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  2. night cat 😀 I think there are few settings
  3. That's due to the weirdness of the quality slider -- 1 is 1, but 2 is 3, 3 is 5 and it kind of accelerates from there. Should be fixed in a later update.
  4. I thinking I found settings but when I upload here it darker than what I save. Why that?
  5. Well I have downloaded the G'Mic and Shape 3D plugins, fairly liking the latter so far but I'm still learning how to use it. (But to be fair it is easier for me to learn than actual 3D programs like Blender and the like which is why I'm looking for things like this.) But as for G'Mic I'm still trying to figure out where exactly is the "Illuminate" function? Oh yes and as for Collages I do fairly know how to make one (been making them for a few years in programs like Pixlr and NCH PhotoPad.) But all I'm asking is if there is a way to get the pictures/layers to stay in the canvas and/or make it so that images/layers can't overlap each-other. Is that possible?
  6. Unfortunately, that's currently not possible for plugins that operate in separate windows, as Liquefy does. Plugins don't have access to information from any any layers except the active layer. However (as you may or may not already know), by right-clicking on the image in Liquify, you can select the Clipboard as the background image. This allows you to copy the merged lower layers to the Clipboard (with Ctrl+Shift+C), then use that as the Liquify background image. Not as good as having the other layers visible, but nevertheless very useful.
  7. First off, I want to say that this is by far the plugin I've used most for a few years now. Simple and easy to utilize. So thank you for that! 4 quick gripes/suggestions that you're of course welcome to take with a grain of salt: -Undo/redo is very slow with larger adjustments -The entire application will crash if your brush size is too large (~700px, which is sometimes needed for high resolutions) -- I've lost work to this -Using the effect near the edge of an image reveals a "wall" against the edge that can't be adjusted -I frequently find myself wishing I could liquify an image while still being able to see the layers above/below it, too Again, I love all of your work, having made use of it for years now. These are just the wishes/issues I've encountered the most. But hey, it's free! 😛
  8. Do you have a example image using actual image rather than gradient?
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  10. The magic want in doesn't work for me anymore after a recent update. (No clue what new version I am running on atm but yeah.) It just selects the whole image instead of E.G: when I click black, it selects black.
  11. I made this because I was trying to blend frames from anime together where the frames pan diagonally instead of perfectly horizontal or vertically. Getting the corners to blend without discontinuity is really hard only using the built-in gradients. Intended for rectangular selections, but works with any selection / no selection. Example image Github
  12. Fixed an error when saving EXIF metadata with zero items. Fixed a potential memory leak when loading WebP images.
  13. I tried that yesterday, but it didn't help. The only two options are the "Look in Windows Store" which yields no results, and the Paint.NET application I tried making via the C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\dotPDNLLC.paint.net_4.205.7213.0_x64__h55e3w7q8jbva\PaintDotNet.exe shortcut which gives me this error:
  14. Hello @cramtar and Welcome Here are a few links for you to read: And this: And this about DPI - of which I know nothing about 😁
  15. @welshblue - the cat would have known you hate cats 🙀 And this is a result of playing and playing with one of @MJW's Height Maps.
  16. Hello, I would like to learn whether Paint.NET can do some editing. Can it change dpi value of a photo? Also, can it align some misaligned objects in a photo? Lastly, is a user guide in pdf format or some other format available? I will very much appreciate for the answer.
  17. Congratulations Everyone - Everyone got a place 1st Place goes to @welshblue, @Pixey and @MJW with 6 votes each 2nd Place goes to @MJW with 4 votes 3rd Place goes to @Pixey and @lynxster4 with 2 votes Fabulous entries from you all - it was rather a hard subject though 🤪
  18. The Poll is now open for ‘Xhin’s Lattice Transform’. It will be closed on Saturday, October 26th, 2019 – 7:00 pm (UK time) and 2:00 pm (EDT). World Clock. Thank you, everyone, for your beautiful entries. May the best win! Got some great entries this comp! Please visit and vote for your favorites!
  19. Now that Pit as seen the information for installing the plugins for Paint.NET by 3 sources they can now do it. It was clear to me also when I agreed with toe_head2001 and referred Pit to go back to the link and its second yellow highlight note on how to create the / App folder and its sub-folders in the My Documents folder. I also include a video link on how to create and place a folder in Windows just in case PIt was a novice to this procedure. Now we can all wait and see if any of this advice helped!?
  20. Any updates on this? EDIT: When you draw a filled circle, it's perfect. Comparison (22x22 circle):
  21. Thanks everyone! I just woke up...
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