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  2. I bought the store version of, used the installer of the version and it installed without problems (They were 2 errors wich claimed that they don't matter if I use the store version). When I opened the store version I couldn't find the Plugin Browser nor do I know where to look. Can you help?
  3. Hi Vagabondi, Glad to see you making good use of Two-tone threshold! Impressive snow effect achieved in the first one. Many thanks for posting the example images and thanks for saying thanks!🙂
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  5. Dang it, I found it. It's the frickin AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin. That stupid program has been causing me so much trouble since I installed it. Out! Thanks for all the suggestions @Rick Brewster and @BoltBait!
  6. This plugin is criminally good for 2 tone manipulation. So simple and variative. To turn the Summer mountain into the Winter mountain, I used 1.Secondary 2.Primary (colors 443F7C and E5E5FF).
  7. Turn off Nvidia's Image Sharpening:
  8. Hi! Paint.NET 4.2.5 Nvidia driver 441.87 RTX 2080 super I noticed that when starting to modify the drawing area (ie. use a brush, use the text tool etc.) some bizzare pattern starts to emerge outside the drawing area. It happens only when gpu accelerated rendering is enabled. Here's a clip:
  9. @welshbluethank you for your kindness. There's enough <No cursing.> people are going through. As you know, I work with the worst but even they get some understanding from me. Hw hard is it to smile at somene who is having a rubbish day? To offer a hand? That old woman could be me one day. This gets me to thinking, what is suited? What are we trying to achieve? A realstic composition that we can pass off a being the real deal? Or an emotive image? What of Kurt Schwitters who would pick up discarded items to carefully wash & then use in his images. Merz 410 Irgendsowas is a good example. Your image says: This is how I feel. This is the dischord. This is what is wrong with the world. It's becoming lifeless. Removed, disjointed, colder. Bravo my friend! ⭐
  10. In 2018, the current version of Paint.NET was 4.0.10 (up to version 4.1). So, I'm not sure what you're talking about with "version 2.0"... Maybe you have used the wrong extension when saving the file. Use this plugin to figure out what type of file you have:
  11. I have several files from version 2.0 (the last change I made on one file was dated back in December 2018). I have the latest version installed but when I try to open those old files in the latest version, it tells me "There was an unspecified error while opening the file." These are files that I am still working on; is there any way to fix this? I've debated about reinstalling the old version but I want to know if there is a way to open them in the current version before doing that.
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  13. Does anyone use the 'Output Scale %' in ShapeMaker? If you do, what situations do you use it for?
  14. Thanks, I did the update and it's still crashing with the same error.
  15. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll put in a fix.
  16. @welshblue excellent and depressing composition. Maybe we have to fall hard enough in order to rise again?
  17. If your Windows installations keep breaking and corrupting files, you may have a storage hardware issue. (Hard drive slowing dying, ect.) Here's a work-around to replace those corrupted files: Go run Windows Update. It will install a newer version of Windows 10; 1909. You are running Windows 10 1903. However, if you do have a hardware issue with your storage, you may continue to have similar issues in the future.
  18. Oh, and i just remembered something, don't know if it's relevant but the crashing started after i had to re-install Windows after the OS broke. It happened twice in a row and hasn't worked since. Could it be that effecting it? Thanks
  19. Thanks, i ran the sfc/scannow and it returned 'Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them'. I looked at the log it said to look at but can't really understand it. On the Microsoft website it just says 'After you determine which system file was corrupted...' and i don't know how to find what it is. There's nearly 100000 lines on notepad. Do you know what to do? Thanks
  20. @walisischblau! 🥇 Unfortunately; today some people become cold. There is enough selfishness, especially against the elderly. Excellent work. All pictures suitable. Even the picture title fits perfectly. Thank you for sharing with us. 🧁
  21. @welshblue The Toxic Decline has no borders! It has migrated around the world. Spirituality has also declined and even in my country I have witnessed that the poor and infirmed are frequently despised. Happy New Year!
  22. I enjoy playing Hotline Miami 2 levels and making my own ones. (The level on the pic is "Coca Cola" by musicjab, I actually like it)
  23. A good example of Stock images not really suiting each other below, but it conveys how I feel Toxic Decline inspired by an unpleasant situation I witnessed last week. Joining a queue in a supermarket just as a really elderly woman was struggling to put the last few items into her bag. People eye rolling to one another, one sighing ... and then the discontent really started as she searched for her purse. Starting to cry as she realised she'd lost it. One bloke sniggered and everyone else just looked away. She was insistent she'd leave her shopping. Sod that. £15 odd was nothing to pay it for her, nor was the price of a cup of tea waiting for her daughter to collect her. The icing on the cake was hearing someone call me a f*****g mug, for paying. Luckily my wife was there to call me to heel ... ... is compassion really going to the wall when somebody is visibly distressed in modern society ? Is it acceptable to just walk on by ? It's not our problem if it isn't affecting us ? Stock: People Background
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