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  2. Install_Skew.bat//прекрасно подошёл и открыл все ранее загруженные эффекты.
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  4. thank you for answer , but still i cannot make the granulles perfectly White Chocolate !
  5. Hello @Rockified and welcome Could it have been Height Field to Normal Map? I'm having trouble finding the proper download so for now I'll attach the .dll and will keep looking for it. HeightToNormal.dll
  6. If you don't know how to use Paint.net you must learn how to via tutorials. Here is how I made your chocolate to change color. 1. Duplicate your gold layer. 2. On the duplicated layer, go to properties ....... the little spanner on the bottom of the layer window and change the 'layer mode' to screen. 3. Flatten your layers and Save As a jpeg or png. > Click on image for larger <
  7. I used to have an adjustment plugin that basically changes an image's entire color into a blue hue, I would commonly use it to recolor black text and images into blue, then adjust its color using Hue / Saturation. I've lost the plugin's name along with my old laptop and I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with its name. Think of it as the Sepia effect but blue. Hope my explanation made sense. Thanks!
  8. Hi again Pixey. i am sorry but i dont understand , that its why i ask you , if you can, to send me instructions step by step . i mean to tell me exactly how i can do this , on what butons i have to press ... exactely .. if its possible . if i knew to do this i didn't ask ! thank you in advance
  9. Try this then: Duplicate your gold image, then change the layer mode to "screen".
  10. hello, i know how to remove a background . i need to replace the color in the GOLD wax , i mean i want to convert the color of Gold Wax into White Chocolate . i need to be done on that picture , because i have it at high resolution , it is better like this. please tell me how i can do this with Paint.net program . thank you .
  11. Hello @markus21 - wow - you joined us a long, long time ago The easiest way would be for you to remove the background of the 'white' chocolate, which can be done for free from this site: Remove Background from Image – remove.bg
  12. @Pat B I just found this Plugin that helps save various adjustments when you are working on a series of images: Combined Photo Adjustments - With source code (Jan 19, 2010) - Plugins - Publishing ONLY! - paint.net Forum (getpaint.net)
  13. Hello, can you please help me with this image. i want to change the color of the wax granulles from GOLD to White Chocolate. please to explain to me exactely (stept by step) how can i do this to make the color that i need . in the end the pic Wax-GOLD.jpg i want to have the color from the White Chocolate thank you in advance .
  14. Another very useful tip that I learnt way back, was to put as much as you can on a separate layer, name layers (esp. initially) & keep a PDN file of your work as well as a flattened image file. Really great when you want to use a part of the image again later.
  15. BoltBait's Skew Plugin v1.0 Once installed, find Skew Horizontal and Skew Vertical in the Effects > Distort menu: Skew Vertical pretty much looks the same. Download: Until I add this to my latest plugin pack, you can download it here... Skew.zip To install this plugin, download skew.zip to your desktop, unzip all files to your desktop, and run the Install_Skew.bat file to install the Skew.dll file to your Paint.NET Effects directory. Source Code: Enjoy. 😎
  16. If you install this plugin, What's It - it will tell you the type of file you saved the image as. If it is saved as a PNG then the layer structure is gone. PNG doesn't support layers. If you saved it as a PDN (and it is masquerading as a PNG with an incorrect extension) then the layers should be preserved.
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  18. Have you tried renaming it to have a .pdn extension
  19. It's been over a year since I worked on this image, so I don't really remember the details. I made the image from scratch and worked on it, then I saved it. Since then I'm not able to open it. In the file properties it says that it's .png, but i remember having layers and saving it as .pnd. No program is able to open it. At this point I've given up, but thought that asking for help here is a good idea. Exception: PaintDotNet.Imaging.ComponentNotFoundException (0x88982F50): D:\src\pdn\src\SystemLayer.Native\Imaging\WICImagingFactory.cpp (902) : hr = m_pImagingFactory->C
  20. @barbieq25 and @Vagabondi, those are great tips. Appreciate you showing the outcome from running AA's Assistant so I can visually see what exactly some of these wonderful plugins do. I know for the candy text the tut says to run AA's 17x at one point and I was like Okaaaaay lol. The outcome was fun though. You are are all so nice to impart your editing expertise.
  21. @Pat B, I would recommend you ColorBalance+ and Color Mixer. Do you know how to install plugins? Download zip. Copy the .dll file you find inside (dpyColorBalance.dll and ColorMixer.dll) and put it into your Effects folder (Program Files > paint.net > Effects). Restart Paint.net and they will show up in Adjustments menu. As for too many images. You can open one and reduce blue - then open 10 or 20 more and apply the same effect - one by one, closing them after that. Open next 10-20 and repeat. Just do not close Paint.net until you finish so the effects will not re
  22. Who? I'm not sure who that is. Looked him up on the interweb and he's some old guy had a tv show er somthin'. 😄 ............ p.s. thanks for the complement .
  23. Congratulations to @lynxster4 @Ladybug @sashwilko what beautiful entries from you all 🌟 @lynxster4 Hurrah for your hosting 👍
  24. They seem to be working now @barbieq25 @Scooter You are a ringer for David Letterman. Bet you get told that often 😁
  25. Oooooooo what a wonderful start to your Gallery @Ladybug 🌟 Your Christmas images are lovely - and you've now got me in the mood 🎄 That Christmas text is wonderful. So nice to have you on here and I'm really enjoying your works
  26. Hello @Pat B and welcome to the forum Even if you managed to change the colors on a single slide, there is no way you can do this for the other images at the same time.
  27. The question is: why did you make the image so small (256x128) when you knew you wanted to make it bigger? How much bigger and for what reason: on screen use only or do you want to print it? If the detail is not there in the picture there is a limit to how much it can be made bigger and still maintain good picture quality. Having said that I've just enlarged it from the original 256x128 to 1000x512 and it doesn't look that bad. There are what look like JPG artifacts around some 'cloud' edges, its far from sharp and the sun more dodecahedron than circular. But so much de
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