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  1. @ReMake has answered for me :) I update the Index monthly, usually on the first day of the month. Sometimes I'm a day early or late depending on my workload.
  2. Questions about a specific plugin should be asked in the plugin thread. Normally I'd close a thread after pointing this out, however I think Iron67 is onto something with his suggestion that you rebuild the image in, so I'll let the discussion continue...
  3. That's pretty much it Tony. Except you can undo the flattening to restore the layer structure.
  4. Right click on the image, select Copy. Open, press Ctrl and V. <Moved to Discussion & Questions>
  5. plugins are not able to be used in this way. The way they are constructed makes them specific to
  6. 200 sounds a lot to me
  7. Try this: If you can't recall what the plugin UI looks like - you don't need it loaded every time starts. Once identified, move the target DLL into a different folder (named something like "Unloaded Plugins"). If you find yourself needing that plugin, just move it back into /Effects/ and restart
  8. The only thing I can think of to automate this is to reinstall across your network via MSI. As Rick said - the CheckforUpdates is disabled by default. That will set the application to ignore updates. This will not disable the feature. Users will still be able to manually reconfigure the setting via the Updates check box(es).
  9. Cull some of the less used plugins. Really. Having loads of plugins slows start up significantly. You might also have noticed that the lowest entry might not be click-able due to the tool tip pulsing on and off? The menus are part of WinForms. Rick is loathe to fiddle with these.
  10. As MJW said, we won't do this for you, but we're happy to help you learn the technique for yourself This tutorial will be a good starting place: Instead of a wrapped line, you'll be looking at an elliptical halo. Other than that the technique will produce quite a similar effect to what you're after. This tutorial is along the same lines:
  11. I think 357 wants something like this.... which case I'd keep two layers. The background being the lower of the two and plain white. The top layer holds the box image. Use the rectangle select tool and the delete key to remove the borders one by one. Save As a *.png or *.jpg after flattening.
  12. Select the 20x20 pixel image using the rectangle select tool then press the M key once (activates the Move tool ). Right click and drag to rotate
  13. Indeed. Sorry to have missed your report Red.
  14. is run by forum Admin @BoltBait - he develops CodeLab in his spare time. He has a wealth of excellent CodeLab articles on that site.
  15. @tkddude2 - this is what Toe-Head and I are talking about: (see the section on Text). Once you have created a graphics surface (denoted g in the code), you can replace g.drawstring with g.FillRectangle (ref: