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  2. Quick Sand

    Thanks, I had forgotten about Yellowman's Sand Text tut. I made a PDF on it a few years back if anyone wants it... Sand Text (how to write on sand) - Text
  3. Unfinished plugins

    Merci Beuacoup. Very much appreciated
  4. Quick Sand

    @lynxster4 ... I think the lynx blends in well, the only thing I'd say is possibly too much Noise - but that could be my fault (incidentally there's a big fuss where I live about an escaped lynx. Poor Lilleth) Inverting the colours after running Emboss at 90 degrees pretty much gives the same results. It turns out slightly darker but that's neither here nor there. A duplicated layer set to screen with opacity adjusted could change that, if so required. The only difference really is that there's slightly more 'peaks and troughs' with NMP and more control with lighting. An alternative for Planetoid ... well obviously it's Clouds, but setting the Clouds Blend Mode to Difference and pressing Ctrl + F a couple of times adds an interesting twist as a base layer Nice job. I'm used to the fingers turned the other way towards me
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  6. How to get "cold cloudy day" colors ?

    There's a common process to matching identical images in lighting. Find the target lighting and the current lighting. Set the primary color to a pixel in the first image. Set the other color to a corresponding pixel in the second image. Blur the images by the same amount if it's hard to select pixels in the same area. Let's say the first image is what you have and the second is your goal. Measure the lighting difference and make corrections. Measure the difference between HSV and RGB of those pixels. Use Hue/Saturation across the image to adjust saturation and lightness. Don't shift hue. Use Channel Ops across the image to adjust color channels. Make other corrections. Auto level the images to see other visual differences. Undo afterwards. Change contrast as needed. Make hand adjustments. Clone Stamp and TR's Dodge and Burn come to mind. Example I made the lighting corrections, then manually corrected the lighting of the post, but forgot the wall. Just magic wand the post with global and low tolerance so it selects everything that's lime-ish in color, apply lighting corrections, and clone stamp the edges.
  7. Selecting Areas by Color?

    Hey Lyrehc - welcome to the forum I hope you figured out that the Magic Wand is the tool to use If you hold down the Shift key, MW will select every instance of the matching color within in the layer. Control the colors matching the origin (the click point) using the Tolerance slider. a Tolerance of zero means only exact matches will be found. More here >>
  8. Quick Sand

    Now I really like that dip! Great job on 'winging' it! Your drawing in the sand looks much more realistic. Peace to you, too!
  9. Josh's Gallery

    Me too!
  10. Trevor's Gallery - NEW! <What Strange Sight Did She See>

    Oh fantastic! She looks totally gobsmacked.
  11. Hello. I'm currently trying to make a mod for a game which requires me to edit a large sheet of sprites. It would take an extremely long time to edit all of the sprites manually. Is there any way I can just select areas by color and make it much easier? EDIT: Figured it out. Nevermind
  12. SOTW#176 - Winners ~ Tattoos.

    Congrats Pixey and Welshblue. Really good entries here...
  13. Quick Sand

    I don't have the plugins that Welshblue used, so I winged it with clouds, blur and emboss.
  14. SOTW#176 - Winners ~ Tattoos.

    Congrats to everyone! All entries were great. Thank you, @Pixey for hosting!
  15. That is a beautiful Christmas card, @LionsDragon! Great job.
  16. Josh's Gallery

    Yummy! I have my plate ready.
  17. Josh's Gallery

    @Eli Oh, I don't feel bad at all. It was a compliment to Welshblue's mastery. I'm sure there are styles he can't yet do, but he can do quite a lot of them. @welshblue My 3D skill outweighs my PDN skill which outweighs my drawing skill -- by a long distance. We all have things we're better at. And thanks for the compliments. I created the highlights on the water avatar's muscles by shading it all, then erasing in veins to make stark white. My drawings are never much like the final illustration. By the by, I'm cooking up a plugin called Filter Brush based on Brush Factory that lets you configure an effect to "uncover" by drawing over the original image. Parallelization lets this plugin run almost as fast as Brush Factory, far outperforming TR's Dodge and Burn. It supports built-in effects and token-based custom effects. Too early to make a plugin release thread, but this plugin is very close to being done. Okay, end of irrelevant point
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  19. Quick Sand

    Very nice tutorial @welshblue I so wanted to use @yellowman's 'Sand Text' to assist me in putting my image on, but sadly all pics are MIA. Did the best I could, but probably could be better.....Thank you!
  20. Unfinished plugins

    Here it is!
  21. What music are you listening to?

    How many of today's bands will be as timeless ? Dammit I've turned into a grumpy old man living in the past
  22. Unfinished plugins

    I'd love to have a play with that ABC Perlin Noise but seeing as the CodeLab Installer doesn't work on the Store PDN yet, anyone fancy copying the .dll and sending it to me ? I can't promise you monetary recompense but emoticons of your choosing is possible ...
  23. What music are you listening to?

    R.I.P Indeed. Saw them also at Donnington 91. Fantastic atmosphere and a top class act.
  24. Josh's Gallery

    @Joshua Lamusga Do not feel bad. @welshblue has almost six thousand posts and he even took some time off. I agree, weshblue is a master.
  25. Unfinished plugins

    @MadJik I tried and it works. That is a neat Madgick trick.
  26. What music are you listening to?

    RIP Malcolm Young. So many great times and memories listening to you play. One of the best rhythm guitarists. Donnington Monsters of Rock '84 was mega
  27. SOTW#176 - Winners ~ Tattoos.

    Congratulations everyone who placed/ entered - great stuff from everyone Thanks @Pixey A bit gutted I didn't win this one, as I would have been able to compromise a design on my head if I had. Or I just don't tell her the truth
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