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  1. Well this is certainly useful advice if I can figure out how to apply it. Thank you. Maybe I should have drawn the entire image first then done textures and stuff instead of creating each object seperately then copy pasting it into the larger image.
  2. I think I'm going to have to just give up and call this image a failure. I tried angling the wing, drawing the shadow on the wing itself and even redrawing the feathers so their overlap pattern was going the opposite direction.(Feathers don't overlap like that and it became very clear very quickly) It now looks like the wing is being bent in the middle and that its tiny. And now I'm sick of this picture and am just washing my hands of it and calling it a total abject failure. Also I think beveling the blood was a mistake. My Final attempt.
  3. Thanks, I had tilted it straight backwards but I guess I should have angled it as well. Not sure how to do the shadow though as the wall is the light source.
  4. I can't get the upper right wing to look like its leaning against the wall. Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong there? Also I just don't like how the angel turned out.
  5. I don't know why but I seemed to have a real regression in quality with this image. But its my first modern image and my first attempt at a detailed face.
  6. Two more pictures,
  7. Two more pictures.
  8. One of my players made this comment about it. He didn't like it.
  9. I spent probably the better part of 4 months on this image. II got most of it done but then was so sick and tired of it I stopped for about two months. Eventually I realized I just didn't want to do more on it, ever. So I vomited up a background and called it done. First off its too large for my computer, I couldn't do anything without it lagging.a lot so that added to the frustration. But Primarily, I intended to add battle damage and corpses and scattered equipment. But I found I really hate drawing the same image or character multiple times. And thats basically what I would be doing. Thats just super boring to me. I could barely bring myself to finish the few repetitions there are already in the image. I also screwed up a lot of the proportions, which I will blame on fatigue due to the large image size. So I am never trying a large image again. Ever.
  10. I've been working on this single rather giant image for weeks now. Its absolutely the single largest image I've ever attempted and I've noticed my day to day rate of progress is decreasing as I get, I guess fatigued is the closest word to it. Maybe sick of it or bored by it are more accurate. I work on it and work on it and there is still so much to do. How do you handle large image fatigue? Or is this something only I seem to be getting.
  11. Oh liquify is the missing ingredient I guess okay thanks.
  12. I am not actually trying to make a porcupine but its an example you should be able to understand. If I wanted to make a porcupine, with all those hundreds of quills, how would I make it without having to handmake each quill? As I have decided that doing that, is basically a sure path to insanity.
  13. I kind of liked the second. It had a nice complexity to it my eyes enjoyed.
  14. @AmadeusX Its pretty boring to me. The Grammar is very wrong. But I guess the colors are fine. @Bondenson I see no errors in what you did. I can't really compliment you on any of the art because its not yours, and I don't think what you did made any of the pre-existing images better. This was done completely in and I want to be criticized. Forewarning I am likely to respond to your criticisms with questions however do not mistake them for excuses or defensiveness. I just want to fully understand your opinions so I know what and how to apply them to improving.
  15. Is this better then the original version?