like this- 5.Duplicate the text three times.Rename the layers if you prefer. 6.Now, with the top two rock layers unnchecked,go to the Text Fragment layer and use Effects>Blurs>Fragment at these settings- 7.Now make the Text rock 1 layer active and go to Effects>Object>ApplyTexture and use the darker one of the rock textures. Change the layer Blend Mode to Difference. Repeat with the Text rock 2 layer and change the Blend Mode to Negation giving you something like this - Of course these blend modes are just suggestions. Feel free to try different textures and blend modes to create the effect you prefer. 8.New layer at the top above all the others. Change the primary colour to 0094FF and use the bucket tool to fill the layer with this colour. Next go the previously saved text layer below the background,pick the Magic Wand which should still be on Global and select outside the text. Next go to the blue layer and press Delete. You should now just have the blue colour in the text. Change the Blend Mode to Overlay, opacity 60. 9.Now with the colour still the same, make another new layer above the others,rename if you wish, and go to Effects>Render>Cell Texture at these settings- Same as before, select outside the text and delete to leave the effect just on the text. Then change the blend mode to Overlay leaving this effect- 10.Now all you have to do is add a few random sparkles to the diamonds and you are finished. You could of course make some nice jewellery using this method as well. Don`t feel you are restricted to just making text . I am sure this technique could be adapted to create other objects. Now let`s see what you can come up with.
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    Thanks to @Red ochre for showing me how to do this properly.
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    Wow! It has been nearly 10 months since I last posted an image. Thank you everyone for your lovely words. Life has been a little crazy but it is getting better. Here are some new images I have been working on. Dainty (Julie's Cactus Flower) Kiss Cut
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    Mini-tutorial on my dished buttons: 1. open a reasonably sized, single layer canvas - I generally use the default 800x600 (NB: it doesn't have to be square). 2. fill the entire canvas with your base color. 3. open Effects > Render > Shape3D. 4. change the Depth Radius to around 0.3. This gives the button a nice domed appearance. 5. turn on Antialiasing. Level 4 or 5 is perfect to eliminate the rough outer rim. 6. increase the Strength of Light to 1.2 7. change the Specular Highlight to 0.1 8. hit Ok. 9. duplicate the layer. 10. the upper layer should be selected. If not, select it. 11. press Ctrl+Shift+Z to open the Rotate/Zoom dialog 12. hold Shift down while you drag the outer roll control to the 180 degree position. 13. reduce the zoom to around 0.8 14. if required, use the pan feature to recenter the reduced image. You could use Align Object, but I'm lazy and just eyeball it. 15. hit OK 16. apply Effects > Blurs > Gaussian Blur on the upper layer at radius of 25 or so. 17. flatten and save,
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    Some Birdies for a change . Please click for larger image
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    Download Effects: PSFilterPdn Run 3rd party Photoshop-compatible filters in Paint.NET. Effects->8bf Filter Radical Image Optimization Tool (RIOT) Exports the current layer in a format optimized for web use. Effects->Tools->Save for Web with RIOT Soft Proofing Simulates how the current layer would look when printed with a specified color profile. The Visual C++ 2010 SP1 runtime is required to run this plugin. Effects->Tools->Soft Proofing Twainable+ Allows Paint.NET to use 32-bit TWAIN drivers on a 64-bit OS. Effects->Tools->Twainable+ FileTypes: Base 64 FileType Loads and saves Base64 encoded images. EA Fsh FileType Loads and saves the Fsh format used by many Electronic Arts games. The Visual C++ 2010 SP1 runtime is required to run this plugin. Image Tiling FileType Splits an image into tiles and saves them into a zip file. JPEG 2000 FileType Loads and saves JPEG 2000 images. The Visual C++ 2010 SP1 runtime is required to run this plugin. Optimized JPEG FileType Optimizes JPEG images using jpegtran. Paint Shop Pro FileType Loads and saves Jasc's Paint Shop Pro format. Photoshop Brush FileType Loads and saves Photoshop brushes. Photoshop Pattern FileType Loads and saves the Pattern files used by Photoshop's Fill command. Raw FileType Loads Camera RAW files using DCRaw, WebP FileType Loads and saves Google's WebP format. The Visual C++ 2010 SP1 runtime is required to run this plugin. For developers: I'm on GitHub: https://github.com/0xC0000054
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    Just fooling around again, testing some new shapes I made and came up with this. I think it looks very much like a cheap plastic suncatcher from the dollar store. Please enjoy my 'Cheap Plastic Suncatcher'
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    toe_head2001's Plugin Pack Now you can get all these plugins together; even the ones you don't want or need! All these plugins are for paint.net v4. Sorry, I don't bother with v3.5 compatibility. If you have any comments that are specific to a certain plugin, please post in that plugin's forum thread/topic. Download You have two options for the download. ZIP of .dll files: toe_head2001PackJuly16.zip ZIP of plugin installer: toe_head2001PackJuly16-Installer.zip Donate Adjustments menu SubLCD - Adjust image to appear to use ClearType-like rendering. Mostly useful for text. Originally created by @xrl. Effects > Blurs menu Gaussian Blur (Clamped) - Much like the regular Gaussian Blur effect, except this effect gets clamped to the active selection. This effectively stops colors (and transparency) from bleeding through from outside of the selection. Effects > Distort menu Screen Pixel - breaks an image into it's constituent RGB components. Originally created by @Bleek II. Effects > Fill Blur Fill - Fills transparent areas of the canvas with a scaled copy of an object within the layer. The height vs. width ratio is fixed. Effects > Photo menu Inset Box Shadow - Uses inner shadowing to create photo type frame of varying transparency. Imagine a square vignette which can be placed inside the edge of an image by a given margin. Effects > Render menu Barcode - Generates barcodes from user input. Supports Code 39, Code 39 Mod 43, Full ascii code 39, Postnet, and UPC-A. Originally created by @Sepcot. Bulletin Board Trim - Creates a image border in a 'Bulletin Board Trim' style. Coordinate Plane Points - Creates center-based coordinate plane points. Gingham - Generates a Gingham pattern with custom color, width, and line styles. Isometric Cuboid - Generates a Rectangular Cuboid and shows it using Isometric projection. Jigsaw Puzzle - Generates a Jigsaw Puzzle cut-out of an image. Pie Chart - Renders a Pie Chart based on specified Colors and Values. Can also render Labels on the chart. Postage Stamp - Creates an edge like a modern postage stamp (i.e. wave like perforations) around the image. Ruler - Renders a ruler using the specified units & sub units. This will NOT measure anything and will NOT convert pixel length to another unit of length. Spoked Wheel - Creates a circular wheels with options to specify size, spoke number, axle size, rim thickness, color. Tartan - Build and render custom tartan/plaid patterns. Tattersall - Generates a Tattersall pattern with custom colors, line width, spacing, and line style. Two-point Perspective - Generates a Rectangular Cuboid and shows it using two-point (vanishing point) projection. Effects > Stylize menu Radius Corners - Round off the square corners of an image, with nicely anti-aliased edges. Originally created by @dan9298. Effects > Text menu Text Window - "Cuts out" a repeated string of text to the layer or selection. Download You have two options for the download. ZIP of .dll files: toe_head2001PackJuly16.zip ZIP of plugin installer: toe_head2001PackJuly16-Installer.zip Donate Some icons from, or based on, Fugue Icons.
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    TechnoRobbo's SplineMaster ver. 1.4.2+ Free-form (Cardinal) Splines. Draw on an image, on empty layer or use an image as a guide. Menu: Effects->Render The Tutorial Part I - The Basics (best watched full-screen) Music by TechnoRobbo The Tutorial Part II - Advanced Topics (best watched full-screen) Music by TechnoRobbo The Tutorial Part III - Mask Transparency (best watched full-screen) https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WPd8dX8xnA0 Updates 1.4.2 includes a Auto-Add Mode check box - uncheck it to avoid accidently adding a node while trying to move a node v1.4.1+ adjusted for tablets and different DPI V1.3.4 Minor Change - Replaced rotation instruction that was missing Version 1.3.3 adds Mask transparency Version 1.3.1 fixes Cloning Version 1.3.0 - Save , Load and Edit Groups of Spline. Version 1.1.1 saves settings in between uses during a a session. Version 1.1.0 [Line Caps (arrows etc.) Line styles (Dashes & Dots) Opacity (transparency backwards.) OK Button applies current spline fixes "delete background" that I mucked up with last change.] Version 1.0.3 Fixed the Undo Bug Version 1.0.1 & 1.0.2 -color picker lets you edit existing color Checkbox (Closed & Filled) functionality adjusted (Thanks Red Ochre) Nicole Nicole2 Not Nicole The VS Source Code TRsSplineMasterSrc.zip The Plugin TRsSplineMaster.zip
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    This is a new piece. I tried hard not to get weird but I I just couldnt help myself. I was working on a perfectly normal perspective study and it went all fuchsiaristic on me. Shades of "Silent running" and all that sort of thing. I dunno if anyone here is old enough to remember that.
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    Plugins required: Object Align - http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=4193 Clipwarp - http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/25860-clipwarp-for-glass-metal-new-plugin-6th-jan-2013/page-1 Smooth - http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=6776 Trail - http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=18653 Fast FX – Glow & Soften Portrait - http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=18819 Bevel Selection - http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/8318-boltbaits-plugin-pack-updated-december-12-2011/page-1 At the outset I would like to thank all of the plugin writers without whom we could not attain to the artistic levels seen here. Thanks also go to the people who have helped me get this far & there are many Disclaimer - I do not name my layers. This tute is aimed at more experienced users & it is assumed that you understand how to use layers, layer blend modes etc. Red ochre also kindly pointed this out which may help you: Slightly concerned by the size of the image (I think you said you have 12GB - I've only got 2GB and there are probably still XP users with less than that. However, large size is the easiest way to avoid pixellated edges caused by selections. (For those adapting this to a smaller size it may be worth copying the selected area at stage 8 to a new layer, running Bevel selection then the AA object plugin before flattening back down before stage 10? - just a thought) Also ...have you tried using the 'square root' option for the curvature type ? It is slightly smoother than the 'linear' option if lower levels of overall displacement are required. This is something like what you want to achieve: 1. Open a new image. Big is better. I have used 3200 x 2400. If it is too small the settings I have used here will not work for you. 2. For this tute I have used this image http://2.bp.blogspot.com/--e41beyt_Ps/T837u6EccWI/AAAAAAAADcU/EV9wvYeuSZo/s1600/PinkRoses11.png but you can use one of your own. 3. You may have to adjust the image to fit the canvas. Don’t be too concerned about the aspect ratio. If it is a bit stretched one way or the other, it will be ok. Since the image is a png, it has a transparent background. Get rid of any white that you may have. 4. Add a new layer. It should look like this: 5. Select yellow from the colour wheel and the text tool. 6. Select a font that is reasonably uniform in thickness. I’ve used Edwardian here. 7. Use align object to align the text to “both”. I like to work from the centre but it is optional. At this stage it is hard to pick the text from the background. You can turn off the flower layer if you like. 8. Using the Magic Wand at default tolerance , but set Flood Mode to global, select the outside of the text. Then press CTRL + I to invert the selection. 9. Next use Bevel Selection at these settings: Highlight: 225 227 107 Shadow: 147 126 7 Depth: 5 Strength: 1.0 You may have to play with the Depth setting a bit but the text should look very curvy with the edges a brownish colour and yellow in the middle. I made my text a bit bigger using the rectangle select and Move tool. 10. Now go to Adjustments à Curves and use the following settings: 11. Deselect (CTRL + D) then Gaussian Blur at default or use AA Assistant at default. If your image is too small at this stage your text will blur. You don’t want this but you want to get rid of the jaggies. Go back to just the background and increase the size of the image, redo the text bigger and redo the bevel which you may also need to adjust. 12. Duplicate the layer and set the blend mode to Overlay. Merge the two layers of text. 13. Duplicate the layer twice and turn the lowest text layer off. This is so that you will have a backup in case you need it. Save your work as a .PDN file. 14. Go to the flower layer or background and CTRL + A, CTRL + C to copy the image to the clipboard. Then deselect or CTRL + D. 15. Go to the top layer. Run Clipwarp (from Tools Menu under Effects) at something like this: You are aiming for a goodly amount of colour. Play with the settings until you are happy with it. 16. Run Smooth (under Effects - Blurs) once or twice. Use CTRL + F to repeat. You want it smooth but not blurred. I did mine twice. 17. Go to the text layer below and run Trail at something like below: 18. Run Smooth if you like. I ran it twice on this image. Set the blend mode to Overlay. 19. Go to the last (third) layer of text and use Fast Effect Glow and Soften Portrait at these settings: 20. Set the top coloured layer of text blend mode to whatever takes you fancy. I’ve used Multiply. 21. Run a Drop Shadow to your taste on the last layer of text. At this stage you could also Smooth Blur again if you think it needs it. 22. Turn the background back on. You want to use a different one or keep it. The blend modes in the above text layers will determine what if reflected in the gold of the lettering. 23. You can also tint the top layer if you like. Experiment and have fun! As always, if you find an error or need some further explanations, please just ask. I would love to see what you all come up with. There are many embellishments to take this a bit further & I would encourage you to try out other text tutes for the sake of learning new ways of working that can be used in conjunction.
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    Happy Easter to All @toe_head2001.....your rubber stamp makes a great coloring tool!
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    Thanks Red! Great tutorial. Here is my try :
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    Not at all @LionsDragon Just a collage of effects from Paint. The starship was first seen in strange attractors a long time ago......been working on it forever Amazing what some pics can be morphed into
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    i've used paint.net without any custom addons for almost a decade now, maybe longer, but today i upgraded to the version 4 and started looking through the addons and everything available here. since from today onward i will use a new paint.net with new addons, i figured i can show a few things from the last 2 years using my old setup, starting with the most recent the technique i'm currently experimenting with is stretching portions of an image to recreate the original. you can see this in all the pictures above to various degrees. it results in stretched gradients, brushstroke-looking blocks of color, and the effect is interesting i think. i have been considering creating an addon to make this type of work easier or perhaps even automate a portion for fun also just using layers and the layer filters to impose simple effects, it's a useful basic skill and you can always learn something new or a nice combination, or maybe even just the basic effects in different combinations other things i've experimented in the past years are glitching/databending a variety of ways to generate interesting results, like the last 3 pictures which i consider 'waves'. i was also trying to generating patterns as you can see anyway i know it's not a whole lot of original work, even though this is just a sample. most of the things i make now are just edits of my photos, but i try new things every so often. hope you enjoy
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    Hi there what's up, I was passing nearby and I said to myself I should give a try to this competition to brush up my paint.net skill...
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    Meet Isgerdr (Ice-sheltered), McKenna's grumpy older sister. I think their parents may have been an inter-elemental marriage. I'm also trying my hand--errr, mouse--at digital painting. Here's the late, great David Bowie; wish I knew what he was singing! (I like to think it's "Let's Dance.")
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    The other day, my wife asked me to pass her lipstick but I accidentally passed her a glue stick. She still isn't talking to me. My thesaurus arrived yesterday, but when I opened it, due to a printing error, it was blank inside. I have no words to describe how angry I am. Why do scuba divers fall backwards off of the boat? Because if they fell forward, they'd still be on the boat. I don't like trees, they're kinda shady. I tried to work in an orange juice factory but I couldn't concentrate. This is my step ladder. I never knew my real ladder... Did you hear about the ship carrying blue paint and the ship carrying red paint that crashed into the same island? All the sailors were marooned.
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    CodeLab 2.20 Released This is only for Paint.NET 4.0.6+! Small update today... Changes: ▪ Intelligent Assistance updates (see previous posts above for description). (toe_head2001) ▪ Frosted Glass added to list of Template effects (Ctrl+N) (BoltBait) Grab the CodeLab DLL here: http://www.boltbait.com/pdn/CodeLab/
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    I hope this isn't necromancy...but, I had to try this. I used the effect to make a love note for my husband, although it applies to PDN as well! (Just don't tell him I said that!) Lovely effect, @barbieq25!
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    Thank you guys for your kind words and the reputation! I'm glad you like them. Here's today's piece, this one of my latest aircraft design. Kind of my attempt at a promotional image/advertisement, I tried to make it look kind of "half 3D" by duplicating the wings and the intake as well as the landing gear and I think it worked out well! Here it is separate from the scene. I couldn't decide how I wanted the cockpit, so here's both of them.
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    Thank you all! You guys wanted it, so here it is! A tutorial on how to make trees in my style: And as a bonus, here's a scene I made a month ago of some troops scaling a mountain.
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    2014-05-04 8.1th set pack relesed update plugin "rotate/Zoom+" If you DL 8.0thset pack already,please DL only Rotate_Zoom+.zip.Rotate_Zoom+.zip Downloaddpyplugins8.1.zip All dpy's plugin works in PDN3.5.11 and PDN4.0Beta(build5226) If this is useful for you, I am glad. for Japanese people-> Download Japanese version for Russian people-> Download Russian version(8.1th set pack . This was translated by xmario . Thank you xmario . ) After you downloaded "dpyplugins.zip", unzip it. There are all dll files in "dpyplugins". Please move or copy ***.dll file into your program filesPaint.NETeffects. Menu > Adjustment Black and Alpha+ topic Changes an image into black and white , and changes brightness into transparency. Color Balance+ topic Enhanced color balance with Highlight, Shadow & Midtonal adjustments. Menu > Effects > Color Multi-Threshold topic Eenables the plural threshold. Menu > Effects > Distort Rotate_Zoom+ update! topic "Rotate/Zoom+" plugin can be selected the three types.(bicubic, bilinear, Nearest Neighbor) Menu > Effects > Distort Perspective Effect (v2.0) topic Perspective Effect and Trapezoid transform of your image by adjusting the height &/or width of the sides. Menu > Effects > Object AA's Asistant soften the edges , and adjust alpha. No topic a detailed explanation (Japanese and English) http://paintnet.web....aaassistant.htm Menu > Effects > Color Metallize topic Applies a chrome or metallic sheen to an image. Menu > Effects > Text Formations Sub menu "Text Formations" is created by installing these plugins. Text+ update! Topic specify the line spacing and drawing position ,and change Pitch of Font . Circle Text topic Writes text into a circle. Rotate Text Writes text on an angle. No topic Attention there is two dll file for this effect in this setpack. .RotateText.dll .RotateTextSUI.dll Both dll is same effect , but different each UI size. If your display size is 1024x768 , please use RotateTextSUI.dll. (It is short size UI that decreased Text input box) Spiral Text topic Writes text on a spiral. Wave Text topic Writes text on a sine wave. Attention there is two dll file for this effect in this setpack. .WaveText.dll .WaveTextSUI.dll Both dll is same effect , but different each UI size. If your display size is 1024x768 , please use WavwTextSUI.dll. (It is short size UI that excepted "bold" and "Italic") Speech Bubble topic Make speech bubble and writes text in it. ************************************************************************************** simple tools These are plug-in which I use for myself. Very simple, and may be useful for you. or・・・・・・Might be just a waste for you. These does not have a UI. 1px Expansion Menu > Effects > Distort This is a plug-in to help fill colors of shapes or Manga. Use to the image that was painted by "bucket" on a transparent layer. Example Hidden Content: Alpha to 0 Menu > Effects > Color This is set to zero alpha. Use when you want to keep the RGB data, as well as "eraser". Alpha to 255 Menu > Effects > Color This is set to 255 alpha. Replace the erased images by "Alpha to 0" or "eraser". Example Hidden Content: *****History*****2014/04/28 8.0th set pack relesed ********* DL 1,037 2012/08/26 7.0tn set pack relesed ********* DL 63,393 2012/03/22 6.1th set pack relesed ********* DL 14,845 2012/03/10 6.0th set pack relesed 2011/05/22 5.2th set pack relesed Circle , Spiral ,and Wave Text was update. 2010/06/06 5.1th set pack released. update "Black and Alpha+" 2010/04/05 5th set pack released in celebration of the movement of the forum. Speech Bubble up date 2010/03/21 4th set pack released. added 2 new plug-ins Speech Bubble Multi Threshold 2010/03/13 3rd set pack released. update "Perspective Effect" 2010/02/27 2nd set pack released. new plugin "AA's Asistant" update "Perspective Effect" add icon "Text Fomations family" These icons were created by Boude. Thank you Boude. 2009/10/25 1st set pack released.
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    More Work-in-Progress screenshots. Previously, Constants and Enum Items would be shown generically as Fields, but they are now further differentiated. I even have them show their values in the ToolTip (if they're static). I've also added Snippets for the following: if, else, switch, while, for, foreach, using. Place the text caret on the right side of the word and press the Tab key (or press Tab twice when in the IntelliBox).
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    OK, the time has finally come for me to post my updated plugin pack, all the plugins have been updated in some way or another, be it UI or compatibility updates and I have added a new plugin. You will notice that all the color sliders and color wheels are new, these are controls that I have made, they incorporate the additional features that Ed Harvey's controls use so credit for that idea goes to him not me, however I did extend upon his ideas and add a few extra functions. For the Color Sliders, Holding shift will clamp the value to the nearest increment, these are [*:3r43efa0] 15, for Red, Green, Blue, Alpha and Hue sliders [*:3r43efa0] 5, for Saturation and Value sliders.For the Color Wheel, there 6 combinations of Control, Alt and Shift keys that will produce different results, they are the same as Ed Harveys but I will list them all anyway. [*:3r43efa0]Shift - clamps the hue to 15 degree increments. [*:3r43efa0]Control - clamps the saturation to the current value. [*:3r43efa0]Alt - clamps the hue to the current value. [*:3r43efa0]Control + Alt - clamps the hue to the current value and the saturation to increments of 10. [*:3r43efa0]Control + Shift - clamps the saturation to the current value and the hue to 15 degree increments [*:3r43efa0]Control + Shift + Alt - clamps the hue to an increment of 15 and the saturation to an increment of 10.Anyway, on to the plugins. Download for 3.5.4 This is the beta release for 3.5.4, they may still have problems, please post all bugs or problems in this thread.CurtisBlack.Effects.zip Download for 3.36 To install these plugins, extract and place all three files in this zip inside your Paint.Net/Effects folder.CurtisBlack.Effects.v11.zip Tile Image (Distort -> Tile Image) Version 1.3 This was my first ever attempt at a plugin, basically it just tiles the image the selected number of times in each direction. It also has the ability to flip every 2nd image to make the edges of each image line up, with the ability to change the offset of which images get flipped. It started out as a CodeLab script but as I got more familiar with the plugin template I moved it over to add the flipping feature. Version 1.1 Its now in the proper sub menu for people not using an English Pdn. Version 1.2 Cleaned up the UI, it now looks like the plugins with the IndirectUI update for 3.30, even thought none of my plugins are property based, (I really should look into how to make property based effects), I thought this plugin would benefit from the new look. Version 1.3 Improved the performance of this plugin, in my testing I was able to decrease rendering time from 5.17s to 300ms for a 1024x768 image. Now all quality settings take the same time to render. Jumble (Distort -> Jumble) Version 1.4 I can't see this plugin getting used a lot but I thought it was a cool idea, again, it was just something I wanted to do to get more familiar with Visual Studio and the plugin template. Basically all it does is jumble the image, you get to choose the amount of blocks and if you want, you can click Jumble to re-jumble the blocks. Version 1.1 Same as before, its now in the proper sub menu. Version 1.2 Again, updated the UI. Version 1.3 Fixed a bug causing some images to get pixelated when jumbled. Version 1.4 Improved performance, Rendering time is now half of what it used to be. Selective Palette (Color -> Selective Palette) Version 1.2 Ok, this is the first of what I consider to be one of my good plugins. What it does is allow the user to build up a list of colours, and then it converts each pixel in the image to the closest colour on the list. To make life easier it also loads and saves these lists in the same format as the Paint.NET Palette file, so if you have any custom palettes, you can quickly load one and see what your image looks like using only those colours. There are several options with this one so I'll just explain them [*:3r43efa0]Random - Adds a random colour to the list, you can specify whether or not you want the alpha to be random and if you want to add more than one colour at a time then you can change that as well. [*:3r43efa0]Sort List - Originally I was going to have it auto sort the colours every time you add one, but then I thought, because this can be used to make Paint.NET Palette files, I will leave it up to the user to add colours in their desired order. This option sorts the colours by hue, from 0 to 360. [*:3r43efa0]Clean List - Basically it just removes the colours from the list that aren't the closest match to any pixel in the image, its handy if you have a large list and you want to clean it up. Just a note: Large colour lists may take a while to reload when you change them, as I said, I have only been programming for a year, so if anyone has a suggestion on how to make it faster while retaining all its functionality, I am open to suggestions. For small lists though, it really isn't that bad. Version 1.1 Added a reset button for the colour picker, thats pretty much it. Version 1.2 This plugin now has those new color sliders and the new color wheel I was talking about and is now compatible with Paint.Net v3.30. Version 1.3 Now supports several dithering modes as well as loading predefined palettes and the ability to reorder colours in the list. Equations (Render -> Equations) Version 2.2 Before I get started I would like to say that there are parts of this plugin that use source code from the CodeLab plugin, so credit for this goes to Tom Jackson and BoltBait. This plugin might be usefull to some people, Basically it lets you type in a mathematical equation in one of the given forms and renders it to the image. There are currently 3 different types of equations you can use. [*:3r43efa0]Regular Equations These take the form y = some function of x. [*:3r43efa0]Parametric Equations These take the form y = some function of t and x = some other function of t, here you can use two different functions to represent the x and y coordinates of each point on the line. [*:3r43efa0]Polar Equations These take the form Radius = some function of theta, where theta is measured in radians, counter-clockwise from the x axis. You can specify the start angle, the end angle, how much to rotate the whole graph by and, how much to increment theta by, for a smooth curve, the smaller the better, but good blocky results can be obtained by increasing this value. You also have the options to vary the axis and function width and colour as well as the origin position on the screen, I added a quick help dialog to it which shows a list of common functions you can use in your equations. Version 2.0 Added a fair few features, including- [*:3r43efa0]You can now use lower or upper case functions. [*:3r43efa0]The ability to load and save equations for later, it also comes with all the equations I had here, plus more I found while testing, to save you typing them out. [*:3r43efa0]The ability to scale both the X and Y axis between 20 and 500 percent of the original value. [*:3r43efa0]I changed when it draws the graph, it now only checks if it should draw about 1 second after you stop typing or changing a slider, and then it will only do so if changes are made, this should speed it up a bit. [*:3r43efa0]You can now check or uncheck the auto draw option for those people who didn't want it to build while they're typing, even though I changed the when it draws, I thought it might still be useful for some. [*:3r43efa0]You can now choose to add arrow heads to the ends of the axis and graph, the code for working out where to place the arrow heads is not perfect so sometimes they will be placed farther than they should from the edges, the code to do it properly would be more complicated and I think this is good enough for now, I might make it better in the future. [*:3r43efa0]You can now choose the option to add shading to the graph, there are various different shading modes and styles to choose from, but shading will increase render time, not by heaps, but it is noticeable. [*:3r43efa0]Like the other plugins, it now appears in the proper localised sub menu.I also fixed a mistake in the render loop, it should now render a little bit faster than before(without shading that is). Version 2.1 Thanks to MadJik, it should finally work for everyone, that error preventing some people from using this plugin should now be gone. Version 2.2 All the text box's now automatically colour your equation to make it easier to read and find any errors. Just a note, most errors will appear black, as everything else will get coloured, but just because its not black, doesn't mean its not an error, for example if you have more left brackets than right, thats an error, but all the brackets will be coloured. Effects Lab (Advanced -> Effects Lab) Version 1.1 The newest addition to my plugin pack, this plugin allows you to run an existing effect through a filter, so to speak. All you have to do is find the effect you want to use, click "Use Effect", then fiddle with the effects controls and the filter controls until you get the result you're after. I have added a search box that searches as you type to help out those with lots of effects, the way it works is that it searches for all effects starting with your search query, so if you start typing "co" it will automatically bring up "Color Balance", "Conditional Hue/Saturation", "CodeLab" etc. To redisplay all effects, just clear the search box. When you click "Use Effect" it will show the effects dialog if it has one and will display the effects name next to the button so you know what effect you are using. If, however, you close the effects dialog, you will loose all the settings for that effect and you will have to start again, but you shouldn't need to be closing the effects dialog unless you want to switch effects as the plugin allows you to access both dialogs simultaneously. I put this effect in the Advanced sub-menu because I couldn't think where else to put it. I was going to call it "Conditional Effects" or something along that line, but then when I moved it to the Advanced sub-menu I thought I'd stick with Advanced effects naming scheme and call it "Effects Lab". :wink: And before I forget, I would like to thank Pyrochild for helping me out with some problems I was having during development and sharing some of his code for me to have a look at. Version 1.1 Fixed a bug stopping some effects from working Fern Fractal (Render -> Fern Fractal) Version 1.2 This plugin is pretty self explanatory, all it does is render a fern onto your canvas. You have the option to choose its colour, angle, position, as well being able to scale its width and height. The "Iterations" slider controls the density of the fern, the larger the amount of iterations, the more dense the fern will look. Version 1.1 Fixed the bug where the fern wouldn't render after you click OK. Version 1.2 Fixed the bug where it would sometimes crash Paint.NET. Channel Mask (Object -> Channel Mask) Version 1.2 MODERATORS NOTE: This effect is incompatible with Paint.NET 4.0x This plugin comes straight from the mind of Mike Ryan. What he was after was a plugin similar to the Alpha Mask plugin but which had more control over what channels to apply the mask to and what channels of the mask image to mask from. You use this plugin in the same way as you would the Alpha mask plugin, however you will see that each channel has a list of options of where to source the mask channel from, so, if you have a mask image and want to set the alpha channel of your current image to the blue channel of your mask image, you can do that by simply setting the alpha channel source option to blue. You can also choose to strech the mask image or tile the mask image if the dimensions of your current image and your mask image aren't the same. You also have the option to invert the mask channel and to blend it with the original. It supports all file formats that Paint.NET supports, and any filetype plugins you may have installed, meaning that if you are working on a multilayer .pdn, you don't need to create a new file for masking, simply create a new layer in that file with the mask and then load the file you are working on into the plugin, from there you can then select that new layer you just created from the list. I would like to thank Pyrochild and Mike Ryan for their time testing the plugin and giving me valued feedback, and to Mike Ryan for the actual idea itself. Version 1.1 The filename text box now remembers the last image locations you have used and includes all the files that are in your Paint.NET recent file list. Version 1.2 Fixed the bug where it would crash when you try to use the plugin a second time. Displacement Map (Distort -> Displacement Map) Version 1.1 This is pretty much the same as the previous Displacement plugin but with more options. The pixels of the image are offset by the amount determined by the map channel and the displacement slider, and are offset in the direction of the angle chooser. Like Channel Mask, you can choose whether the image should be stretched or tiled if the dimensions aren't the same, and it has support for all the filetypes that Paint.NET itself supports. Version 1.1 Fixed the bug where it would crash when you try to use the plugin a second time. Blur Map (Blurs -> Blur Map) Version 1.0 MODERATORS NOTE: This effect is incompatible with Paint.NET 4.0x This is pretty much the same as my Displacement Map plugin except it will blur the image by the value taken from the map image. Dots (Stylize -> Dots) Version 1.0 Basically, it turns your image into a grid of dots which you can adjust the size of, and how much highlighting to add to make them look 3D. It was based on the ideas of this tutorial. Rounded Rectangle (Render -> Rounded Rectangle) Version 1.0 A lot of people have been wanting to be able to adjust the amount of curve on the corners of the rounded rectangle tool, well, Paint.NET can't do that yet so this is the next best thing.
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