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  2. Hello, Is http://paint.net linked to Paint.net software or not ? If not, the problem is that it is first ranked in Google and could make some confusion. It seems that this site only contain javascripts, so I wonder if it's malicious. Best Regards, Didier
  3. Hi Pixey Thank you, I will follow your suggesstion, my apologies for the size, (I'm terrible at Maths 🀣)
  4. Hi Manc Thank you that's a good idea I will try it with larger textπŸ™‚
  5. Two that I use most often are @Red ochre's Recolour Choice and @silverhammer's Advanced Recoloring, the latter with a simpler UI.
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  7. Perhaps, the plugin you're looking for is in my plugin pack. If you have it installed, try the bottom slider of the Effects > Photo > Combined Photo Adjustments plugin. or, the bottom slider of my Effects > Photo > Sharpen Landscape plugin:
  8. It's this image, the finish makes the wood looks better, so I would like some similar enhance-filter applied to images which doesn't decrease image quality (look grainy or whatever).
  9. Too bad I I did not become active on the forums when @welshblue was around.
  10. Just a note, at some point this discussion should be moved to a more Photopea specific location -- this is the Paint.NET forum after all @IvanK, you messaged me in like 3 or 4 locations before I even woke up this morning ... looks like you got it working though, so I'll leave that. From now on please just post here on the forum with a question like that.
  11. Nice, easy tutorial @ReMake! πŸ‘ Here's my take...
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  13. Hi @Scooter. Nice to hear from you. The shadow on the legs are correct. I've got a window on the left of the TV and the shadow look's like that. As for the rest. I still class myself as a newbie and still got a lot to learn. Did I do something wrong with this image?. Nobody seems to like it. Thanks for your time. Still think you're a scream. Take care mate. Cheers.πŸ˜‰
  14. Thanks! I think Photopea can open 99% of PDN files, so I need to find that 1% of files which could cause troubles (and fix the related bugs, to get to 100%). It is not just a PDN viewer. You will get all the layers (in the layers panel), their names, opacities, blend modes, etc. And you can manipulate it as you would do in Paint.NET (while still in a browser). Do you think I should add .PDN export? In that case, we would get a complete .PDN editor. The advantage could be, that the UI of Photopea is more similar to Photoshop than to Paint.NET, so you could edit .PDN in a
  15. There are many plugins which can do what you wish. All have their uses and each behaves a little differently. Without a plugin, the Recolor Tool is usually the best bet when the Fill tool is not applicable (usually because there are many separate elements or shades to recolor). You can also change an entire selection to the Primary color (hit Backspace after selecting), or the Secondary color (Shift + Backspace). This technique does not respect shading the way the Recolor Tool does.
  16. I made this from a tutorial by @welshblue. Is it only me that misses him.? I learned such a lot from his tutes.πŸ˜„
  17. This looks okay to me. Could be very useful information for people unable or unwilling to install Paint.NET. For those people searching, IrfanView can also open .PDN files.
  18. Hello @IvanK and welcome to the forum. I am not sure whether this constitutes Spam, and will leave an Admin to decide, who may remove your link. However, I managed to open a PDN in your photo editor, so I hope this answers your question.
  19. Hello @Roger the Dodger well, your image is definitely glowing πŸ‘ I'm afraid your image is too big and is not within the guidelines of what size is allowable. However, if you want to keep the image large, it's best to post a Thumb. You can do this by saving your larger image to Imgur.com. Copy the last 7 digits of the code, go to the little black box with the green dot - on the top left of the tool bar of this canvas - and add the 7 digits to the popup box.
  20. Hello @aqrycia and Welcome to the forum Unfortunately your image links are not working, so we cannot see what's going on. Please try another host for your pictures.
  21. Nice one @ReMake πŸ‘ I am a big fan of that Plastic Plugin and have used it in some of my work πŸ₯°
  22. Greetings! When working on something in paint.net, it appears like the first two pictures However, once saved as a transparent png, it looks like this: This just started today and any help would be great! I've never experienced issues like this for the past 7 months
  23. Hi @Roger the Dodger. Nice image, big fan of Hendrix. Just a thought, might look better with a larger font size. Cheers.πŸ™ƒ
  24. Thanks, this worked: So, unlike what I expected, Paint.net itself β€” there might be a plug-in for that β€” can not simply change the color of all pixels in one go after 1) selecting primary/seconday colors and 2) selecting the part with the Select tool: Brushing is the only way to do this. Thank you.
  25. Hi guys, my name is Ivan and I am the creator of a web-based photo editor www.Photopea.com . I added the support for .PDN files today. You can view .PDN files on any device with a web browser, or convert them to .PSD, for free. Do you think it could be useful to anyone? Can I ask you to try to open your .PDN files there (it literally should not take more than 3 seconds), and if any file does not open, could you send it to me to support@photopea.com ? thanks!
  26. Thank you @null54 for the clarification. I didn't know this because I use the Classic version. Fixed the text.
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