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  2. MadJik'All Art... Bubbles 2017

    Far out.
  3. ~ WelshBlue ~ Out There 22/8/2017

    It is indeed out there. I immediately recognized the background on the left from an earlier work of yours, the one that had R2D2 in it.
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  5. Pixey's Gallery - Murano Glass.

    Beautiful piece Pixey! It sure does look like glass, heavy and swirly!
  6. MadJik'All Art... Bubbles 2017

    _____________________________________________________________________ (22/08/2017) It's alive!
  7. What music are you listening to?

    ^ Talented guy.
  8. ~ WelshBlue ~ Out There 22/8/2017

    @LionsDragon The only Welsh bread I can think of is LaverBread ... and it is vile. At least to me. yuck -------------------------------------------------------- Out There on pg.1 Weirdly displaying larger than it was saved. Some parts don't look as good BIG Strangely Window Picture Viewer is showing it a big too when it's saved as 1320 x 615. I dunno Anyways ... Out There.

  10. Pixey's Gallery - Murano Glass.

    I've watched too many antique programmes ... I actually recognise murano glass. Very Venetian Nothing wrong with 'glass again' when you do it so well. It's actually got the appearance of being a heavy piece. The red is very Murano Beautiful image
  11. The easiest and in my opinion best way to do this is to do the following: 1) Select the area you want to switch colors (S) 2) Select the color you want to replace by using the color picker (K) 3) Select the Paint Bucket (F) 4) Select the "Flood mode" as "Global" (as opposed to contiguous) 5) Click on any pixel that contain the color to switch 6) Play with the "tolerance" to make sure you switch exactly what you need Using the Conditional Hue filter did not work well for me and the recolor function for some reasons never worked and always left reminders of the color to replace, regardless of the tolerance.
  12. Trevor's Gallery - NEW! <Elegancy>

    Very subtle but still empowering mate. For me the wire frame effect brings it all together very nicely. Even the pink works for me ... damn I'm changing
  13. Pixey's Gallery - Murano Glass.

    And now - for something Italian - sorry, it's glass again .
  14. Hello @JcX
  15. Hello Madjik, I was wondering if you can send a link to a zip version of all the dll instead of an executable file. Our iT are pretty strict when it comes to .exe. I can't open and use the plugins Thanks!
  16. Just RENAME the file from xy.agif to xy.gif in your Windows Explorer or something like that.
  17. Lightning v1.1

    I think I can reproduce the crash. If I change enough amount of setting, I will crash. For example, if I keep holding the slider and not releasing it, after like 3 seconds, it will crash!!
  18. Lightning v1.1

    help, I crashed when using this plugin I crashed when I changed the values. I just changed 90 degree for the lightning and I crashed.
  19. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**NEW - Cat Serenade**

    Ha.....I'll never tell..... Thank you Welshy for the compliments on my gallery. That's what makes each of us unique!
  20. New version of animal texture plugin:
  21. Animal texture What's this? This is a work based on this link: and the PDF file to illustrate the content: (link to a PDF in French about “boring” mathematic formulas). Near the end of this document there is a small program written for Maple. I tried to adapt this code to Csharp and from bi-color to RGB. Finally, I can’t reproduce the skin of any animal as I think it should be. But some results give interesting patterns or textures. Download it! Plugin animal.dll Here is the DLL The MadJik's All plugins package is available! How to install Close Unzip and (re)place the DLL in your Effect folder usually: C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects The User interface This plugin is added to the menu Effects, submenu Texture. Steps Number of steps. Ration Horizontal/Vertical Aspect ratio horizontal/vertical of steps. Calcul Mode The choice of different formulas. Four modes are possible: -Normal: the formula from the original code of the document except it works with RGB. -Sinus: use a Sinus calculation as start point to generate more texture. -Difference: use a subtraction (x-y) calculation as start point. -Black & White: same as Normal but in grey levels (bi color like in the document). Frequency / Distortion / Variation / Angle / Moire / Wave These settings are used in the formula. Just play with them to see how they interact each over. Cycles Number of cycles of calculation. The more the slower. Red / Green / Blue Extra steps factor per channel. The Examples: For this texture to this skin: Voilà! Enjoy! Let me see what you could do with it!
  22. Hello,i made a agif file that i edited in,when i open the agif file it shows me all the frames,but i don't know how to convert it into a working gif file,please someone help me !
  23. How to smooth out 'graininess'?

    I normally solve graininess with Surface Blur. As stated in the help for the Blurs menu, “This effect is used to reduce soft details or noise in an image while retaining most edge details and contrast. The result is a cleaner, simplified version of the original.” I tend to run the effect with default values, or with a threshold of 5 or 10 depending on each image's features.
  24. That *did* help. Thanks!
  25. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**NEW - Cat Serenade**

    Doing or Smoking ... ? A pleasure looking back through your Gallery. Some reminded me so much of Possum Roadkill meets Dug meets Helen. But with your own unique twist Always amazes me of any art programme how so many people have access to the same tools ... but invariably put their own spin/style
  26. Try Boltbait's Plugin pack. There is a plugin there called Remove Dust. That should help with reducing the grain. Once installed, Remove Dust should be under Effects>>Photo.
  27. I found an image that I want to use (and actually have been using for a while) as a wallpaper, but it is really grainy. What is the best way to get a smoother image? Here's the image, if you want to know: My screen is 1366x768, so I'm resizing it down, which, I thought, should help reduce some of the grain.
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