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  2. Can't Outline Text Anymore?

    Hi, Thanks so much - problem solved. I was using the newest version also, not in the video - but couldn't get the outlining right. I installed the plug-ins listed above and now no problem. Perhaps I installed the plugins a long time ago too but forgot about it. I presume updating the program to a new version didn't disable or hinder the plug-ins. Time for some editing again. Thanks a lot for all your help!
  3. The Comedy Thread This was unbelievable and got me laughing quite a bit
  4. Can't Outline Text Anymore?

    Hi @Toraneko Welcome to the forum. I watched your video and saw 4.0.9 was being used, Paint has come a long way and if you recently installed the most up to date version 4.0.21, that effect is no longer available in that drop down. It has been renamed "object outline" and found in the effects/outline sub menu. It is now called object outline and is included in the pack @Ego Eram Reputo quoted. No worries @Ego Eram Reputo There are some videos I cant watch from my country either.
  5. Can't Outline Text Anymore?

    Hi, Thanks for the warm welcome. I tried the video link and it worked, so I'm not sure why it did not connect. If you still have trouble, go to youtube and do a search for kJFrvOX6NvY I can try the plug in (thanks!) although as I mentioned the original way I did it was so easy. I hope I can still do it that way....
  6. Can't Outline Text Anymore?

    ^^ I can't open that video. Welcome to the forum Toraneko! If you haven't already, install this plugin pack...BoltBait's Plugin Pack Place your text on it's own transparent layer then run BoltBait's Outline Plugin on the layer (Effects > Object > Outline)
  7. First, let me say I love this program. I only use it for some simple repetitive things but it is really nice and clean. Until now - I don't know how to fix this. I make some title graphics, and then make an outline of another color around the text. Everything was going great until my motherboard died and I had to get a new computer. Now that I reinstalled the latest version, I just can't do what I used to. It went like this: ...except for the blurring at the end and the awful music inflicted on the viewers. Now if I try that, the whole background goes completely white, except for the outline which is a big colored blob. Has this function been removed? If not, how do you do it? I know there are other ways to get the outlined text, but always more complicated. Any ideas, please?
  8. Eroded Metal Text

    I wondered a bit with mine.
  9. DDS FileType Plus (2018-02-12)

    Looks good to me. Thank you for the research put into that.
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  11. Unfinished plugins

    ^^ looks beautiful. Nice job!
  12. AndrewDavid˝s Creations .... A New Enterprise

    Inspired by @xod 's newest addition to our paint tools and the newest episode of Discovery
  13. Eroded Metal Text

    Plugins Needed: Outlined/ Gradient Text Outline Object Object Bevel Splinter Texture Shader Align Object Object Align There are other options to using Outlined/ Gradient Text, such as writing your text and then using Outline Object or Drop Shadow. I quite like the 1 less step method Playing with different Object Bevel settings eg. using Double Convex etc gives interesting results
  14. That's just where things have to go, stan. Especially if a plugin also wants to be compatible with the Windows Store version of Paint.NET.
  15. Unfinished plugins

    This effect was created in VisualStudio only to understand how things work. It's about ConfigToken, ConfigDialog, InitTokenFromDialog, InitDialogFromToken, and so on. So it can't be really considered as a plugin. Found in Effects > Render submenu. Download
  16. I have a DLL that says it's v1.1.0.13. Don't have the original archive, but here's the DLL if someone wants it.
  17. I had the same problem. Just change settings in Nvidia control panel - GPU Auto. After changes program must install Paint with intergated Intel GPU.
  18. Love the plugin, but I hate apps that clutter up the Docs folder. The Docs folder is for my docs only! Can you please update the plugin to save in a system approved location for settings, such as %LocalAppData%? Thanks! Edit: I see that %LocalAppData%\Paint.NET already exists, so how about %LocalAppData%\Paint.NET\FileTypes?
  19. Outlined / Gradient text

    It is indeed a very good Plugin @xod
  20. Unfinished plugins

    Many thanks @BoltBait
  21. Make sure you are selecting 32-bit PNG or just click the "Auto" option when saving PNG.
  22. Unfinished plugins

    There are 2 bugs in your code: Change your minim slider amount to 0. DoubleSliderControl Amount3 = 0; // [0,100] Single Cell Size (0=auto) and The next build of CodeLab would have caught this error. Simply change to: IReadOnlyList<ColorBgra> Palette = PaintDotNet.ServiceProviderExtensions.GetService<IPalettesService>(Services).CurrentPalette;
  23. The Comedy Thread

    Happy Birthday!!!
  24. LionsDragon's Gallery--Poison Blue

    Very surreal and spooky @LionsDragon The colors go well together to create the 'mood'! Good luck with your move...hope everything goes smoothly.
  25. @MadJik Am absolutely loving the 'City' series! More, more!
  26. Varicose 2 (ymd:18-02-20)

    @MadJik! Thank you so much and also thanks for sharing. Bevore: After:
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