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  2. Hi there, I was wondering whether you could add the ability to change canvas size using the mouse, I'm not very good at guessing how far across 852 pixels is. It would be really cool, I mean Paint.NET is already cool but it would be cooler. Warmest regards, RikH
  3. Hi @welshblue Love your images, not sure about the boxes though.πŸ™ƒ The doors great. Daft question, but do you make the furniture yourself, or cut it out? Anyway, here's my latest effort. Wouldn't believe how long it took to choose the wallpaper.πŸ˜‰ Thanks again.
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  5. Father: I heard you got detention for using the F word in class. Was it fun ? Son: It wasn't fun Dad. It was F...
  6. Yep, I am locked as much as they are @welshblue. Only difference is that I get to sleep at home each night & they got caught. We play jokes & tricks on each other all the time. So now it looks like I will be teaching them to get their learners driving licence. A joke because I am on a medical restriction, won't drive if I can con someone else into driving me, & failed my written test a thousand years ago Q: What’s orange and sounds like a parrot. A: A carrot!
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  8. If you updated the filter now and see nothing, check by a day. Otherwise: I added Fill Tool to Non-Isometric Tiler filter. Please read instruction to see how to use it. I have not enabled the fill for symmetry mode just yet and probably won't do so for some time. In most cases, you don't need to fill with symmetry conditions, and the current painting with symmetry mode does that job anyway if careful.
  9. I'm digging your card design! Here's how you can do this painlessly.... 1. Select the interior of the card with the magic wand. If your elements are on separate layers, use the Sampling: Image option in the Tool bar. 2. Add a new layer with Ctrl + Shift + N. The selection will remain active on the new layer. 3. To the selection, apply Outline Selection from @BoltBait's plugin pack
  10. Same. As my daughter says ... I've no filter in the real world. I guess it comes from a hard manual job, where etiquette just didn't apply. Blood and sweat needs a release. The tears usually came from a joke that was ... woah RE: The cowculator ... you should be locked up alongside your clients for that πŸ˜‹ It's so bad, I've laughed to myself all day Dark humour. True story. A bloke crying; the screw asked him, " How long did you get ? " ... " 6 years " ... " Stop snivelling, get behind that door and get it started !!"
  11. Release version 1.10.6. Changes: Fix the support for sRGB cube maps.
  12. Who cares where the texture came from ... really great job on the shelf and brackets, it really sets off the lamp base. The whole thing overall just blends nicely. Yeah, I don't think I could live with that paper. Although one day I will get my own way and put something like this up in one room ... and would love this on a door. I'll wait and see how brave I feel one weekend when she's away the the girls ...
  13. Actually members are supposed to show you how to make things, not do the work for you πŸ˜‰
  14. Hi @welshblue Another effort. I made the shelf and brackets from stock texture. Must admit took me ages.😐 The background is actual wallpaper, don't think I'd choose it.πŸ™ƒ Cheers mate.
  15. Oh, awesome Andrew! Thank you! Thank you for letting me know. Now all that's left is expanding that Felix the Cat picture to cover the transparent portions left and then do "Alpha Masking" I think it's called to smooth out both the outside of the card and the interior border where AGIF meets card. If it proves too challenging, I might just accept Andrew's work. You can see in this card how I've blacked the interior border by hand, as I've been struggling with the masking, smoothing out process. I've been told this masking is simple, but I've only seen it done much wi
  16. Oh I would so eat that with sourdough bread! Most of the jokes I know are not family-friendly. I guess that is the people I work with What does a farmer use to count his cattle? A COWculator.
  17. πŸ‘ ... always a first time for everything I'm currently in love with Balsamic and Raspberry dressing. With Feta cheese and ham it is one of the most sublime things I've ever put in my mouth
  18. Aussies must be the luckiest people since we have both & I have had both. @welshblue you do now
  19. Thanks, Pyro! This is an awesome pack. I've been playing with render>random shape fill, and I was wondering if it is possible to add the following features: -> No clipping checkbox, to prevent shapes from clipping into each other -> Density "gradient", to make the shapes appear more frequently on one side or corner. With the choice to select the side or corner. -> Density gradient type, with the checkbox options: Bigger to smaller, Opaque to Transparent, Primary to Secondary(requires or forces the "Primary and Secondary" color option) and maybe an invert option f
  20. New Filter! - Tiled Zoom It's pretty much only a slight upgrade to @Ed Harvey Multiview plugin. You can change the width and height independently. It doesn't have boundary option of original, etc because you can already do that with none and the existing layer, so it's pointless IMHO. I figured out how it works when I thought of the theory to have repeating row and column gradient that goes from -v,+v, and to use j which means offset away from current x,y within for x,y loop. To expand: Snippet of rep_tiled_zoom: ix=(x+iox)%"$sqr_w"-cx; iy=(y+ioy)%"$sqr_h"
  21. Release version 1.0.9. Changes: Try to preserve existing image grids when saving This will be done as long as the user does not change the image size It can significantly reduce memory usage when saving Add a few more sanity checks when loading image grid tiles Improved the error reporting when loading files Changed the defaults used when converting a YUV image that does not have color conversion information
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  23. I just found out what it means. Subtly noted. Sorry for off topic.
  24. @LoudSilence, you've made a few of these 'plugin installation issue' posts. You should know the troubleshooting steps by now. You are turning into The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and it's obnoxious.
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