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  2. Instructions? I've only posted some ideas and screenshots....
  3. @BlastWave, you never cease to amaze me with your work. Excellent contributions!
  4. Very nice tutorial executions! Good job, Seerose!
  5. Dear @Beta0! Thank you so much for the positive responses. Dear @ingwer! Thank you so much for the rep.
  6. @IRON67! Thank you so much For instructions.
  7. WOW!!! @Red ochre! Is this a dragon? Perfect. Thank you so much.
  8. *Greenpoint Stare at the blinking green dot for a few seconds, and see what happens to the yellow dots... Hard to believe but the yellow dots never actually disappear. Still images are quick to fall from our awareness, especially when they’re surrounded by constantly changing imagery. by Michael Bach
  9. Hi @Red ochre! Are they carpenter? Are you taking new orders? Excellent work. Thank you so much. I will continue to illusion in the future.
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  11. LOL, I have a fast PC with SSD. But I'll remove some plugins and see if that changes things. I think I got all those plugins from a pack.
  12. I include my Help files in the DLL as resources. I'd like to follow CodeLab's lead and compress the RTF file in ZIP format or BoltBait's RTZ format. Either will do. I'd like the RTF file to be automatically compressed upon building whenever the RTF file has been modified. (This is probably something I could figure out by reading enough MS documentation, but I'm hoping someone knows if it can be done, and if so how to do it, so I dont have to spend my time reading MS's (often infuriating) documentation. (Can anyone describe things more indirectly than Microsoft?))
  13. IRON67 You are a true man. The answer you gave me was my work. Thank you very much. Thank you, Red ocher, for writing these codes. Your hands are healthy.
  14. Well. Now I feel very silly. I always skipped that step as a kid. That could be why I never learned to draw. Dude, no worries! I brought it up, remember? I have glaucoma, the type where my eye pressure spikes really suddenly. I thought it was a migraine triggered by my ragweed allergy.
  15. Tutorial request +1
  16. Thanks @Red ochre. Played around a bit and came up with something a little better than what I had. Not ready for my gallery though. Book Cover from Moonraker
  17. That's for the advanced users. Not there yet! Thanks for the reference though. Haven't played with that aspect yet @toe_head2001. I'll get there.
  18. True. But, you can design something in ShapeMaker and OUTPUT the geo code using the menu File > Export Path Geometry.
  19. Thanks Andrew! Gossamer can be tricky to use as giving it too many points will make it very slow and create so many lines it obscures the desired effect. I started with a scanned line drawing which I changed to black on a transparent layer using Two-tone threshold. I then reduced the number of 'solid' black pixels by using 'Noise choice' on its transparency setting followed by Alpha threshold. At this stage it should look like tea leaves along the path of the original lines. These opaque dots can be coloured with Object2colour or even Gradients Galore with the 'on object only' button checked. Then run Gossamer... if it takes too long, quit and go back and reduce the number of dots further. As the lines are 1px wide it is also quite sensitive to the canvas size used. Hope that helps a bit - I try to avoid writing tutorials!
  20. ShapeMaker has a nice manual; let's see what it says about 'Paste Path Stream': Paste Path is capable of interpreting StreamGeometry strings which are a lightweight version of PathGeometry strings. Both can appear in XAML files - but only StreamGeometry can be parsed by ShapeMaker. Users attempting to paste in PathGeometry strings will receive an error message even though there is nothing 'wrong' with the string. So, you can import StreamGeometry, but not PathGeometry. BoltBait's example of StreamGeometry: F1 M 21,142 L 160,22 L 300,142 L 300,318 L 21,318 Z
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  22. Oh Wow! Great pic @Red ochre. Hope you add that to your gallery. I tried for a few hours and gave up. The detail I was trying to mimic was the image breaking up into vectors. Does this not show a clear example of the difference between paint (I'm not sure of the term (bitmap?) and vector graphics editing. I know they are totally different. Vector graphics to me is 3D editing to get that effect of the breakup. But still a great piece of art.
  23. See - someone reads your tut @BoltBait. Took me a few tries - but by George I think I got it! I plan to try using Kaxaml to draw my next shape. And correct me if I'm wrong - you can't import the geo code into ShapeMaker. Figured that out all on my own but it did frustrate me for awhile. Thanks for the tut and the examples. I enjoy learning new things.
  24. Mainly Gossamer, Cobweb for the stars.
  25. Or do what I do: click Visit this web page anyway. After a few times, Norton seems to quit complaining for a while. Just as the administrators are too stubborn to give in to Norton by reporting the false positive, I'm too stubborn to quit using Norton antivirus because they won't.
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