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  1. I slightly prefer the first version. There's a touch too much blur on the glass in the second one for me. Just my personal taste. I do admire your use of line. Very skilful to portray a cat in just a few lines like that!
  2. Thanks for the update.
  3. Always a pleasure to see your new works. Do I see some 'Highlight' in the last one?
  4. Congratulations Woodsy!
  5. Congrats on another well deserved Galleria promotion, Pixey.
  6. Your thinking is good, however, all things selected (or deemed to be an object) will be treated the same.- so no way of knowing what is a separate leaf.
  7. No , it doesn't. That's just stuff we .... plugin writers/ codey people decide. Contrary to popular news reports, there is no such thing as computer intelligence. I stand to be corrected but doubt that a computer can beat me at chess without human assistance. I decide the place and swimwear!
  8. Well no, as far as I know. Interesting idea. Problem is the computer doesn't know what a leaf is. Best bet is to select each leaf, one at a time (yes tiresome),then use Adjustment/ Hue sat. Food for thought.
  9. Inventive use of the effect! - Glad you found it useful and thanks for posting the images.
  10. I find this a simple way to correct whole photos before applying other distortions. Camera lens distortion correction (kindly found by E.E.R)
  11. Hi simmetric The original (unzipped) version didn't have an Anti-Alias level slider. The new zipped version does. Sorry but please could you recompile to show under "Text Formations". This version appears under "Text formations" - the SubMenuNames are case sensitive. Apologies for nagging!
  12. Very useful - Many thanks for sharing! A few small points: 1. I think the forum prefers .dlls to be 'zipped'. 2. There is already a SubMenuName "Text Formations" - it would be tidier to have this one there too. 3. Configurable anti-aliasing - I can't see a U.I. control for that? although there is an Int32Property for it in PropertyCollection on github? Thanks for sharing the code and welcome to the forum too.
  13. Pack updated. Both installer (for Pdn4+ only) and zipped pack. BeznCurve fixed for Pdn4. Flourish, Vanishing Point, CompoGrids and Poster added. Thanks to BoltBait for the installer and for tweaking my upload limit to allow the pack to be attached.
  14. The spiral option looks fun - and good example images above. Thanks for the update.
  15. Good work! - I like it when you discover faces in pseudo random images.