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  2. I need to convert a jpg file made on, to a pdf. This is for a whole book cover to be uploaded to kindle, so, a bit more than 2 pages wide. This is not a standard pdf format, so when i convert and upload the PDF, the cover dimensions change to much smaller. KIndle demands the cover be uploaded as a PDF. I definitely got the JPG dimensions right because Kindle provides a template for the cover. Solution? Thanks
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  4. When pasting something that has transparency in it, always paste to a new layer. That is, use Ctrl-Shift-V instead of Ctrl-V.
  5. This is a hotfix for a few issues that have come to light with the 4.2.11 release. To get this update, make sure you have "Also check for pre-release (beta) versions" enabled in Settings, and then click on the Check Now button. (Unfortunately alpha/beta releases are not currently available for the Microsoft Store version of the app). You can also download install this build directly: Changes since 4.2.11: Fixed an error that was preventing some old PDN images from loading (reported here: Fixed a crash in the new selection outline renderer (due to misaligned Push/PopAxisAlignedClip calls) Changed saving to use the ReplaceFile Win32 API, which improves its compatibility Fixed an EndOfStreamException that prevented some JPEGs from opening (thanks @null54 for the fix!) If all goes well, I plan to finalize and publish the 4.2.12 update sometime this weekend.
  6. When you select something, and the background is transparent, and you selected a little bit of the background, when you copy, then paste it, then move it to a solid area, you still have the transparency in the selection and it makes it hard to do put something solid on top of something solid. Is there a tool, or a plugin to do this?
  7. Here's a build with a hotfix: Install that and this will be fixed. The fix will also be a part of the final/public release of version 4.2.12, coming soon. This issue was only affecting PDN images saved with Paint.NET v3.5.8 or earlier (AFAICT).
  8. I'm working on a hotfix for this, stay tuned
  9. Those swirls are so smooth and silky even tho' it's a darkish theme I can SO relate to this and do empathize with you. I'm not feeling well into my 3rd week of chemo and, of course, it's making me feel more cranky and down than usual. I get checked tomorrow and hopefully they may say I don't have to continue for 6 more weeks. Hang in there, you won't be in lock down forever ðŸĪŠ
  10. You bad 😋 It's a strange policy not to notify. Hopefully you'll get it sorted as soon as, mate
  11. Dropbox have confirmed my links were banned due to a file containing a suspected virus (the Printit plugin). I have no idea why they didn't notify me when the ban was imposed. I've suggested they issue notifications before banning links in the future. I've deleted the file & am working to get the ban rescinded.
  12. Page 1. Depression For years I've battled with the invisible curse brought on by PTSD and in these uncertain times, not having seen my son for 5 months and my daughter for 4 ... it creeps back up on you without you realising it ... and this forum is currently keeping my head above water. TMI ? Ahh well ... better out than in. I'm not ashamed of admitting it. All PDN except the eye
  13. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is free on the Epic Games store until June 4th.
  14. @toe_head2001 Ah, I see. Thanks for pointing that out for me. @Ego Eram Reputo Like the ones illustrating softwares have. Like Paint Tool SAI or maybe Clip Studio and Photoshop which I've never used before.
  15. Instead of using Curves on the final "glass" layer, I duplicated again and set the blending mode to Negation, again.
  16. OK, cool. Maybe the site can have a link to the working alternative sign-up page? I tried quite a few times, thinking I was getting the riddle answer wrong, trying alternative answers. Good luck with getting a fix going, and thanks for the help!
  17. Yep, that does it! I was tearing my hair out, but that does exactly what I need. Many thanks!
  18. Yeah, that's why it failed. I'm pretty sure it's a bug with the forum software the website uses.
  19. If you just want to use Paint Bucket tool, you can change the Sampling from Layer to Image. That will allow to fill the lake region while in the new layer.
  20. you could select a lake with the Magic Wand (you may have to play with the tolerance level) >>> Add a New Layer >>> Fill with Bucket Tool and then the lake is on it's own layer Something is only 'easy' when you know the answer 👍
  21. Hi TH, The failing attempt had no jigsaw puzzle, but it did have the 'riddle'. Hope that helps.
  22. When the registration was failing, was the KeyCAPTCHA Jigsaw Puzzle visible/functional?
  23. I love Paint.Net (have donated!), but I am having a problem trying to figure out how to do one simple thing. I have a satellite map image from Bing, with lakes on it. I want to get the exact lake shapes only into a separate image. I was assuming I could create a transparent layer and then use the bucket fill tool to trace the lake shapes onto the transparent layer, then copy just the layer, and save the lake-shapes layer as a file. But when I bucket fill, I can only do that on the satellite image layer. Would someone be able to tell me how to do this? I feel like a complete idiot! Thanks in advance for any help.
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