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  2. So I want to install but when I am on the final stage of the installation it says it can't find a package named: PaintDotNet_x64_161191380. But when I check the Staging folder with the installation packages I find installation packages with smilar names that do not work like PaintDotNet_x64_305908303. Does anyone know what I can do to install
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  4. You can move a selection by 1 pixel using the arrow keys on your keyboard.
  5. Hello All I see that this question was raised ages ago in 2010, but the solution seemed a bit of a workaround using the zoom function. Is it now possible in V4.1.6 to move a selected area by a single pixel? if not, is there a plugin for it? regards
  6. oh man i completely missed it, sorry about that.
  7. It is a plugin. There is a link just below the first two photos.
  8. This looks great but i cant find the metalize option, is it a plugin of sorts?
  9. OK, I'm back again. I set the dimensions in the box on making a new document. I set them at 16.4 centimetres and 22.6 centimetres to allow for 3mm bleed all round and 5mm all round to include crop marks outside the image area. When I chose to view it actual size, the image wouldn't fit on the screen! I checked that I hadn't inadvertently altered the dimensions by pasting in something larger, and the dimensions were still set as I had entered them. But the image is HUGE. I knew it was not just the display which was going crazy because when I came to type in text for the document I was trying to lay out, it needed 95pt text to be readable - and even then it wasn't that big. I don't understand what's going on. When I print that image, even though I have unchecked the box to make it fit to the page, I get an almost A4 image with a very small border - and it is a lot smaller than the "actual size" image on the screen. I'm perfectly happy to believe I'm doing something stupid to cause this to happen, but I'd be grateful if someone can work out what on earth it is I have done....
  10. Thanks for this tutorial! It helped me a lot. I love how good you guys are with this stuff.
  11. Version 4.1.6. What I did not like ... - Magic Wand - I can not remove the background for transparent. - Color Letters - When changing the color of a black letter to a letter of color through the fill gets a black pixel outline. - Select and delete can not execute with this version. - The movement of layers layers could be simpler, type word. It was easier to click on the text and edit right away. I unsubscribed this version and came back to version V.4.0.12. 🙁 Developers check this out and make more intuitive. Thank you
  12. Thank you for all your answers. OK, I understand not to mess with the resolution if I want my dimensions in centimetres to stick, and I understand that the print resolution is something separate from the number of pixels. I had assumed that dots per inch would somehow translate to pixels per centimetre in some logical way which would allow me to convert one to the other, I hadn't realised that they were entirely divorced from each other. I'll leave well alone and stick to setting my dimensions in centimetres!
  13. Hi @frankensteiner316 Welcome to the forum. Looks like a layer of the built in filter "Clouds" was used. Select red and black as colors and adjust to desired effect. Place above or below background image (in this case faces were used) and play with blend modes to create your picture Hope this helps
  14. Im thinking of something like this red smoke like stuff on this picture for example, now that i think about it smoke might not be the bst way to describe it lol.
  15. "Smoke effect" is a pretty wide range... Google up an image that shows what you're trying to achieve and show us.
  16. Hey guys, im super new to, started using it last month, mainly to do pictures to go with my football manager game lol. Im trying to create like a smoke effect and im having a hard time coming up with one, as i said im not really experienced so i bet im missing something. I tried low hardness brush, i tried low hardness eraser and thats pretty much it lol. Can anyone help me or maybe point me to a tutorial or something? Thank you very much.
  17. Thankyou, but i don't know how to stroke... like this
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  19. Try this. You will just have to get in the habit of adding text to its own layer.
  20. Hello thanhsai. Welcome to the forum 😃 Problem 2 is usually solved by using a plugin (except rotation which does quite well natively). Go to the the Plugin Index and search using text as the search term.
  21. Looks like JPEG compression artifacts. I suggest you use the PNG format, as it uses lossless compression.
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