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  1. This feature was available in v3.x.
  2. Your error message said KB2919355, so try just that one. It's the second in that list. The instructions on that page says: If you can't figure that out, just turn on Windows Automatic Updates. That will fix the issue for you.
  3. The download links for the KB are on that page. Choose the one that matches your Windows installation. (32bit vs 64bt) Do you have Windows Automatic Updates turned off? You should have this KB already.
  4. What's the error? Show us.
  5. Steps: 1) Select the Rectangle in the Shapes tool. 2) Select the 'Draw Filled Shape With Outline' option 3) Draw the Rectangle 4) Rotate the Rectangle Result: In contrast, Rotating the image after 'Finishing' the Shape:
  6. You may vote for up to 2 entries. Poll will close on at 2300 UTC (11:00 PM UK Time) on Tuesday March 28. To see how that equates to other countries, see the World Time clock or the UTC Time Zone map.
  7. Considering the amount of time it takes to encode images (we're talking minutes here), a Guetzli plugin seems like it would provide a very poor experience. Not to mention the very high memory usage. Sure, not all images/photos are high resolution and thus won't take so long, but still, anything more than a few seconds is pushing it. My 2 cents.
  8. I thought we got you taken care of here: Can you describe in detail what you need to do?
  9. The Antialiasing option is different from the Selection Clipping option. This: Not this:
  10. To rules out some possibilities, there are two very easy things you can do: 1) Disable all plugins. No need to delete anything. Simply rename the Effects folder, so can't find the plugins. 2) Run while in Windows Safe Mode. That will ensure no third-party programs are interfering.
  11. You could try using the Equations plugin.
  12. Um, what? Try adjusting the Opacity slider in the Colors window.
  13. Yes, you can create a plugin using VB.NET. Most people prefer the C# syntax, and that's why you don't see too many done in VB.NET. A VB.NET template for effect plugins was made some time ago. Also take a look at what plugins can and can't do:
  14. Howdy xBAKIx, Have you changed your video card? Changed/updated/removed video card drivers? What video card are you using?
  15. Thanks for the repo steps. I was able to get it to crash. TL;DR: Here's the bug-fix release: (v2.7.5) Here's what was happening. If you released the button on your mouse too soon, the 'Work Area' would have a Width and Height of 0, and in turn, the effect would try to create a Surface with a size of 0. Crash! I've added a check to ensure the 'Work Area' has a proper size. If it does not, the plugin will allow you to try again. Code Change: Hopefully TR will return to the forum in the near future.