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  3. Thanks a bunch @Ego Eram Reputo! I'll make sure to follow them with my next release.
  4. This is so funny, as it was supposed to be peanut butter 🀣 But, if it passes as cheese - I lucked out 😁
  5. Finding on the internet picture #1 was, to me, a powerful graphic of what was, a vision of the massive struggle by firemen struggling to battle the fires after the earthquake of April 18, 1906 in San Francisco California. I was struck by the possibility's of this picture and have tried to convey the monumental effect and efforts that were in play during this historical event. Sources: #1 National Archives photo UNRESTRICTED USE https colon slash slash catalog.archives.gov slash id slash 522951 #2 DWT594_httpswww.guardiansofthecity.orgphpAlbummain.phpcmd=imageorig&v
  6. @AP2020, you do not need a plugin for that. On the Menu Bar, click on Layers > Import from File... and select as many files as you need. (I've only ever tried it with files within the same folder). More here.
  7. I thought this was melted cheese. After a better look, it still looks like melted cheese to me 😁 Whatever it is, I like it.
  8. Great tutorial. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for that. The white background layer works for me.
  10. Left-click the thumbnail. That will open up a larger version of the image.
  11. wow how do you make it less pixilated?
  12. Yeah I was only asking for diagnostic reasons -- I'm not suggesting you should or need to keep that configuration You may also check to see if you have any multimonitor- and/or window- management type of software installed. They often cause weird issues. ATI Hydravision for instance, is still bundled with AMD's Radeon drivers for some dumb reason, and same for NVIDIA equivalent with their Quadro drivers. Like c'mon, Windows has had that functionality built-in since Windows 98, or at least XP for sure ...
  13. Yesterday
  14. Ah, hello! Thank you so much for developing Paint.NET. It's saved my life many times; I've bought the Store version, but prefer the *.exe for some flexibility purposes. Thank you. And you're exactly right. With more DPI testing & switched around the monitors, the bug only reproduces 1) if the DPIs are not equal and 2) on the secondary monitor. Monitor 1 (primary😞 1440p @ 125% DPI Monitor 2: 1080p @ 100% DPI (bug appears here) Monitor 1 (primary😞 1440p @ 100% DPI Monitor 2: 1080p @ 125% DPI (bug appears here) Monitor 1 : 1440p @ 125%
  15. This is accomplished by placing the layer you want to view on the clipboard and selecting the clipboard option for background viewing.
  16. Hey, unless I'm doing this one wrong, is it possible to see layers under the one that you're manipulating? Sometimes I want to be able to map an image over another image without it looking weird. If not, can you please add it? It would turn this great tool into an even better one.
  17. This is a Paint.NET forum. I doubt anyone here will have an answer for you. It would probably be better to ask at that game's specific support forum.
  18. This thread has been silent for over a year. It's dead. Demised. Passed on. This thread is no more. It has ceased to be. It's expired and gone to meet 'is maker. Bereft of life, it rests in peace! If you wish to restart the discussion, please start a new thread rather than reviving an old one. Thanks & welcome to the forum 😊
  19. Hi: I'm trying to figure out an issue I'm having using Paint.net. I've been painting over existing textures where paint kits are not available. I have not had any issues with products from Aerobask, Carenado or X-Hanger. I am though having some issues with this particular aircraft in that as the hours progress from mid day to late evening, my painting washes out & the original underlay comes through. Is there something I'm missing & not doing correctly or is it something to do with the plane program as I'm not having issues with the others. Please help as I already have submitted a cou
  20. Definitely do-able. Just remember to de-select the 'Link with Previous Path' button. This will definitely happen. So your shape will only be usable in 'Draw Shape Outline' mode. In below example, I color-filled the shape on a separate layer.
  21. Yeah if you have a Windows menu then you're probably using 3.5 (or even earlier). You need to install the latest version, which is currently 4.2.14.
  22. You may have a look to the Print It plugin.
  23. Congrats to the winners! πŸ‘ From melted cheese, jam, butter, sardines, egg and mold, all the toast looked very good. Great job to all! πŸ‘
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