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    @Woodsy rediscovered this excellent tutorial while archiving tuts to PDF. I was so taken with the effect I wrote a plugin to make it easier to create a very similar effect. I know this is similar to Ed Harvey's Weave, but that seems to be non-functional in PDN 4.0+ The UI: Download the DLL >> WovenPhoto94.zip After installing, you'll find it in the Effects >Texture Demos: Run it twice with different sizes for some interesting overlays... Download it here for the time being. I'll put it in my Plugin Pack soonish.
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it @LionsDragon requested a tutorial on this after I posted an image in my gallery. @TrevorOutlaw made a comment that it needed more scattered 'air bubbles' and I agreed. So went my pursuit to see if I could accomplish it and make it better. We will be making this: Plugins needed: Dpy's AA's Assistant Built-in Noise Josh's Fuzzy Edge Detector Red's Tone Angle Gradient Pyrochild's Curves+ KrisVDM's Drop Shadow BoltBait's Inner Shadow Selection I'm using a shape that you can find in my shapepack, though any shape should work. I've tested it on a few. The shape is 'StainedGlass-Flower2'. Here is the zip file. Shape-Curves.zip Shape file (.xaml) goes into your shapes folder (ProgramFiles--->paint.net--->shapes). The (.xml) goes into your Curves+ folder (Documents--->paint.net user files--->Effect Presets--->Curves+) I'm using a canvas of 600 x 800. Draw your shape, outline only, in black at 4px. Add a new layer and color your shape pieces. Use magic wand at about 60% to select the pieces, go to new layer and fill with paint bucket any color of your choosing. Continue until all pieces are colored. ***USE SOLID COLORS ONLY! GRADIENTS WILL NOT WORK!*** Do (2) AA's Assistant (Effects--->Object). Untick outline layer. Duplicate your 'color pieces' layer. On the top layer Add Noise (Effects--->Noise--->Add Noise) It may look like you haven't done anything to the image, but you have. This is the basis for the 'air bubbles'. Still on the top layer, use Fuzzy Edge Detect at the settings below. (Effects--->Stylize) Still on the top layer, use Tone Gradient Angle at these settings. (Effects--->Stylize) Set top layer to multiply, opacity about 160. Then use Curves+ at these settings. (Adjustments--->Curves+) Merge top layer down onto layer 2, leaving outline layer untouched. On 'color piece' layer do Drop Shadow at these settings. (Effects--->Object) Duplicate the layer, set top layer to color burn, opacity about 75. Create a new layer on top. On outline layer, select with magic wand all your 'pieces' (magic wand-shift), then select your new layer and use Inner Shadow Selection at these settings. (Effects--->Selection) Deselect. At this point you may want to add layers for highlights and shading. Set the (2) layers between 'inner shadow selection' layer and your colored image. Add highlights and shading as desired. After applying, clean up the layers using the outline layer and magic wand. This great tip comes from @hippiechos and her great tutorial found here. If you want to add a little extra 'ompf' to your 'lead', move the outline to the top and make visible (check it). Use BoltBait's Bevel Object at approx. these settings. (Effects--->Object) Most of these plugin settings are very flexible. The only one that isn't is the Noise. If you add too much, you will just have a mess! Here are (2) quick examples of mandalas I made in an on-line generator. I colored them myself and applied most of the above steps, except the drop shadow for the 'lead', as they didn't have spaces between the pieces. It was thin black lines. Not bad, I think! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I'd love to see what interesting 'stained glass' you can make! EDIT: Enlarged last two images
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    And now something rather whimsical - all made in PDN with Plugins like: @MKT's Shape 3D for stool top and pedestal, @MJW's Height Maps for the tiles and carpet + @Red ochre's Fur Blur. @MadJik 's Grid Checker Maker for the wall paper and @pyrochild's Grid Grad for the bigger tile flooring. ~ Click for Bathroom Art ~
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    Thank you @MadJik, @Rei! @ingwer!
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    new version (repeat + steps + gradient) Artwork using New stars (but not only...)
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    Not Quick Sand the stuff that will suck you in, but a quick way to make sand ... and not ground breaking, but an interesting alternative to using the built in Clouds, as playing throws up some great textures Same technique was used in the below examples: PlugIns Needed: NormalMap Plus Planetoid The Tutorial: >> Grab the PDF << Play with Noise/ Cloud Settings as small differences can be quite noticeable. eg. In hindsight I could have reduced the Noise more Video Tutorial: My first attempt at adding a video tutorial. No-one laugh out loud too loud ... it needs editing and was a first attempt Many thanks to @ingwer for pointing me towards the software used
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    Thanks everyone! Here's today's scene, inspired by various images of the British army's Berlin Infantry Brigade during the Cold War and the Berlin wall. Their tanks had an unusual urban camouflage pattern which I tried my best to recreate. https://blastwaves.deviantart.com/art/Operation-Enforcement-710902262
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    I like birds too ... but I have a row for looking The angle chooser is a neat addition. Some quick chain link fencing
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    I love birdies too @Seerose . But I do not have any.
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    100% PDN, although I worked from photos when painting the ravens.
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    Adapted from this tutorial using PDN.
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    I was bored.... SVGs and stuff, comments? Cut and Print are still meh, rest I feel are fine.
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    So many different permutations to choose from. Edited because PostImage is playing silly buggers
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    November Update Here's a few new toys (and a couple of old ones) to play with.... Dents Classic Ed Harvey The original version of the Dents effect. This version has a more complex UI than the one built into paint.net, and adds Stretch and Edge Behaviour options Green Tint Reduction toe_head2001 Intelligently reduces the amount of green tint in an image without introducing magenta as a by-product ImageInText xod Creates text mask using the source layer as the text fill, alternatively creates transparent text within the source layer Julia “plus” MadJik Based on the built-in Julia fractal effect, this version has more configurable options. Magical Plugins Megapack. Polar Inversion Plus Ed Harvey Some of the Plus features have been incorporated into the built-in Polar Inversion effect. This original effect has additional options in the 'Edge Behavior' list (primary color, secondary color, transparent, original) Tournesol (Sun flower seeds) MadJik Creates spiraling strings of seeds or beads in vivid color. Magical Plugins Megapack. Woven Photo Ego Eram Reputo Overlays edging and shadowing to make the source image look like it has been woven out of narrow strips. @MadJik (to EER: only 4 left orphans!) <-- I saw that!!!
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    You always know what's inside my head. I was going to call it The Sands of Time but that was taken I'm glad you saw the interpretation of man being the water sweeping away nature. Thanks as always @Woodsy ... thank mate. Been a long time since I played in the sand ... it gets everywhere Huh ... can you actually get working prosthetic eyes Thanks mate. Planetoid is throwing up some very interesting textures by blending etc ... will share soon. THis is Elvis ...
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    Something a little different. Stairway to....
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    Ingenious way to use those Plugin's @lynxster4 in your latest tutorial to make stained glass. I really enjoyed making this - many thanks
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    @Seerose ... that is beautiful colouring. Sorry no rep points left ... will be back @lynxster4 ... you should re-name the tut' to The Way To Lose An Hour (and get into trouble...) This lost a bit in re-sizing
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    Thanks for updating this @Ego Eram Reputo
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    2 new wallpapers 1920 x 1080. Clickable thumbnails are on page 1. Blue Opal Neptune
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    With Planetoid Textures Thanks for this
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    Excellent results @welshblue @butterfly8000 and @Seerose Here is my attempt. I tinkered with a few things.
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    @LionsDragon @Seerose @lynxster4 @Pixey ... many thanks Ladies ... 25 years together, married for - ummm is it 10 or 11 years. What year is it ? A lot of people said it wouldn't last due to, well many things but the main one me being a bad boy and her being sweetness personified. We proved them all wrong. In 25 years not one proper argument ... she just laughs at me sulking. Pixey - 43 years. Wow. Fair play to you's and congratulations. I think mine will have suffocated me by then Lynxster' - I can honestly say that if I hadn't married the one I'd never have done it with anyone else ... killing my street cred' here ... @Woodsy ... thanks mate. Yeah I agree, will just use artistic licence and call it blingy bling bling. The ring part was the last bit and a thinner one didn't look right. Live and learn ... Rep points when my bank is refreshed @Rickhum ... thanks dude - alliteration is better than illiteration @JulioCoolio ... many thanks. i don't know about talent, I just keep clicking and hope things appear. Sometimes I keep them, often they get shredded @Charles Valles ... I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm not sure how I'd cope and I can only imagine how you must be feeling. If there is any help needed with editing photographs please don't hesitate to shout out here on the forum as we're a friendly bunch and there will be someone to help you My deepest, sincerest condolences to you at this difficult time --------------------------------------------------- Forbidden It started out playing with Clouds, Planetoid, Varicose, Seismograph amongst others and came up with this Using EEr's Woven Photo and adding a few more things Hopefully the start of a bigger picture
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    @Ego Eram Reputo! like this ...? Please tell me that's okay? (test... test..)
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    Having a play around with @MadJik's Abstract Turorial: ~Clicky for larger~
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    In a bit of an "old geezer" musical mind this evening
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    Turn off antialiasing in the toolbar Different shapes (and major brush system upgrades in general) are coming in a future update. It's on the short list of stuff I've got queued up.
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    A quick symmetrical abstract piece based on @MadJik's tutorial found here: I call this 'Angelic Rings'.
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    @MadJik I like this effect. Thank you. It has many interesting possibilities.
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    Thanks @MadJik, I do not have a star for you but I hope you like a flower.
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    @MadJik you have added so much versatility to all your plugins, I am in awe. These latest additions to 'stars' make this so much fun! Thank you!
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    Got it! This is a reproduction of a suncatcher that hung in my mother's living room window when I was a small child. (Unfortunately, it fell and broke one day while she was cleaning the windows.) Thanks, dearest @lynxster4, for the memory; I always loved this piece.
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    I recently participated in one of those photo challenges on FaceBook, so I thought I'd post my pictures here for all to see. All images were processed in paint.net. The challenge was to define yourself in seven black-and-white photos... no people and no descriptions. Here are mine, enjoy: And, a bonus picture (This is the only picture I didn't take specifically for this project.): Looking at all these pictures together should give you a pretty good idea of who I am. Hope you enjoyed them. EDIT: A special thanks goes out to Tanel for creating the plugins Local Contrast Enhancement, Black-and-White Converter, and Shadow Recovery.
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    A quick animation. Everything hand-made by me except the 'leaves' (stock). I made my own gradient, applied it with Shape3D, grid warp, and used EER's new plugin WovenPhoto to assist me in making the 'windows'. Happy Halloween!!
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    @lynxster4! Beautiful tutorial. Thank you very very much for your effort. *Points I'll give you later.
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    Last one. A cell from a cell ...
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    Thank you @Ego Eram Reputo and @Woodsy! *Photos are mine.
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    @Ego Eram Reputo Thank you for this plugin. Some more requests: Is it possible to change the low limit of the Strip width (first slider) to 1 or 2? (Wire fence?) This image is also old (2009) : So what about an angle chooser?
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    I didn't realise it was gone until the other week ... great timing EER ... now pick 6 numbers between 1 and 59 A couple more plays ... not sure if I'm sad or just a basket case ...
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    This plugin is based on toe_head2001 Text Window plugin code. Found in Effects ► Text Formations submenu: ► ImageInText.zip ◄