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  3. Thank you again @Pixey Much appreciated. Cheers.😉
  4. Many thanks @MJW and @midora for the tips. I went back via Quick Assist, and @Manc went back to 4.3 - this time via File Explorer and I finally found the duplicated Effects folder, now deleted, and he now has no more duplicates 😃 Yay!
  5. Though a little tardy, I most sincerely want to thank the community for the

    advancement to the   "Rising Star" badge.😁

     I shall endeavor to be worthy of this singular honor, as has been bestowed on my small head  (or shoulders}.☺️


                                   ars est ad vitam ut setas sunt ad peniculus   :lol:

  6. They are to busy to create tools to customize the colors in VisualStudio. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/extensibility/ux-guidelines/color-value-reference-for-visual-studio?view=vs-2019
  7. If that's tried, I suggest in the File Explorer: Rename Effects EffectsOld. Create a new Effects folder. Set "View" to Detail. Set "Sort by" to Type. In the EffectsOld folder (original Effects folder): Left click on the first DLL. Left click with Shift held down on the last DLL. All the DLLs will be selected. Right click and choose Copy. In the new Effects folder: Right click and choose Paste. That should copy over the DLLs and nothing else.
  8. No, because he'd already changed back to 4.2.16 before this idea was posted. I will offer to help him again, via Quick Assist, if he goes back to 4.2.3
  9. Did you enable viewing hidden files? Though I don't know why the folder would be hidden, I also can't think of any reason the tooltip would say the plugin is in Effects\Effects\ unless there is a subfolder named Effects. I think there most likely is. PRE-EDIT: I see as I typed this, midora also mentioned the hidden attribute. Also, I like midora's suggestion to create a new Effects folder, then copy over all the plugins. That will probably solve the problem without worrying about the exact cause.
  10. Your are not the first one who has an additional folder in the Effects folder (i.e. to store unused plugins). The support of sub folders in Effects is a new feature in 4.3. Every upgrade of paint.net will show you the duplicates. This will not change so you should try to solve it now. I would do the following. 1) Open the Effects folder 2) Select the 'View' tab at the top 3) Click 'Options'->'Change folder and search options' 4) Select the 'View' Tab in this dialog. 5) Select 'Show hidden files and folder' 6) Close the dialog with 'OK' Hidden folders are now visible in the Effects folder. Delete these folders. Probably the name is 'Effects' or if nothing works 1) Rename the folder Effects to EffectsOld. 2) Create a new folder Effects. 3) Move all plugins from EffectsOld to Effects.
  11. Before he went back to 4.2.16 I checked that, and there were NO other Effects folders in there. He did have another in "paint.netUserFiles" - but I deleted them. As he's now using 4.2.16, and there are no longer any duplicates, one wonders why it's happening when he tries to download 4.2.3?
  12. Am I the only one who thinks if Microsoft requires such a thing to be done, they ought to add a conversion tool in an update to Visual Studio?
  13. That's a long way from a fix. From what I saw from Pixey's tooltip sceenshot, it seems pretty clear that either the PDN tooltip isn't working correctly, or your Effects folder contains a subfolder, also named Effects, which contains copies of the plugins. The second seems a lot more likely, and is easily fixed.
  14. This is very, very weird because I remember I have set My Documents to D, but actually you're right, it was pointing at F
  15. These are already-existing Visual Studio projects which will likely have to be rebuilt at some point for improvements and perhaps bug fixes.
  16. @MJW I've struggled with that issue for over a month. I've found the best way to tackle the issue is build the plugin initially in Codelab. You have the code so it should be easy enough for you. Now export the plugin to a VS solution that Codelab does very well at. In fact it's amazing how it builds the VS solution better than trying to update an old DLL through VS 2019. I've built over a dozen DLL's this way and found it to be the easiest. Once @toe_head2001 releases his templates, then you can start building with VS to start with again. Of course you could start from the beginning in VS which will allow you to use Net 5.0, build your plugin, then export it as a template for the next one. I have found the syntax in try-convert to be quite unfriendly. @midora's suggestion appears to work to a certain extent, but depending on what your plugin is doing, it may create a headache once or twice.
  17. @Pixey Pointed out, yesterday, that I hadn't really fixed it. So thought I'd explain what I did. I uninstalled pdn 4.3.2. And after unchecking 'Automatic updates box' I installed 4.2.16. Problem solved. No duplicates. However I tried three times to update to 4.3.2. Each time it went back to duplicating. So at the moment, I am sticking to 4.2.16, works fine. I don't know why it is effecting me and nobody else. Maybe the techs can work it out. Thank you everybody for your help. Cheers.😉
  18. Paint.NET will use whatever you've configured your Documents folder for. Right click on your Documents folder from This PC, select Properties. Then click on the Location tab. It will be pointing to your F drive. Just move it back to where it should be on D. When you want to move the contents of Documents, just move the files. Don't change the location of the folder itself.
  19. Hi, no my document folder is on internal memory D (the rest of my computer knows it's that one), but I emptied that folder once to my usb key (F) and now paint.net refuses to check D...
  20. In this simple image I would just use Adjusment/Curves. Select RGB and just the blue channel and increase it as much as you like.
  21. Thank you so much - that did it. I have Plugins galore here, but sometimes you don't know which one to choose! Brian
  22. Thank you for the update @ReMake. Yes, I'd forgotten about this plugin. 😊
  23. Hi @BDP. Remove the white from the image with the magic wand tool (if you desire) and use Color Tint, found under EFFECTS-->COLOR.
  24. Hi, I would like to change the gradient colour of this bitmap to be blue, but keeping the gradient, of course. Any ideas? Brian
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