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  1. This plugin only supports loading camera RAW images, it does not allow you to save any raw formats.
  2. What you are referring to as interlacing is known as a Progressive JPEG. My Optimized JPEG file type plugin supports saving progressive JPEG files, it uses jpegtran to optimize JPEG images. To use it you would select the Progressive radio button in the Encode Options.
  3. That encoder appears to be a standalone executable, so it should be possible to export a temporary image from Paint.NET and read the processed JPEG image from disk. My Optimized JPEG FileType already does this with jpegtran.
  4. Those features do sound useful. I would add: Binary literals. Should be helpful when dealing with bit-flags and various compression/file formats.
  5. Extract the zip file anywhere and run the installer.
  6. The Photoshop brush and pattern plugins go into the FileTypes folder. The plugin pack includes an installer that places the plugins in the proper folder.
  7. The Codeplex download is working for me, it could just be an issue with one of Microsoft's mirrors. You can also download the plugin from the plugin pack link in my signature.
  8. The FAQ already includes an item regarding support for other operating systems.
  9. As toe_head2001 stated earlier in this thread: The Image.FromFile method throws an OutOfMemoryException when it does not support loading the image. From MSDN:
  10. Updated the WebP filetype to the latest version.
  11. Updated to use WebP 0.6.0, file version updated to
  12. This plugin uses Google's official WebP reference library (libwebp) for encoding and decoding. If Google+ does not support the files that libwebp saves it does not appear to be a bug in this plugin.
  13. The plugin is located in the Effects menu under the Tools category. You can delete the Tools folder in C:\Program Files\\Effects.
  14. Updated the Radical Image Optimization Tool effect to the latest version.